Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Veterans Day!!

Well, today is Veteran's Day! A day off of school was all it meant to me when I was younger, but this year with our country at war and come major schisms within the government--it was a year to sit back, and really give thanks and praise to the men and women who have granted us the freedom and the opportunities that we have in this country. The fact that we can vote in area's not patrolled by machine gun toting wacko's. We can openly and sometimes wrongly complain and speak out against our government. In many countries--the one we are working with now--that would have been a reason to have your tongue cut out of your mouth--or death. We owe all that we have to the brave men and women who stand guard for us.

My son's school has a Veteran's Wall of Fame. They sent home papers for each family to fill out. It lists those that served in the past or are currently serving in our armed forces. They then hung them all up all over the walls at school. We turned in my dad's name, and a cousin of the family. While we walked and looked over the names, DG asked if I was ever in the army. I told him no--his mama is chicken! I don't want my kids in the armed forces--just because I'm a mom, but I want them to love this country enough to want to be!!

Thank you to all of you veterans out there!! Past, Present and even Future!!!