Friday, November 10, 2006

B & B!!

We have a chain lock on the outside of the B & B's bedroom door. This is required because Bug has gotten big enough to get out of his crib instead of taking his nap or going to bed. So we take him in, tuck him in and then on the way out we lock the door. It's amazing!!! He has learned when he hears the chain--there is no reason to get up since he's stuck in his room anyway--and he goes to sleep! Well, 90% of the time anyway. After a little while, we will unlock the door to check on them, and if they are asleep we leave it unlocked.

Last night, Bug did NOT want to go to bed when I put him down. Katerbug was asleep within minutes, but Bug was hanging out. He would get out of his bed and then open and shut his door until it clanged with the chain. In true "Super Nanny" style, I would walk in and put him back in his bed. After the 4th attempt, I just let him wander around his dimly lit room until he was sleepy enough to get himself back in his bed. Before I went to bed I went into their bedroom to check on them. It was so cute to see that he hadn't ever made it back to his bed, but had snuggled in with his sister. I couldn't help it, I had to run for the camera to capture the cute moment. They fight most of the day, so it was a fun memory to catch. They are so much sweeter with each other when they are asleep!