Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jake Passed!!

WooooooHooooo!!! Jake passed his hearing test at school! I don't know if you remember or not--but he failed the last one! At first I was freaked out and emailed the nurse, but mid email I remembered that he had just had a terrible pain in his ear--so I was figuring he still had a residual ear infection and that had caused the fail. But then my "momma" mind started to run wild and I thought that maybe that pain had in some way damaged his delicate little ear--I mean the poor boy was writhing in pain at the time--very possible!

Well, I got the email from the school nurse today--and he passed! So now I will stick to the residual ear infection!!

Holiday Parties!!

My husbands work Christmas party is coming up next Tuesday! These are such harrowing events for ladies like me! I've had 4 kids, and my first baby killed my thyroid, so I'm not skinny! I feel very out of place at fancy-shmancy things and am not looking forward to this at all! I've also been very shy around "new" people my whole life, so sitting or mingling in a room of partial strangers is agony for me. NOW--my husband tells me that he will be training the new employees the evening of the Christmas party and that I have to go at the time it begins and he will show up an hour and a half later. AGONY! AGONY!! AGONY!!! Plus he hasn't told me yet if the party is a family party or just a couple party--I'm praying couple! My kids are maniacs at parties and I so don't want to chase them. However, on a Tuesday night--I have no babysitters, so then I'm hoping it's a family party--ok, no I'm still not!!

I finally had the bright idea to wrangle my brother in law into hanging with me until my husband gets there! He has thankfully agreed to hang with me--which is a score for him--as I will be his designated driver!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Poor Baby!!

Last night was a BAD night! My hubby fell asleep on the recliner in living room--which is GOOD on so many levels--but mostly with his injury 2 years ago--it puts less stress on his neck! Around 3:30 in the morning I started dreaming about a strange noise. It just kept repeating and repeating. Finally, I started to wake up and realized it was a "real life" sound--and it was bad! It sounded like a seal barking and in this house that can only mean one thing--my baby is sick again! He has a very deep chest cough and it sounds terrible. He wouldn't take any medication for it, I even tried the cough suppressant popcicles--but at 3 in the morning with a fever--it was just misery for him! I rubbed some Vicks Vapor rub on his chest and snuggled him in! He's still asleep now-thank heavens--but I have to find a way today to get him to take his medicine.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Restaurant!!

My husband came home from training today bubbling with excitement about how beautiful the new restaurant looks! I'm so excited for him! He wants Barrett and I to stop in tomorrow after dropping Blake at school. I'm excited to see it. It's been such a huge project for him, and I can see there is a lot of pride wrapped up in it!

The Health Department is in for another inspection tomorrow morning--he thinks there might be a couple of things to tweak before they get there--so he will be out early! They are still looking at an opening date of December 15, but hopefully will have a mock seating the week before! I'm excited for the whole thing to just finish up, so his schedule can get back to some semblance of normal!! Pics coming tomorrow!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sick Again!!

Well, I guess I just need to face the fact that unhappy as it may be--I'm definantly getting sick again! Whether it's again or still--today was an awful day! I'm still reeling from the lack of sleep last night due to the migraine, but now I've been all stuffy and congested and I literally started to shiver tonight when I was on the phone with my aunt! I'm the person who is always HOT--never-and I mean NEVER do I shiver unless I'm outside in the snow with no coat on!! Yet sitting in my nice toasty warm house talking on the phone--I had to get a blanket to wrap around me!

And now--a couple of hours after that--I still have the migraine from last night, I'm coughing, and I think my glands are swollen! Mainly because I just feel pressure in my throat rather than pain--but sick is sick, and with a husband opening a restaurant in the coming weeks and never being home to help with the kids--it's a REALLY BAD TIME to be sick!! But as we moms do--I must carry on!! But now--I'm going to dope myself up on some Nyquil and hit the sheets!!


Last night I had the worst migraine I've had in months! It got so bad that the ibuprofen didn't even touch it! I was a little worried about taking the big guns (vicodin) on an empty stomach because I was already feeling naucious. What is the point of taking your pain meds only to throw them up 10 minutes later! I finally gave in and cut one in half. It took about an hour and a half to kick in before my head started to feel "heavy"! That's the sign that it's working--I can still feel that there is a headache happening--I just don't have to live the pain right now! It's really a relieving feeling. Due to the 90 minute wait--I got suckered into a movie on tv. The Mandy Moore (My Look Alike--previous post) one where she is the ministers daughter who falls in love only to die at the end! Sweet, Depressing!! It ended at 3:00 am, at least 45 minutes after the medicine kicked in! So I finally laid my head on my pillow at 3 in the morning only to be awakened to start the day at 7:55! So, I'm running a household on a tremendous lack of sleep!! Bummer!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas Time!!

Wow, I can't believe it's that time of year again! It took so long to get here--but at the same time it seems like it's taken forever! We had a good day today! My husbands last day off until Christmas--new restaurant and all!

He cleaned the house, and I put up the Christmas decorations. I even took the front door off of it's hinges and wrapped it up like a candy cane!! It's tres' cute!!

The boys are watching "Brother Bear" right now, kind of the put up the decorations tradition! The house looks great! Every year before Christmas--I paint the boys a Christmas ornament--so we will be doing those tomorrow. I can't wait!!

10 Years!!

Last weekend the hubby and I celebrated 10 years together! Amazing how fast it has gone--yet, I can hardly remember my life without him or my children. The 10 year anniversary's theme is Tin, Aluminum and Diamond Jewelry. So I found my husband a decorative tin (decorated with a diamond pattern) filled it with his favorite sugar cookies and Hershey's Kisses wrapped in...what else...aluminum!! Yep, I covered all of my bases with this one!!

I got (no lie) a water filter for our faucet! You may think...Oh my heavens, HE DIDN'T!! But yes, he did, and honestly--it was what I had asked for! We had gotten one from his parents right after we got married. We were living in a city where the water from the faucet was undrinkable--so they gave us a Brita filter to help. It was amazing how much it helped! And that baby was awesome! It moved with us from Utah to Arizona, and again on our move from Arizona to Chicago. Sturdy little monster too!! But alas, 10 years was all it could muster in our family of 6, and on Tuesday, November 21, at just past 10 am, it filtered it's last!! Unfortunately, funeral arrangements were thrown out the window as I fretted about where to get a new one, and how fast I could get it here! Funny how you learn to rely on these puppies!!!

Hubby saved the day!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Feeling A Little Down!!

As I said in the last post--I've been feeling kind of sick lately. Everything was fine for Thanksgiving yesterday--but I think along with the not eating for days before and getting enough sleep--even the smallest things are getting my spirits down!

We have been invited to a cousins birthday party. Her birthday is today and her party is 2 days before Christmas. They are going to a movie. On the invitation it said "Although all adults are invited...only the child's ticket and snack will be paid for!" Ok, I was fine with the strange wording--although I TOTALLY found it strange--but suddenly it felt as though I really wasn't wanted. Now you have to remember I have 4 kids. That is enough to fill up any birthday party budget--and I would be required to stay for the movie if all 4 were to go. So then I thought I would just drop the 3 in the party and keep Barrett with me. But then that still seems like a lot of kids to pawn off at a movie. Plus it's about an hour drive to get them there, then I would have to find something to do for 2 hours while they were in the movie, pick them up, feed them and drive them an hour home. Big day for the 23rd of December! So I decided to RSVP in the negative. We wouldn't be going.

Then I find out yesterday that they are having a birthday party for family tomorrow night. Just a family dinner--nothing special. So let's see--My inlaws are invited--my brother in law is invited with his daughter--my other brother in law is invited with his wife and 2 girls--that just leaves us--and we AREN'T invited. So I'm not invited to the party where I would know everyone and have a chance to chat with them, I'm invited -- strike that--my kids are invited to the movie birthday party with a bunch of people I don't know. Am I wrong to be highly offended by this??? OK--Strike offended--I'm downright hurt!

You know it would be different coming from the sister in law of that cousin. I feel completely liked and accepted by her--and she's my husbands ex-girlfriend--but this particular cousin has always seemed a bit "un-approving" of me. Kind of a "looking down the nose" type! So I guess that's why I'm taking it more personal! But that's just me!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


We had Thanksgiving Dinner at Aunt Dot's house. It was alot of fun. Nice--laid back!! I had been sick for several days leading up to it. When I went through the "chow" line-I overloaded my plate. Honestly, I felt like a pig when looking at it. But you know--sad as it is--I ate every bite of it, and even fought the urge to go back for seconds. It felt so good to be eating real food again! As a mom I cook everyday--several times! I'm realizing--all of my food tastes the same. There is nothing different! Of course, there is, but really it all tastes the same to me. What a difference it was to eat good food prepared by someone different!

We had birthday cake and the normal Thanksgiving desserts, but at the end--I settled back in with a bowl of corn! I call it great!!

Jake is 9!!

Well, today is my Jake's birthday! I can't believe it's been 9 years since we got this little miracle man!! Ooooh, and a colicky little imp! I sooooo don't want to go back to those days! They were so hard! But he grew out of it after a month or so--luckily!!

He's always been so smart! Actually he's a genius you know! He TAUGHT himself the alphabet by sight before he was 2! He would point out a letter and say - aaaaaahhhhhhrrrr, aaaaahhhhhhhrrrrrr, aaaaaahhhhhhrrrrr until he could get my attention to show him he was right! And YES, I did say TAUGHT HIMSELF!! So smart! So sporty! So cute!

He adores school. He loves learning. His favorite subjects in school are Science and Social Studies. He wants to be either an Astronaut or a "Master Scientist" (his words, mine would have been "Mad Scientist!!!") He loves to figure out how everything works! He has asked for a basketball hoop, a telescope and a microscope for Christmas. Yep, he's not cheap!! I think we'll do the microscope for his birthday, and the telescope for his Christmas! I think the big man in red will be bringing the "hoop" as a family gift!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

$25.00 Phone Call!!

This summer I was driving from Chicago to Utah with my kids. It was a long drive and we were doing great. Then outside of Laramie, Wyoming our car died! Long story short--we left the van in Laramie and rented a car to continue the drive. However, now we were many hours behind schedule. My cell phone was not working and I searched every freeway exit after Laramie to find a pay phone to call my mom. I finally found one, and couldn't get it to let me make a collect call, and I didn't have enough change for an out of state call. So what did I do? Yep, the most awful thing you could do! I made a credit card call! Didn't know until I got the credit card bill, but it cost me a whopping $25 BUCKS for a 5 minute phone call! I was sick to my stomach!

9 Years Ago!! Part 1

Wow, it's November 21st, 2006! Time has flown! 9 years ago, my inlaws came to town to be near for the birth of our first child. He had decided to cook a little longer, and was 7 days past the date the doctor had given as his due date. I had told the inlaws that he should be a week after that-around the 20th-so they came a little later.

After they got to town, we spent time shopping for "1st Grandbaby in 9 Years" stuff. It was fun. As a treat, they had gotten us all tickets to the theater on the 21st. We had dinner at Michael's restaurnat "JW's" and then walked up the street to the theater. We were going to be seeing "The King and I" with Hailey Mills.

We were sitting in our seats and watched as 2 of the most famous Utah Jazz players walked in with their families. The production was wonderful. When it was over, we walked back to the restaurant and had dessert.

My inlaws joked around that due to all of the walking--I would have Jake on the 22nd, but just in case I didn't we were going to go up to Park City and shop the Outlets. To Be Continued!!!

Extreme Home Makeover!

I love watching Extreme Home Makeover. They filmed here in Chicago over Halloween. That show will be on in January. They are currently back in Utah for the second time! I was on the Deseret News website over the weekend and found an obituary for a man I swore I knew. He was 6 years older than me, and I read through his entire obit trying to figure out how I knew him.

It's strange when you know that you know someone, but aren't really sure! This one I knew I knew him because I could picture him talking and moving--and you can't picture that unless you've met them!

Anyway-I searched the whole obit and nothing is coming up that would help me find how I knew him! But now days down at the bottom there is a guest book to sign! In one of the postings someone wrote, "I feel like I got to know your family through the Home Makeover show!" Ahhhhhhh, that was it! He was the father of the family who had the Makeover in Utah. I didn't know him--but just like the metaphysical world of reality tv--I do know him, and I felt bad for his family and his community.

With the show back in Utah this week, I'm wondering if the cast will try to get to his funeral today! They all really loved him, the family, and the people that worked with them! Requiem En Pace!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Losing Grayson!!

Today after school Jake had stamp club! He has it every couple of weeks, but never on a schedule that I can keep track of. Last Friday they had a stamp club field trip--so I naturally figured they wouldn't have stamp club!

So I waited outside of Grayson's door waiting for him. He never came out--so I assumed that he had gone over to Jake's door to wait for him. So we walked over there. He wasn't there. So then I figure--he's gone to stamp club with Jake. So we go in and have the neighbor boy go check the stamp club room. There is no Grayson there either. So now I have to go ask his teacher what he said after school--but I didn't want to worry her!

She was in the hallway and said that Jake had stopped into class to see if he could take Grayson to stamp club. So again, we head (teacher in tow) back to stamp club. Jake says that Grayson was with him, but then left!

Now-I'm getting a little nervous!! Up in the office his teacher has him paged back to the office. While we wait for him, she heads out to the playground to check for him. Just as she disappears at the end of the hall, Grayson comes in the front door of the school. He sees me and starts sobbing--he's been lost, and he knows it, and he was scared!! So he and I walked down to find his teacher so she wouldn't worry about him anymore--and she was just as thrilled as I was to have him!

Scary--but not really scary--but OH SO TOTALLY SCARY!!!!

Mom's Thanksgiving!!

When we were growing up, we always had Thanksgiving Dinner on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This started because Thanksgiving Day was never blacked out for using frequent flyer miles. So we would fly out on Thanksgiving Day and fly home 7-10 days later after all of the "Holiday Travelers" were finished! I can't tell you how many Thanksgiving Dinners I've had on airplanes on our way to exotic locations like Hawaii or Cancun. (Side note: It's also really strange to see Santa coming in to town the day after Thanksgiving on a Catamaran in a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and flip flops!!!)

Jacob was born at 12:35 am on the Sunday before Thanksgiving! Yep--that meant I missed my family's Thanksgiving for the first time since Japan. Kelly and Kelly came to the hospital early to see Jake, but then had to hurry home to make the mashed potatoes. And Chris and Sally came after dinner--no pumpkin pie in hand!!! I felt bad to have missed it--it's always been a holiday I look forward to eating!!

This year, Jake's birthday is on Thanksgiving Day--and yesterday was my parents Thanksgiving dinner. Living 1500 miles away--we missed it! I always feel bad about it and miss everyone. We went to the inlaws for Roast Pork--but it just isn't the same as sitting around the table and seeing all of the people I grew up with and love!

Well, maybe next year!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Doris Rigby!!

I was reading the Deseret News last night and found that a beloved neighbor and friend had passed away! Born in 1923-she wasn't young--her grandkids were my age--but she was truly an elect woman. Her husband served as the Stake Patriarch, and is the one that our family went to for our blessings. She was the one that would type them all up for him. Her visitation is Monday and her funeral is Tuesday. Seeing how it is 1500 miles away from me--I won't be able to be there. But my mom and dad will go and pay respects for all of us! Her obituary is truly a tribute to such a fine lady. She will be missed by my family, and by all that new her!


The past couple of days I've been working on thinning out our "stuff"! Many of Blakelynn and Barrett's Christmas presents each year come from boxes in the basement that haven't been unpacked since I packed them in Phoenix! This year is no different! Many more free gifts. While I was cleaning I ran across my old Fisher Price Record Player. It is dated back to the year I was born, but it--unlike me--is in great condition! So I did a quick and thorough cleaning-and put it up on ebay. I only ever do 3 day auctions--any longer than that and you are just wasting time-most people bid during the last couple of hours when it's one of the first items listed!! My record player sold and I boxed it up today for it's trip to New York. A woman is giving it as a gift to her daughter who is my age. She apparently wants to relive the past with her children! I'm happy to oblige--she paid $41.50 plus shipping--now we just have to sell my mom's and we are set! I have a ton of items to get up on ebay this week--hopefully they will be just as nostalgic as this record player was!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Football Banquet!!

Tonight the boys had their awards banquet for Flag Football! Mind you it's the village that calls it a banquet! With paper plates and pizza it hardly qualifies as such for us "normal" folk!! Grayson was thrilled to get his first trophy ever. He's waited and watched while Jake has racked up one after another! This was Jake's 10th trophy, and Grayson was feeling a little left out! They had a lot of fun, and ate a lot of pizza! The trophies are also really cool--short-but really cool!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jake's Day at the Zoo!

Today Jake's class had their first field trip of the school year as well. I was very surprised to hear that they were planning on going to the zoo in mid-November. It was such an icy, windy and cold day-I was really nervous about the trip. I bought him some gloves last night, and put him in a sweatshirt and a turtleneck.

I guess they really did know what they were doing though! They spent most of the day in the exhibit buildings and got some real "behind the scenes" looks at what goes on not only at the zoo, but also in the geographical areas that each species live in!

He came home spouting all sorts of info regarding the rainforest, and climates, and China! I was pretty amazed with what he had learned!! Tomorrow he has another field trip--this one is with the stamp club, and they are going to a stamp show in Arlington Heights--I think he'll have a blast!

The boys have a "season pass" on tivo for a program called "Meerkat Manor". So he took a couple of pictures of the cute Meerkats. One is standing up looking like Timon--and the other looks like he's playing dead! So cute!!

Skating Photo's!!

I thought I would add a few more photo's so you could see her actually skating without the cone. I was very impressed with this ice rink. They had lots of things to help the little ones learn quickly! I had never heard of skating with a parking cone--but it worked wonders!

All of the little kids stumbled out onto the ice looking as though they had "drunk" their breakfast--but by the end of the hour--they were all walking upright, and very well. I was amazed! All of the kids in the class are 3 years old-and they all did great!

Blakelynn Learning to Ice Skate!!

Blakelynn's pre-school went on a field trip today! They went ice skating at the Franklin Park Ice Arena. Daddy went in late to work so that he could skate with her. I got to hang out in the stands with Barrett and take pictures!!

Blakelynn has decided that she would rather have ice skating lessons instead of ballet lessons! It looks like I have a change in plans for her Christmas present!!

It was her first time on the ice, but after the hour--she looked like a pro!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Celebrity Look Alike!!

So totally funny! I found this site on someone else's blog!! Yes, don't I just look like Mandy Moore!!! NOT! Try it--it's great!! Mind you--this is the photo taken from my wedding announcements 10 years ago--but hey, a girl can dream that she looks just as good after having 4 kids!! I wouldn't dream trying this with a recent photo! It would say I looked like Camryn Manheim or some other hideous FEM-A-DEM-A-NAZI!! Ewww, Katie Couric was in third place with 74% of a match! I would rather gouge out my eyes, than be compared to that half wit! Blah!!So we will take sweet little blonde Mandy Moore-- it really could be much, MUCH worse!!!

Jake's Baptism!!

It's hard to believe that is has been almost a year since Jake was baptized! What a stressful day for me. I had to give the talk and there was a man standing next to me translating it into Spanish. It was soooooooooo awful! I've vowed that if they are doing bilingual baptisms when it's Grayson's turn--we will be baptizing him elsewhere!! Jake loved every minute of it! It's all he talked about for weeks leading up to it, and for many following it!

In January Grayson will start his preparations for baptism. He has a whole year--and already it's about all he talks about! He also can't wait to become a Cub Scout which comes with the territory!

Tomorrow at Pack Meeting Jacob will get his Wolf badge, 1 gold arrow point and 9 silver ones. He also gets to start working on his Bear. He is such a diligent and responsible kid for the most part! We'll see how 9 treats him!!


Ok, I found this totally funny! Even if it's shot in a bathrobe and bathroom! All in good fun--right!!!

It's a video by my beloved leader! Hopefully it will play at length for you! I've had some trouble! He's got the squinty little eye, and I half expected him to come out with a --- "ARGH, me hearties", but he didn't!! It's more of a cajun (???) effect! It's cute, and very clever!! Check it out! If it doesn't play in whole for you--let me know, and we will try to fix it and get it up again so you can.

Footballers No More!!

Today was the final game of the Flag Football season. The boys loved it. Grayson was the rusher, and Jake was the center. They both loved their positions, but next year Jake would like to be the quarterback, and Grayson would like to be a reciever. I guess we'll be practicing alot over the next few months! It was nice that the season ended with no games being played in the snow! What a relief for mom--I thought I would be watching the games in the car! The boys won their final game and finished the season with a record of 3-2-1! They beat the same team twice, lost to the same team twice, and then tied a game and won a game against the last team! So they were happy. Next friday is a pizza party and award ceremony. Grayson is counting down the days--it will be his first trophy ever! After watching Jake get 9 trophies before him--he's thrilled with his first!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Basketball Season!!

Well, it has finally arrived! Basketball season that is. This one has been waited for anxiously for months. This year Jake is playing for the Hornets. He was hoping to be on his friend Michael's team, but it didn't happen. I had to go to parent teacher conference last Thursday and his teacher showed me all of his papers he's turned in. Every one of them had a doodle of a basket, and a player shooting a ball. There were two stories he had to write for class--yep, both about basketball! His folder is covered with grafitti all dealing with Shaq, Dwyane Wade, every Bulls player ever and, of course, a hoop with a guy shooting the ball. His basketball is written all over. It's all he talks about. Barrett got a mini hoop for his birthday. The boys have cleared out my kitchen, raised the hoop and play half court!! OH MY HEAVENS!!! I guess it's good we got him Bulls tickets for his birthday. It's against the Sixers who are Grayson's favorite team (how does that happen--my 6 year old loves the 76-ers!! His favorite player is Allen Iverson-so I guess that's how!!) So totally weird to me!!! Now I just need to get on ebay and find him a Bulls jersey to wear. Believe me--there will be many more photo's of Basketball!

Bath Time!!

Today while the little ones were in the bath, I decided it was time to capture some of the fun they have in there!! Katerbug loves to wash Bug's hair. He loves it because it's his big sister and not his mama! Mommy always douses him with water and he HATES that!! Katerbug is always very enthusiastic about bath time, and demands it everyday! Bug is just thrilled to be able to tag along and share in the fun. They are such good friends--although--they, too, can fight just as good as the next guy!!!

Christmas Cards!!

Wow, I can't believe it is Christmas card time already! That always creeps up on me. This year is no different! I guess I better sit down and get the photo's ordered! This year I think I will do something a little different than other years--I think we will find a couple photo's of the highlights of the year. Not too many--or you'll be getting 8x10's!! It's been such a fun and adventurous year for us! DG starting a new school and getting to go all day. Katerbug starting preschool. Discovery of all things sport related. Spending the summer in Utah--dead car/new car. New restaurant!!! 2006 was a great year! Hopefully 2007 will be better!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Snuggle Buddies!!

Here is one of the cutest pictures ever!! Bear Bear has always been very protective of the babies as they join the family. But this one is just so cute. Bear would always come and snuggle by Bug anytime he was asleep or laying down. So we decided to put Bug on Bear just expecting a cute picture--but when the puppy put his head down in a protective snuggle with the baby--it melted our hearts! He's kind of claimed Bug as his own!

Happy Veterans Day!!

Well, today is Veteran's Day! A day off of school was all it meant to me when I was younger, but this year with our country at war and come major schisms within the government--it was a year to sit back, and really give thanks and praise to the men and women who have granted us the freedom and the opportunities that we have in this country. The fact that we can vote in area's not patrolled by machine gun toting wacko's. We can openly and sometimes wrongly complain and speak out against our government. In many countries--the one we are working with now--that would have been a reason to have your tongue cut out of your mouth--or death. We owe all that we have to the brave men and women who stand guard for us.

My son's school has a Veteran's Wall of Fame. They sent home papers for each family to fill out. It lists those that served in the past or are currently serving in our armed forces. They then hung them all up all over the walls at school. We turned in my dad's name, and a cousin of the family. While we walked and looked over the names, DG asked if I was ever in the army. I told him no--his mama is chicken! I don't want my kids in the armed forces--just because I'm a mom, but I want them to love this country enough to want to be!!

Thank you to all of you veterans out there!! Past, Present and even Future!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

B & B!!

We have a chain lock on the outside of the B & B's bedroom door. This is required because Bug has gotten big enough to get out of his crib instead of taking his nap or going to bed. So we take him in, tuck him in and then on the way out we lock the door. It's amazing!!! He has learned when he hears the chain--there is no reason to get up since he's stuck in his room anyway--and he goes to sleep! Well, 90% of the time anyway. After a little while, we will unlock the door to check on them, and if they are asleep we leave it unlocked.

Last night, Bug did NOT want to go to bed when I put him down. Katerbug was asleep within minutes, but Bug was hanging out. He would get out of his bed and then open and shut his door until it clanged with the chain. In true "Super Nanny" style, I would walk in and put him back in his bed. After the 4th attempt, I just let him wander around his dimly lit room until he was sleepy enough to get himself back in his bed. Before I went to bed I went into their bedroom to check on them. It was so cute to see that he hadn't ever made it back to his bed, but had snuggled in with his sister. I couldn't help it, I had to run for the camera to capture the cute moment. They fight most of the day, so it was a fun memory to catch. They are so much sweeter with each other when they are asleep!

Summer Vacation Photo's--FINALLY!!

Well, we finally got our roll of film developed from our trip to Utah. Most of the trip was documented on our digital camera, but the last week of the trip we ran out of room on our cards, so we used the regular! Here are just a couple of the highlights of our last Sunday in Utah!! We went to Temple Square and to the Bingham Copper Mine.

DG loved Temple Square and even asked if we could live there! Funny, I don't necessarily need to live on Temple Square--Farmington, Utah is close enough!! I had to take Katerbug across the street to the Church History Museum. She is enamored with the Angel Moroni, and there is a full size statue of him on the second floor. She was thrilled to get to have her picture taken with him. She is extremely washed out (how I hate regular cameras), so it was a disappointment, but she loved the moment!

After Temple Square we headed to the copper mine. My boys are in love with Monster Trucks and since the mine's dump trucks are the most extreme monster trucks I knew they would enjoy seeing them. We sat in the car for almost an hour waiting for the heavy rain and hail to stop. When it didn't--we just threw caution to the wind and headed out in it! Katerbug was wearing little pink sandals and by the time we were back in the car--her feet had been dyed to match! It was a fun 'end of vacation' day!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bug The Big Boy!!

Bug got his big boy bed today! It is a bittersweet, awesome, happy day!! He got his bed for his birthday from Mom and Dad, and his ultra cool Bob the Builder bedding came from Grams and Grampa in Utah. He was taking a nap in his crib when the mail came with his bedding. So I put his bed together while he slept. Then when he woke up, I took his crib down--for the last time ever--and made up his new bed. I called my mom and put the phone next to his bed and then ushered the little man in. He was so excited to see his new bed. My mom got to hear some of his excited squeals of "Bob" and "Mama, ni ni". He then proceeded to stake his claim and kick his sister off of his bed! It's funny--he keeps running back into his room to chill on his bed!! He is a man in love!!

Katerbug's Class Pictures!!

Now that was quick! We got Katerbug's school portraits back today. She, of course, looks darling!! I don't know anyone in her class--and sadly only Katerbug and the little boy on the back row with a reddish shirt on--are the only English speaking kids! The little girl next to her is Spanish, and all the rest are Polish--I guess that really cuts down on the unwanted chit chat in the room, eh??? She doesn't seem to care--she adores this class, and can't wait to come every week!

Star Of The Day!!

Today in one of her pre-school classes, Girlie was named the Star of the Day. She got to take in pictures of herself growing up, and some items from home that are important to her. She took her trophy from this summers Mini Miss Pageant in South Weber. They draw names for their royalty, and she was named 3rd Attendant. She also took her bunny that her brothers made her for her 1st birthday. She's named her Kayla. She wore her little red mini with her black shirt with white collar and cuffs, white tights and her black boots. I call it her Marsha/Marsha/Marsha outfit. Normally she wears knee socks, but it's so blasted cold here, that tights were called for. They sent home a questionnaire to help everyone get to know her. It asked about her two dogs, Bear and Brownie, and her favorite color--pink! But the funniest answer I got out of her was her favorite food--she normally picks ribs because that's what daddy makes, but she chose Chinese Food. She's quite the connoisseur I guess!! She looks so little walking in to her class, but she loves every minute of it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Piano Man!!

Well, here is my Demon child! Darling? Yes! Adored? Yes! Monster Mess Maker? OH YEAH!!! This is Bugs favorite pastime! He climbs up on the piano, sits next to all of their scrapbooks, and then plays the piano with his feet! He is very talented and comes up with many new and "painfully" interesting chord concoctions!! Yes, those are all of the kids scrapbooks behind him, and I'm terribly behind! MJ has the first 6 (3 with cover pictures, and 3 without) and he is 9. DG makes up the following 4 (2 with cover pictures and 2 without) and he is 6. Girlie has 3 (2 with cover pictures and 1 without) and she is nearly 4. Sadly Bug is the last book--with NO cover pictures, and he is nearly 2! So there is a huge weight on my shoulders to get them caught up!!!

Bug will be turning 2 on the 26th of October. He is so far getting a Sweet Baby Rays BBQ restaurant t-shirt. I'm going really light on the gift giving this year. He may get a big boy bed and forever leave the world of the crib--I will finally get to give it away--YEAH!! 9 years and 4 babies later--this family will be crib-less!!

He is also attempting to potty train himself! I say himself, as I have no intention of helping him with this! In the first place--he's very young, but even more importantly--I just paid $30 bucks for a big 'ol box of pampers, and there are a bunch left. I'm too thrifty to let those go to waste!! He will take his diaper off and come up to me and say, "Mama, boop"! So I tell him to go get his potty chair. He climbs up, sits for mere seconds, climbs down very pleased with himself and poops on the floor right next to the toilet!!! So until we actually learn to "take care of business" while in the sitting position--there will be no potty training help happening here!!!

As far as his messes go--he has flooded my house 2 days in a row! He has climbed up on the toilet and turned the faucet on in the bathroom. The first day it was the hot water and no one realized that he had done it. I left the house to take Girlie to school and to run an errand. An hour later I returned home to a flooded bathroom, kitchen, and both bedrooms for the kids. It was awful! 24 hours later I was smart and chain locked the door between the kitchen and the family room. Well, DG went into the kitchen for something and was unaware that Bug had followed him in. Bug turned on the cold water this time, and then left the room with DG. About an hour later--I walked in to find a flooded bathroom, kitchen and both kids rooms! NIGHTMARE!!! So now there are 4 bushels of sopping wet laundry that must be washed in bleach and I'm way tooooooooooooooooo tired to even try to do it!!

Yes, that baby is darling, sweet, and loved--but oh my heavens, there is a demonic streak in there somewhere!!!

Fire Station Field Trip!!

Girlie's preschool walked to the local fire station for Fire Safety Week! She's been looking forward to it for a very long time. Today--it SNOWED!! So it was a chilly walk! But she loved every minute of her outing!! She even got to sit behind the wheel of the Fire Engine! Then it was back to school for snack time!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Picture Day For Blake!!

Today was picture day at Blakelynn's Franklin Park Preschool. She chose this cute Dora the Explorer poncho set. I'm not usually one that purchases cartoon characters on clothing--but since it's her birthday outfit--I left the final choice up to her.

We got her all dolled up and curled her hair. She wanted a little mascara and mom put a touch of lip gloss on. She looked darling! She is all little girl! She wears her hair bands as bracelets--so I bought her a fuzzy red one to go with her outfit. You can see it on her right hand--it's big and fuzzy red! I think for her birthday I will get her some real little bracelets that she can use instead of the hair ones!

Flag Footballers!!

Both of my boys play flag football for the village. They are on the same team--which is nice, considering the age difference. MJ is the Center and DG is the Rusher. Today was their first game and they won 27-20! They looked great and both had a lot of fun! Both are still bigger fans of the game of Basketball, but since that league doesn't start until after Christmas--Flag Football will have to do!

They are both getting so good at catching the football, even considering they never really touched a football until last week! Passing is getting much better also. They are both little sports fans and love playing any kind of game!

Barrett and Me!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Reflection Contest Photos!!

I thought we would share the photo's the kids took for the Reflections Contest! Mind you the one of dad's work was taken by me just for fun, but the one Grayson took was blurry, so we'll have to go back for a better one later! These are pictures of the boys favorite places. For Grayson, it is a picture of his dad's restaurant, and the Chicago Temple--really his favorite place is Temple Square--but since I can't fly him in for a photo, this will have to do! Jake loves the Pool on Pacific and Michael Jordan's front gate. It was a fun day of driving all over the Chicagoland area!

Blake Lane!!

Today we were out taking photo's of the boys "Favorite Places" for the reflections contest! We went all over. We took pictures of Dad's work, the local swimming pool, the Chicago Temple, and of course, Michael Jordan's front gate. On our way to the temple, we passed a street called Blake Lane! Well, we had to stop for a scrapbook photo op!!! So here she is, Blakelynn on Blake Lane. She felt very important to have her name on a street sign. Michael was funny--I told him about the sign, and he laughed and said that if he was younger--he would have stolen the sign for her!! Ah yes, ever the delinquent!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Painting The Christmas Trees!!

MJ & DG had to decorate 2 foot tall cardboard Christmas trees. They are for the Christmas decorations at the local mall--they have thousands up from every school in the area. I guess it saves a lot on individual decorations, plus the parents all go into the mall to find their child's tree--and then hey, why not shop! Someone deserves a raise!!

Anyway, this year the oldest finger painted his tree green and then after it dried added some glitter paint for the decorations. Well, B-man decided he wanted to play with the paint and the tree as well! Sadly, his MJ didn't want to play! You may not be able to tell from the photo, but the green on B-man's face is in the perfect shape of MJ hand! Yep, he slapped him! That would be his thumb extending up above B-man's nose, and the other fingers curl around the side of his face.

B-man started to fall backwards after being assaulted, and MJ used his other hand to catch him--so he has a lovely green handprint in his hair in back as well!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Whole Gang!!

Ok, here's the gang! The picture of B-man on the left is soooooo cute! He looks just like I did when I was between 18 months and 2 years! There is a picture of me by the dining room table and Kelly is in his high chair. I have short--white blonde hair, and a little leather vest on--IDENTICAL to my baby! So click on the picture to make it big, and you will see how cute I used to be!! This was another fabulous (horribly busy) Halloween! And sadly we say goodbye to the coolest holiday of the year! Up next--MJ's Birthday/Thanksgiving Day! Luckily they are the same day--so he will feast and open presents! Lucky Man!!