Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Normally I am not a Paris Hilton fan-but I have to say--after watching her come out of jail--I have to say--I've never seen her look prettier, happier--all around--I liked this girl! So different than the stupid glamo-girl garbage you normally get with her. We were watching her Carls Jr. ad on TV today--and honestly--it was not only tasteless and disgusting--she looks TERRIBLE!! I hate it when she strikes her 'sexy' little pose--it isn't pretty, and I wish she could see it through the publics eyes--I guarantee she'd never strike that pose again!

I hope her 3 weeks in jail will help tone her down. Really, it's just the package that she has created and marketed for herself--I'm hoping she really will drop some of the facade that is Paris, and let us get to know the real girl--minus the 'Hot'!!


Elizabeth said...

My husband read me something online last night where she says she is going to drop all of her bad influence friends, that she doesn't take drugs and rarely drinks, and that she is going to change her life. Wouldn't that be great for her?