Saturday, September 16, 2006


Well, it has finally come and gone! The kids had a whopping one hour of school today! DG got to bring home his ABC book to read over the summer! It's very cute, and funnily enough, he can read normal books--but I didn't have the heart to tell his teacher that! He will be VERY prepared for Kindergarten! MJ got his report card along with a Technology report. He got all A's with 2 A+'s!! What a great kid! Me thinks it's a Chuck E Cheese lunch to celebrate!

Well, I cleaned out the Tivo yesterday! I enjoy the day's I can actually sit down and watch the show's I recorded! House is really just a great show! I watched a really old one, and then the one from just last week! Both were great!

A new show I've discovered I really enjoy is The Dead Zone--totally--freaky--cool!! I am very new to it! Last night was only the second one I've seen, but oooooooooh it's good!

I love Psychic Detectives--had four recorded, but hadn't seen two of them! Always good!

And my Reba! It was the one with James Denton~truly the best one yet! It's another of the newer shows for me! I really do enjoy them all!

Ain't Tivo just the best! I don't know how we lived without it! What's funny, we only have it on one tv, and now when we watch the other, it's kind of a shock when you can't rewind it!!

I must admit something really odd--I HATE Ashton Kutcher--truly, I can't stand him! But dang, that boy has good shows! Minus that 70's show, which sucks in my humble oppinion. But Punk'd is so great, and now, shockingly enough-Beauty and the Geek is GREAT! What a concept! Yes, there have only been two episodes on, but really the whole idea is just a really great one! It's not some stupid fake "romance" show--it's life and really, it's great! I felt bad that my couple got knocked out yesterday! I found it kind of funny that the girl was taking it so hard because she really liked one of the "geeks" and now one of them would be out of the house! So Sad! So Reality Show!

Well, we are getting close to lunch, and I did promise the mouse man! So I best be off, before there is a mutiny!


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