Friday, June 29, 2007


This signals the last weekend that my kids will be without their best friends-well, for a little while anyway. When we move they will without them for much longer! Currently our neighbors are on vacation in Florida, but they will be back on Monday. It's a little too hot for me in Florida, but they have a Orlando vacation rental with full air conditioning and their own pool--good ways to keep cool. They do this every year and normally spend time at Disney, but Lo's dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer this past April, so they were thrilled to have a rental to go to in order to be close to him as his health declined. I'm sure they will be back in Florida in the near future for less happy events, but to have the opportunity to spend some time to say goodbye is priceless.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Dressings!!

Here is a picture of my little princess in her new summer dress. Doesn't she look so sweet and feminine?? She won't take it off--and even went and put tights and church shoes! I think she'll sleep in it! I definitely smell new portraits!!

Spring Pictures!!

Here are the boys school pictures for the year! The blue backed photo's were their school pictures from last fall. The floral shot is the Spring Photo they just took. I think Gray looks a lot more grown up and a lot more confident in Spring photo--than the earlier one! But maybe that's just mom talking!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Normally I am not a Paris Hilton fan-but I have to say--after watching her come out of jail--I have to say--I've never seen her look prettier, happier--all around--I liked this girl! So different than the stupid glamo-girl garbage you normally get with her. We were watching her Carls Jr. ad on TV today--and honestly--it was not only tasteless and disgusting--she looks TERRIBLE!! I hate it when she strikes her 'sexy' little pose--it isn't pretty, and I wish she could see it through the publics eyes--I guarantee she'd never strike that pose again!

I hope her 3 weeks in jail will help tone her down. Really, it's just the package that she has created and marketed for herself--I'm hoping she really will drop some of the facade that is Paris, and let us get to know the real girl--minus the 'Hot'!!

Flower Meanings!!

Over on my Genki blog--I just posted about flowers and their meanings. It was amazing to see just what each flower meant--and how they tied into my life so perfectly. If you would like to see the meanings of your favorite flowers--or even to find out what your 'birthday' flower is--go on over to and look up their Florapedia-if you do--please come back and let us know what your favorite flowers are--and what they mean!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Guess What I'll Be Doing Next Weekend???

Oh--you'll never guess! Why?? Because it involves a movie that isn't supposed to be released for over a month--and a bootleg copy! That's right! By this time next week---I will have seen the movie--Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix! Yep! I'm bad! I don't have access to the movie on my own--but a 'relative' has a huge stash of bootlegs--we watched Shrek 3, Surf's Up and Knocked up--all from the luxury of a living room couch and microwave popcorn! Yes, movie theater popcorn is better--but hey--To watch 3 new releases with 6 of us--I would be paying $150 for all three movies--and popcorn--so bad as I am--it was a great weekend! But next weekend will be Harry Potter--I CAN'T wait!!

I'm SOOOOO Sick Of Hearing That!!

I was just reading the "news" article on Yahoo regarding the pregnant Ohio mother whose body was found over the weekend. In the 6 paragraph story--the word "Fetus" was used at least 10 times. I'm sorry--I don't care how Feministic you are--I don't care how Pro-Choice you are--a BABY that is in Utero and is TWO WEEKS from her due date--gets to be called a BABY!!! Whomever the reporter was--just lost 10 years of credibility to that ridiculous news piece! How stupid do you all think we are! Call it what you want--but it's still a baby! Viable Life---Fetus murdered?? NO--Baby Murdered!!

What a MORON!!

Free Photo Enlargement!!

I have to tell you--I just got the most exciting news! All of you know me--you know that I am a "momento/keepsake" freak! I have a million scrapbooks of my kids--I have their teeth that have fallen from their sweet little mouths all safely wrapped and labled as to which tooth it was-when it came in and when it was lost--I know-I'm a weirdo! But I love to have things around me that just scream----KIDS!!
Well--I just found out today that I get to turn in my favorite photo and--and I get a 16x20 photo enlargement back! Can you believe it?? I'm so excited--I know just the photo I want done--actually it's the only current portrait I have of all four of my kids. Since they all range in age from 9-2 the photographer took individual pictures and merged them together to create one family portrait! I'm sure you've all seen it before--it's this one...It's one of my favorite-and it is about 1 year old--but we haven't had any new pictures taken since then--so I'm thinking this will have to do!

The prices are amazingly reasonable--and I may decide to have individuals done of each child later--we'll just have to see!


Are you sick of the stupid lawsuits that award millions of dollars to dumb people with "DUH" moments. Like the multi-million awards against McDonalds because--darn it--their coffee was hot--and it burned me! Stupid--I've never had a cup of coffee--and I can tell you--it's supposed to be hot!!

Well, the last few months I've been dumbfounded by a JUDGE who's dry cleaners lost his pants---Do you remember this one?

Well--THANK HEAVENS!!! Today--brains came back "in" in the judicial system! The judge in this case ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. $67 million for a lost pair of pants--I don't care what the sign on their door says--that's ridiculous--and for wasting everyone's time-the 'pants-less' judge only has to pay the court costs of the defendants. What about the governments time hearing the stupid thing? But that may just be an argument for next time!

Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm A Thief!!

Every office has a problem with employees walking out with the office supplies! I know this, because I was in charge of purchasing said office products--and in my drawer at home I had hundreds of pens that just happened to make their way home with me. I'm also known to steal pens from the bank--not because I plan on it--but because it's in my hand--and off I walk to do my banking--and into the purse it goes! My husbands restaurant buys cheap pens that they personalize. That way--when people walk off with them (which they are supposed to do), the 'pen' budget isn't crunched so badly! Which is good--because I have about 70 pens from the restaurant--they are really good pens--and it saves my budget from having to purchase them from the grocery store!!


You know--certain things come up every now and again that just cause me to take a step back and realize just how "Techno-Incompetent" I really am! I have to admit--in the almost 1 year that I've been blogging--I have learned so much. When I started-I couldn't have told you how to embed videos, upload pictures or add relevant links--I didn't know what PR was, had never heard of Alexa--and honestly, other than reading other peoples blogs--really didn't think I had much to say!

In this one year--I've started my own domain, re-designed the templates for countless blogs, have a PR3 on every blog but one with a PR2, have 4 blogs with an Alexa score under 250K, and I've inserted COUNTLESS links, video's and pictures throughout all 4 blogs--did I mention I didn't have much to say??

Well, yesterday I learned how to hotlink! Yep--I have no idea what it does, or what the consequences are--but hotlink I did!! Wow, watch out Bill Gates--I'm learnin' all your secrets!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well, I did it--I know, I know--you all never thought it would be possible! I set up a new blog! Yes, that was tongue in cheek, since I already have 4 blogs going!! But this one is just for me! This one is Scalehopper and as the name implies--it's my weightloss blog--or my attempt to get healthy blog! On it there are two little lily pad tickers--one for poundage and one for miles I want to walk on my treadmill. My goal is currently set at 1500 miles. That may seem like a lot--but it is the number of miles from Chicago to Utah--so basically--I'm walking home!! My hope--by eating better or smarter-and using my handy dandy treadmill--I should be able to reach some of my goals! I have a vacation coming up at a camp ground in Wisconsin with an amazing waterpark---so donning a bathing suit will be required--mind you--I do this already--but am disgusted by what I see-so my goal is that by the time we head to Jellystone Park--I will be 10 pounds lighter!! We'll see how that goes!

If anyone would like to join me--either in just a diet/exercise blogroll--or some helpful tips or ideas--let me know!! What worked for you??

I did buy the domain maybe someday I'll get that worked up to having a forum or something on it--but right now--it's all about me--baby! Just kidding!!


I just read about a Utah boy who was dragged out of his tent by his sleeping bag by a Black Bear. His body was found later, he had been mauled to death. What is that?? I won't go camping and sleep in tents anyway--there was a family camping and their tent was sliced open at the bottom and one of their kids pulled out by some child molester and killed. Now we aren't just worried about people--we are worried about bears carrying off our young! It's just a tragic story for the family I'm sure! Cabins or RV's for me--never again will I be in a tent!!

I've never liked camping anyway--sleeping in a sleeping bag--tents--no where to sit, bugs--dirt! The only thing even likeable are the marshmallows!! And even they aren't worth all of the above yucky stuff--especially when I discovered I can roast them any time I want over my gas stove!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lobster Man!!

Holy Cow!! Yesterday at Summer camp Jake forgot to put his sunscreen on. Just like Jake really--but he came home crispy fried! He didn't look too bad when we picked him up, but by the end of the evening--it hurt to look at him!

Today at Summer Camp all of the kids are going bowling. Jake's group is going from 10 until noon--and then after--will most likely head to the swimming pool for the rest of the afternoon. I let his counselor know that Jake was not to go to the pool, and so if they are going he will call me, and I will go pick him up.

He's been glistening in aloe vera since we got him home last night-and it will probably continue for several more days!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Growing Old!!

Last week was my sister in law's birthday. She's 34 years old-she posted about getting old but still feeling young. I know exactly what she means--I think we all do. I still feel like that shy girl in the corner, and in many ways I'm still that girl. We have lived in this house for almost 5 years. The longest we've ever lived as a married couple. And I know the neighbor 2 doors down really well, the children 2 doors down from her, the people between them only slightly--the next house just barely--and then the people at the end of the street a little better. Other than that--I don't know a soul in this neighborhood. Growing up all of the people that went to my church lived on our street. You had neighbors that you knew from church and school and they were just a built in community. Here the next closest member of my church is 2 miles away! My kids have their friends, but I really only have the one--plus a couple of other nice friendly acquaintances. The one thing that is amazing--my Blakelynn was born when Jake was in Miss Linda's pre-school class. She remembers when Blakelynn was born. This year, Blake was in Miss Linda's class--and it was so fun to have a teacher that remembered you when you were born! Those are roots--but sadly--about the only ones that we have in this area. I'm just too freaking shy to relax and get to know people! Bad ME!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My New Subdivision!!

I think I've mentioned I've found another house that I love. I've been so worried over the past day or two that we would lose it to someone else--that I'm literally chomping at the bit to get over there--see it--and put our earnest money down. I found one more amazing thing about this house--My church (which is currently 30-45 mintues from my house) is less than a mile away from the house I love. I can't even imagine being that close to a meeting house again!

I realized that as much as I love this house--I was also really loving the neighborhood, location and church proximity of the subdivision. So I went in to my real estate website and just searched for homes in that exact area. Four came up that I would like to see. I still want "the one", but if by chance we lose it--I have a second favorite and even a third that looks amazing--so I'm a little less stressed to get over there and see it RIGHT NOW! As soon as we see them all on Monday or Tuesday--I'll put pictures up of the one we would like to make an offer on!

Moral: Play Dirty---Win Trophy!! L.A.M.E!!

You Have Got To Be Kidding!! Well, there went hours and hours of "sportsmanship" training for my boys. We have stressed how important it is to play basketball fairly, and to keep the "dirt" out of it. I guess when a 9 year old and a 7 year old can watch a finals game and point out dirty plays and bad sportsmanship by the winning team over and over and over--and then that team goes on to win it all---------The lesson of not playing dirty is out the window!

I didn't have a stake in either team in this years NBA Finals--I don't know anyone on either team--so it isn't sour grapes. But when the "Thugs" of San Antonio brought 'Street Ball' to the NBA playoffs--they should have been booted! I finally forced my kids to turn the TV off in game 2, it was so bad, and so dirty, and so one sided by the blind refs--that it had to go! Let me tell you-I was not a "favorite" person at that time--but if my kids were ever to pull one of the stunts that was allowed over and over by the coaching staff and ref's--my kids would be banned from the game of basketball until they were out of my house as adults! Elbows, tripping, rough fouls--one word----RIDICULOUS!!!

So I guess the Spurs won the trophy--but if this is what it takes to win it---I won't be watching the NBA anymore!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

A Little Catch Up!!

Ok, you are just getting a post about my stuff! I know--isn't that what all of my posts are about--but honestly--this post will most likely have no real theme or direction. I worked really hard in May and with this little computer alone I made $1800. Now I have to say--even working full time before I was married with kids--I'm not sure I ever made $1800 per month. But at the same time--I also suffered a little burn out. Plus, when you are constantly TRYING to think of things to blog about--you miss a lot of the stuff you wanted to blog about! It took nearly a week for me to write about my oldest son scoring in the top 99 percentile in the country in Math and Science. Only 1% of all third graders in the USA scored better than he did in Math and Science. I keep telling him that with his natural 'genius' he can be anything he wants to be. For so long he wanted to be an Astronaut--then a Scientist. Anything is possible with this boy--but at 9 years old--he's got his heart set on the NBA!! I know, I know--I keep thinking of the line from "Pursuit Of Happyness" where Will Smith's character tells his son not to listen to anyone who tells him he can't do something. Jake doesn't enjoy practicing--but he loves to play basketball--and like anything else--he's a whiz at it. But without the practice--he will go nowhere! Also, there's the fact that his parents aren't the tallest of folks in the world-neither of us are over 6 feet--so I'm afraid he's probably out on that side too. I'm just hoping that he'll be able to use his skills to get on the Jr. High or High School basketball team. There is a certain automatic acceptance and popularity that comes with that-so for him-I think it would be great!

We are still looking for a house. I've blogged here and there about the home I had wanted and the problems with it--and now I have one that I drove by yesterday--and I'M ACHING for it!! Mind you--we haven't been in it yet--and that may all change--but it is actually in an area I would want to live--and the school my kids would go to scores higher than the state average in Math and Reading. So it really looks like a great school. I need to have my husband start bringing home boxes from work. After I showed the kids the house yesterday-they wanted to come home and start packing! We are going to see it on Tuesday, unless I can talk my husband into Monday. I told him I'm ready to go camp out on the lawn and tell 'buyers' that there were terrible things in the house--like a Meth Lab in the basement--just to keep them away from MY house!!

On my treadmill, my goal is to walk to Utah. 1500 miles! I've gone 5 miles so far--I know--not great--but I'm working on setting up a routine--I walk for 10 minutes on one speed, bump it up to the next one for 10 minutes, bump it up to the next one for 5 minutes of "heart" work and then I drop it down to the second setting for a 5 minute cool down. It's a 30 minute power walk--and although I would love to be able to walk longer--at the moment--it's all I can do! In that 30 minutes it burns over 200 calories, and I get 1.5 miles under my belt. After the routine, comes the habit. Setting the goal is one thing, but to actually work on it until the habit is formed--is quite another. Two mornings ago I walked my routine as soon as I got home from taking the kids to school. Then yesterday was the $700 day at PPP, and I sat in front of the computer until I had to go pick the kids up. We went straight out for errands, and I got home just before 9 pm. So I put the kids to bed, turned on my new movie--and I walked. It may not have been at the same time of the day--but I was happy to get it in! I'm never the 'follow through' gal--and I hate that!

Yesterday was my sister in law's birthday. She's 34 years old-she posted about getting old but still feeling young. I know exactly what she means--I think we all do. I still feel like that shy girl in the corner, and in many ways I'm still that girl. We have lived in this house for almost 5 years. The longest we've ever lived as a married couple. And I know the neighbor 2 doors down really well, the children 2 doors down from her, the people between them only slightly--the next house just barely--and then the people at the end of the street a little better. Other than that--I don't know a soul in this neighborhood. Growing up all of the people that went to my church lived on our street. You had neighbors that you knew from church and school and they were just a built in community. Here the next closest member of my church is 2 miles away! My kids have their friends, but I really only have the one--plus a couple of other nice friendly acquaintances. The one thing that is amazing--my Blakelynn was born when Jake was in Miss Linda's pre-school class. She remembers when Blakelynn was born. This year, Blake was in Miss Linda's class--and it was so fun to have a teacher that remembered you when you were born! Those are roots--but sadly--about the only ones that we have in this area. I'm just too freaking shy to relax and get to know people! Bad ME!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer So Far!!

Wow, it feels like forever since I posted anything--a weekend is all, but it seems longer. The kids got out of school last Friday after 1 hour-and I had them the rest of the day. I was looking forward to keeping them home this summer. They have bikes, and a basketball hoop and friends--but let me tell you after 4 hours of "at home" time---I loaded them all up, and took them to sign the oldest three up for all day summer camp! They go M-F from 9 am until 3 pm. Yesterday was the first day. IT WAS WONDERFUL! They love camp, so they were fine. They got to go swimming at their favorite pool yesterday, and they are going again later this afternoon. I came home and got all of the laundry folded. Today the job is to throw out every toy in the toy room, and get the closets set back up. We had to put all four kids in the same bedroom, it's the only one with an air conditioner...and we moved all of the dressers and shelves to the other bedroom. So it needs some TLC and once that's done--I'll move all of the laundry in and keep the door chain locked so that the 2 year old doesn't 'dirty' all of the clean clothes!! After those two jobs are done--my house will look AMAZINGLY better!

Monday, June 11, 2007

End Of The Year Traditions!! (repeat)

It's been awhile since I posted--CRAZY DAYS!! Summer break and all! I post this over at my Cheffin' It blog--but thought I would add it here too, since I'm here more! So if it's a repeat--sorry!!!

Every year at the beginning of the school year I take my kid's picture out in front of the house. Then at the end of the year they wear the same shirt as the first day for their picture in front of the house. This way you can see the growth they've made in one year.
So here are this years pictures! I think it's pretty obvious which of the two is the beginning of the year!

Grayson had some anxiety problems as the school year drew closer. He was a little intimidated by the thought of a new school and 1st grade-we had a couple of really sad attacks--but after the first day of school--the anxiety was a thing of the past. He loved school the entire year!

What handsome boys!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


We went to Target today and spent a fortune. I bought every child something fun to earn throughout the coming weeks. The boys both got video games, Blake got a coloring book and crayons, and Barrett got a Wiggles movie. He doesn't have to earn his movie--it will hopefully keep him occupied while I work a little with the other kids.

I bought me the movie Music & Lyrics. I rented it last weekend from the kiosk at the grocery store--It really was a very cute movie-so I bought it! Give me a good romantic comedy anyday! I Tivo'd The Vacation the same day. It has Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in it--and it was great too. I will be purchasing the DVD for that one as well. There are so many right now that I want to see--I think Pay Per View is the way to go. Then I can watch the movies while I walk on the treadmill or straighten the house--it's my favorite thing to do. Also, to fold clothes and watch a great movie is ideal in my mind as well!!

NBA Finals!!

Tonight the Finals begin for the NBA. It's a school night, but my boys have BEGGED to stay up and watch it. They actually only have 1 hour of school tomorrow--so they should be fine-otherwise, I will Tivo it and they can watch it when they finish their 1 hour last day of school. We are voting for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Why?? Because the Spurs play dirty--and as much as I'm not a big Lebron James fan--my kids are--so that's why! All three of my teams got out--Bulls to the Pistons, and the Jazz and the Suns both to the Spurs--so really there is nothing in it for me--except listening to the cheers and jeers of my 7 year old and my 9 year old!

Three Days??

Now there's the L.A. justice system we are all so used too! First, Ms. Hilton had her sentence cut in half--then she spends 3 days in jail out of the 21 she was supposed to. So she's on house arrest for 40 days! Wow, that'll be tough! House arrest in a mansion with a staff of hundreds--anything she wants...yep, that'll teach her a lesson!

My nephew went back to jail for the same thing--violating his probation--it's been nearly 30 days, and he's still there. No mysterious medical condition to send him home for house arrest, no millions to pay to cut the sentence in half--my oh my, this is just disgusting!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's Stayin' In America!!

Put that to the tune of Neil Diamond song America---It's stayin' in America, It's stayin' in America, It's stayin' in America----Again!!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen---Sorry Canada--but Lord Stanley's Cup is taking the ice in just a moment! This is one of the single coolest moments in sports--any sport--the Stanley Cup is magic. It's carries the names of every man who has ever won it--it IS Hockey!!

I'm not an Anaheim Duck fan--never have been--and again Canada--I apologize--but when it's my country against any other--I vote for my country! We are Chicago Blackhawk and Phoenix Coyote fans in this house--and so it's nice to see some of the players that have played for the teams that we've seen--Go Ducks!!

Congrats to the Neidemyer brothers--how awesome was that handoff--one brother to another--is that a first in hockey history? When I was a single lady--my friend and I were walking across the street from work, when out of the back of some truck--came the Turner Cup. The Utah Grizzlies had won the Turner Cup--and it was being taken to a bar to celebrate. My husband is tremendously jealous that I've touched the Turner Cup--it actually didn't mean much at the moment. But it soooooo would be awesome now!

Did you know there was a "Keeper Of The Cup"? A man actually has the job to travel with the Stanley Cup. Each person on the winning team get to spend 24 hours with the cup. They can do anything they want to with it--but with it--comes the Keeper. I'm not sure he stays at the Players house--but he is supposed to be with the cup at all times. My husband's friend John used to be the General Manager of Air Canada. The Cup was sent down through security, and away from the Keeper. We have a picture of John with the cup hoisted above his head, making off with it! I think I'll need to find that photo and post it too!

Senators--congrats for making it--and like our Bears losing the Superbowl--we really do know how you feel!!


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Med-evac Plane Down In Lake Michigan!!

Did you see this story about the med-evac plane carrying 6 people that went down in Lake Michigan. It was leaving Milwaukee, and shortly thereafter, headed back toward Milwaukee-but they didn't make it.

There is a debris field, and there are many boats out searching for survivors along side the Coast Guard. Aside from survivors it is also a recovery mission for those who didn't make it!

It's just tragic!

William Jefferson!!

There is a push going on to kick Democratic Representative William Jefferson. Honestly--what took this so long? The man was found with more than $90,000 in cash in the mans freezer. Yet, he's maintained his innocence for months and months. Now that he's been indited though, I think his hasty retreat will begin. If it doesn't, I'm sure the higher up's in the Big Monster Demo Machine will kick in and have him removed. Heck, with the Clinton's looking to move into the position of power again--all I could tell Mr. Jefferson is, "Remember Vince Foster"--that should be enough to get any lagger out of office pretty darn quick!

Sports Memorabilia Convention!!

There is a big Sports Memorabilia Convention coming to town next week end. We will be taking the boys, and by "the boys" I mean the 7 year old, the 9 year old, and the 36 year old man I'm married to! Yep, when it comes to Sports collectibles--he's as bad as a little kid--only now he can afford to buy as many baseball cards as he wants!

Tyrus Thomas will be in the house, although you have to pay $50 for his autograph. I'm thinking I can guarantee we won't be getting that one. We have an NBA Bulls basketball and currently there are three autographs on it. #7-Ben Gordon, #21-Chris Duhon, and retired Bulls Great-Bob Love. It would be nice to get Thomas added to the ball--but not for that much money--that's ridiculous!

I'll have to let you know what new treasures have been added to our Sports Memorabilia arsenal on Monday!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Property Tax!!

I do have a small bone to pick here! Today, my husband and I drove downtown to pay our property taxes. Altogether we shelled out $6000 to live in a house, that is already paid for! That is just ludicrous! I find it so disgusting that the government thinks they need all of this from every person in the state! Now, I do understand...we live in Cook County--so 90% of our property taxes goes toward welfare and paying high school child care for all of the 'baby mama's' so that they can stay in school. We are moving to a new county--and I don't know what their welfare/baby mama rates are--but honestly--I think the taxes are high all around the state! I HATE it!!

Field Day!!

Today is Field Day for the boys. They are so excited--Grayson is on the blue team and Jake is on the red team. I'm not sure it's grade against grade-but they still looked really cute in their "uniforms"! I told them I would try to drive by later this afternoon and catch a glimpse or two of them.

I drove them by the house I want to buy yesterday evening--and then over to the school that they would go to. They were so excited. Jake asked if we could move in next Friday. It's thrilling that he's excited because he's the one that hasn't wanted to move at all, but we got him over! I think the idea of his own room is finally setting in!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sun Logo!!

I don't know what made me think of this today--but for some reason Logo's came to mind. I'm always impressed by the creativity with some, but the one that I think is the coolest is Sun Microsystems logo. It's made up of U's both right side up and upside down, but they spell out the word Sun no matter how you turn the square! I don't even know what the company does--but I do really like their logo. What are some of your favorites?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tree Lined!!

Last March I blogged about our street. I love our street in the summer. The trees are huge and green and they shade everything. In the evening hours the street reminds me of the street Tom Hanks lives on when he is a kid in the movie Big. He and his friend walking home at dusk down a tree lined road. Idyllic really! So I thought I would take a picture of our street in the summer time! We won't live on this street come Fall or Winter--but I may try to sneak back for a shot with the beautiful Fall colors and the snow.

The home that I would like to purchase has three HUGE tree's in the front yard. They aren't necessarily the reason for buying that home--but they certainly don't hurt!

Friday, June 01, 2007

End Of The Year Concert!!

Grayson is in the blue shirt with the gray collar. Next to the little boy looking toward the back.

Yesterday was the boys end of the year concert. It started at 1 pm, and amazingly enough--dad had the day off and got to join us. It was really cute. Jake had asked weeks ago if he could be excused from being in the concert. After they were finished--he thought it was a lot of fun. Grayson is in the top picture. He really didn't feel good, but didn't want to miss his concert. He actually made it through the whole day of school. Jake is in the bottom picture playing his recorder.

Grayson's class sang 3 patriotic songs, and Jake's class sang 3 songs and played their recorders for 1 song. Then at the end the entire school got together for a grand finale. It was their last concert at this school, next year they will be in a new school with new friends--I'm really excited for them!