Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ten Years Ago Today!!

Ten years ago today we were married. We met at the Marriott Hotel in Salt Lake City, where my husband was a Chef and I was Accounts Payable. I flirted with this boy for 6 months before I finally forced him to ask me out! He will tell you that I was the one pursuing him, but in all honesty--he was injured in a car accident and put on light duty in the kitchen. Everyday he would come up to the mailroom to gather the mail for the kitchen. This was right outside of my office--and everytime he came up for mail--he came to talk to me. During this time of 'light duty' I was sitting at the computer but talking to a lady in the office (Jenean-the taller bridesmaid) and lamenting that I turning 25 (old for a girl in Utah) and I wasn't married. Michael walked into the copy room and then came in to chat. I had just told Jenean that I would ask the next guy I saw to marry me. In he walked--and I said--"Michael Nykaza will you marry me?" His response..."Can we wait until I'm out of traction?" Thus, the endless flirtation began!

Our first date was to see Space Jam and then back to his apartment to meet the menagerie of pets he called family. He says that he knew I was the one on the first date...I have to say--I'd been flirting with this guy FOREVER...I think I knew it long before then!! So we met at the Marriott, arranged our first date at the Marriott, got engaged at the Marriott, got married at the Marriott and had our reception in the Marriott Ballroom! I guess you could say, it's a very important building in our lives!!

Our marriage has been full of fun. Yes, there were stressful times financially--but we have never had a knock down, drag out fight like you see so many couples have. He, in 10 years of marriage--10 1/2 years together (11 if you count the flirting)--he has NEVER raised his voice at me! That's pretty amazing. I was under a lot of stress during our move to Arizona, he had taken a job at the Marriott Mountain Shadows Resort and I had stayed home with our newborn to sell our home. 7 months later we were finally moving. Things were not working out, and I felt as though he just wasn't being forceful enough to get things done right now. And I yelled at home--probably more like a witchy woman screaming--and I left the room. It was March 5th, 1999 and I sat out by the swimming pool and rehashed the events of the morning in my head. It was then that I realized that he had never yelled at me before and what right did I have to yell at him! I made a vow right then and there that it would never happen again--and I've lived up to that! We don't argue, we don't fight, we do have differences of opinion--but they never get very far! We have been really lucky!

The biggest and best part of our last 10 years together are the four amazing little spirits that have joined our lives. Jacob, Grayson, Blakelynn and Barrett. Each has brought with them their own personality traits--good and bad--but all are cherished and loved beyond measure!!

Tonight we will be going out to dinner as a family. Kind of a big family celebration! I think anniversaries are far more of a family holiday, than just the couple. I was telling Grayson that one of daddy's friends likes me better than he does because he came to my wedding and Grayson didn't. He giggled hysterically and let me know that he wasn't born yet, and he would have been there if he was borned! Sadly he wouldn't be here if this day hadn't taken place--so it is definitely a family celebration!!

We really have been very blessed over the past 10 years! Here's to 60 more!!

*I do have to put out a shout! I found this dress when I was a senior in High School, I was 17. When I got married 9 years later the dress had been discontinued but along with my mom we found the exact 'Tulip' lace, and my mother made my dress. I still have it--and it is beautiful! Thanks Mom!! Whoops--and I would be remiss not to mention my fabulous photographer and sister in law Kelly Anne--you do great work, girl!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sick Kids And Dead Mice!!

Crazy times--I'm telling you! Nothing really happened today. I stayed up really late last night. It was the final HDTV Tuesday, and as much as I would like to say I stayed up vying for the TV--the truth is, with depression comes insomnia. I go to bed when I finally feel sleepy, and last night that was at 3:20 am. It wasn't until I woke up this morning that I found out that the TV 'op' came out just 40 minutes after I went to bed! Kind of funny in my mind, but at the same time-I've learned that when this body finally is ready for bed--you go to bed. Because you never really know just how long that feeling will hang around.

Grayson stayed home from school today. He's been sick the past couple of days, and with his fever I kept him home. He was lying on the couch next to me as I worked, and I heard a faint 'click' off to my right. I had hidden a mouse trap back there yesterday, and I was sure I had just heard it snap. But it was like 10 am, why is there a mouse brave enough to be out, in my living room at 10 in the morning. I moved everything away to reveal a little tiny mouse struggling against the bar that had snapped across the lower half of his little body.

Now, I don't like mice--but I also do not like the idea of pain and suffering...and this death was certainly not as instantaneous as I was hoping it would be. So being the bleeding heart that I am, I picked up the trap and took it out to the front porch, where I removed the bar from the poor creature. He struggled to move, his back half didn't work--and then the damage from the bar set in, and within seconds he was dead. Much quicker than just letting him struggle against the bar while death lingered on! I have to admit that I was a little sick to my stomach for some time after I put his little body in the trash can--I don't know why! They really are such cute little creatures, but I have no intention of sharing my house with them. So far we have killed 3 with traps--and hopefully countless others with poison--although those numbers will never be known!

After school we headed to the book fair. Grayson had wanted to go and was feeling a little better so off we went. He was able to turn his homework in to his teacher who has missed him the last couple of days, and then to the library where he turned in his overdue library book and found some treasures at the book sale. It was buy one get one free, and I spent $60.00, which means that I would have spent $120 at the normal sale--but each child chose 2 books-and I got one for me and one for Barrett--so not bad. Grayson kept saying all day that he was feeling good, and ready for school tomorrow but when we got to the car after the book sale--he threw up all over the grass! I'm not thinking he is going to make it to school tomorrow either. But tomorrow is the end of the year concert--and he isn't going to want to miss that at all--so we will have to play that one by ear! Poor thing!

Monday, May 28, 2007


We are going to drop my three kids and two neighbor kids off with my in laws today to swim. They will be on their own while I take Grayson to the Instant Care. He is not feeling very well, and even starting to throw up. That is always something that freaks mom out. I just gave him some fever reducer to hold under his tongue before swallowing. I know--it is not a "sub-lingual", but hey, I'm up for trying anything!!

I think the kids will have a great day with their friends. With the possibility of moving in the coming weeks and months--I'm glad they have some time with their best friends. It may mean a little more noise--but with best friends...what's a little noise!

Memorial Day!!

Later today we will be cleaning the house! It will be the requirement before we head to the in laws for a day of swimming Memorial Day fun! I'm not sure the kids will be too thrilled to help, so we may have to pull out the big wall of money! I know, bribery is bad--but helping mom and clean house is good! So I will put up with paying for good habits while they are little, so that when they grow up, I can stop paying them, and simply reap the rewards of all of my years of paying for it! Of course, by then they will be ready to get married, and their wives will get to reap all of the rewards of my hard work!

We really don't have much to do. Picking up some dirty laundry, toys and taking some garbage out--we should be good! Maybe I can get Grayson to clean the bathroom for me. I'm so lucky to have a little boy who likes that so much!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Day!!

I am so behind on my life! Everything feels like it is out of control. I get that way when it starts to get warm, and I can't get cooled down. I need to clamp down--get the house straightened, the laundry finished, and my van cleaned out. These are generally the signs that I'm out of control. Last night was the final Bulls camp of the session. Another one starts in 2 weeks for the month of June, but I think we will let it go for the summer, and pick it up again when school starts.

I do need to get the grocery shopping done as well. I haven't done that in weeks!! It's going to be a busy day!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Gene Simmons!!

I was able to spend some time last night cleaning out my Tivo. Holy cow was it full! I started with the new stuff which is probably backward--but it was easier. I watched last nights Gene Simmon's Family Jewels and I have to say-I was totally impressed. I think it's funny that I'm drawn to this show because normally I would not be. I wasn't a KISS fan, couldn't even tell you a song that they did, but hey--it's a great show.

Last night Gene took his daughter down to Camp Pendleton to show her military life. It was amazing to watch just a moment of basic training. Then they went to visit a Veterans Hospital, something I really think we should all do. To give back, Gene and Tommy (guitarist) put together a tribute. It was so amazing to watch. They sang all four of the armed forces anthems, and it was so inspiring to watch. I've had a chance to sing an 'anthem' as a member of an 'army' and I have to say--there is nothing more thrilling than the opportunity to sing as part of something bigger than yourself. It was a great show--and I couldn't delete it!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Living Room!!

It's amazing to me how much easier a room is to keep clean when you take everything out of it! Literally--I have furniture in my living room--well and the computer I'm typing on--but all of the other "stuff" has been sorted and either put away, packed or tossed! The kids do bring a toy in every so often--but I can get those picked up pretty darn quick! It's when everything starts piling up on top of itself--that my life is out of control! I finished the windows last night, and the room this morning has a golden glow. I love it--I love the look, I love the privacy and most of all, I love that the big dog has been silent all day!

I will do a quick toy run through during nap time, and the room will be perfect once again!!

The Butterfly Museum!!

Middle Man's first grade class headed to the Nature Museum yesterday for their end of the year field trip. He loved it! Apparently they have a whole room of just Butterflies. You walk in and they are flying all around you. I guess it does sound pretty cool. They also have a theater set up and they got to watch a play. Narnia--he was so excited because he loves the movie Narnia--actually-he loves C.S. Lewis stories-but he was not happy that they cut out so much of the movie. I tried to explain it to him that the movie is over 3 hours long--and they couldn't make you sit for three hours--that would be the entire field trip--so they shortened it, so he could go see the butterflies too. Nope--he was not having it! He is a little "OCD" on these kinds of things!! So I just changed the subject back to the cool butterflies. He really wants to go back so Katerbug can see them.

I'm Gorgeous!!

I took the little ones to lunch just now. It's kind of funny--McDonalds is giving away Shrek The Third toys--and we just can't seem to get the one that the kids want! My boys want Donkey so bad, they wander the house going "I'm Gorgeous!" So now my 4 year old says it, followed immediately by the 2 year old. The statement is cute by Donkey--but he hold nothing on my baby!! It's too cute! I'll try to get it on video later, and get it up here! "I Go-gas" or something there about!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Presents!!

Since my birthday and Mother's Day are just days apart, everything kind of get rolled into one celebration. Our wedding anniversary is just two weeks later--I can tell you--I'm spoiled throughout the month of May! This year my in laws are taking a trip next week, so the weekend of Memorial Day my husband and I will be dropping off all 4 kids, and heading out for some very much needed "married" time! I can't wait--I haven't actually gotten some alone time with my husband in sooooo long! Definitely since the new restaurant opened!! So that will be the best birthday/Mother's Day/Anniversary present of all!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Would I Tell Her!!

This is my picture from my Junior Year in High School. One of my favorite pictures ever. I had braces! Oh, how I loved, Loved, LOVED my braces!! Since today is my 36 birthday--I thought I would take a minute--just for myself, and think of the 36 things that I know now--that I wish I could tell this girl!! Of course, having been that girl--I probably wouldn't have thought too much about it at the time!!

1. There's 4 months until your Grandma dies--go spend EVERY moment possible with her!!
2. Study harder-Get good grades, Stay on the High Honor Roll--you will regret that you didn't.
3. Forget about A & J & G and all of the other boys...there is plenty of time for boys LATER.
4. Learn to save your money better.
5. Be honest in all that you say and do.
6. Get the Butterscotch Colt instead of the White Nissan Sentra.
7. Don't jump into a 9-5 job when you are in College. Enjoy the kids when you are a kid.
8. Take Japan just a little more serious.
9. Develop good habits--and quit biting your nails.
10.Don't settle for anything less than a Temple Marriage.
11.Keep yourself worthy for a Temple Marriage.
12.Never Go Out With A!!!!!
13.Stick with S really hard!! Don't let your self confidence deride you--
14.Wait a little longer before you start having kids. Enjoy time with your husband
15.Kiss and snuggle Cinders just a few more minutes before you leave on your Honeymoon.
16.Be more patient with J. He's going to need you more than anyone else in the world.
17.NEVER MOVE AWAY FROM UTAH--you'll never get to go back!
18.Stay active in the church--if not for you--do it for your kids.
20.Work with J on some fundamental habits when he's little
21.Don't let your husband take the job transfer to Chicago with the franchise hotel!!
22.Wait a little longer between J & G--J is going to need it!!
23.Always listen to your mom--she is amazing and truly--knows everything!!
24.Don't spend money you don't have--always pay your bills on time!
25.Forget about S!! Just Forget about it!!
26.Remember your time with a Baby G. It goes so fast--remember him!
27.Forgive past acquaintances--you don't need to carry that with you as long as you will!
28.Keep up with the Japanese language--your kids are going to want to hear it--A LOT!!
29.Don't get caught up in stupid stuff with your sister in law, she won't be around very long.
30.Get on Anti-Depressants as early as possible--and stay on them!
31.Go on Thyroid pills right after giving birth to J--you'll regret it for the rest of your life!
32.Take care of yourself--you were pretty when your husband married you--stay that way!
33.Learn to share your time with your kids better than you do.
34.Learn to understand J when he's little--it will save heartache and stress when he's 9!
35.Love your husband. Be thankful for him everyday--and show him that!
36.Enjoy being 17 years old. You can't wait to grow up, but you'll spend your life wishing you could go back!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Delonne Anderson Invitational!!

My parents always go to a Golf Invitational every year. It's named after one of our very most favorite people in the world. His name was Delonne Anderson, and he passed away the week before I got married. He was probably the most angelic, sweet, wonderful person you could ever meet. I went through his receiving line and his wife Margaret hugged me and told me over and over that he would be at my wedding the next week, she just knew he would be. He was a sweetheart!

It's the Delonne Anderson Invitational and it's held every year at the Oakridge Country Club. When I was younger, our backyard was on this golf course. First hole, second tee--and we belonged to the Country Club--that's right--I was a member of the Country Club set!!! I don't think my dad belongs to the club anymore-so this is a nice chance for him to get to golf on the course he loves so much.

Every year after the tournament there is a beautiful luncheon and a raffle. My dad always buys 5 raffle tickets. My mom always thinks they should buy more--since it's such a lovely day, but he always just buys 5 and they have never won. Until this year that is! In fact, this year---4 out of the 5 raffle tickets won prizes!

Lucky parents!!

Mother's Day!!

Well, Mother's Day came and went--and I got diddley squat from my husband! I was a bit on the 'ticked' side because he had just spent the day making every other mother in the Chicagoland area's Mother's Day wonderful--and mine was completely ignored!!

Well, this morning (Monday) the doorbell rings, and there is a big green box from Pro-Flowers! He hadn't forgotten (well, completely anyway!!) It was a package of beautiful multi-colored roses and chocolates. The note said Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday! Seeing how today is the day in between both days--I guess I will take it!

I marveled that it took 10 years for him to ignore his wife! When we were first married-I forbade him sending me flowers. It costs a fortune and they just die. Well, I must say--they cost a fortune--but they certainly are fun to get!! I'm glad he's finally learned not to always listen to his wife!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Breaking The Habit!!

I am really an easy going wife! Not much that my husband does warrants getting on him about. Do somethings drive me crazy? Oh sure, but it's just not worth any sort of hurt feelings or problems that might arise by mentioning them. Plus, I have about 110 more things that drive him crazy I'm sure, so if I don't want to open that can of worms--I have to keep my mouth shut!!

This being said, there are a couple of rules that I do have--and honestly, he's abided by all of them--and you know, he really doesn't have too. He's a grown man--he could rebel! One of my big rules--he used to smoke--but has since quit. He couldn't smoke in the house or in the cars. He smoked in his car, but never mine, and never in the house. Rule two: If he goes out drinking with his friends, he is required to call me to pick him up. I don't care if he's had 1 drink 10 hours earlier or 15 drinks 10 minutes ago--if you put alcohol in your body--you call me. This is my own life insurance policy. I am happy to be the designated driver--I'm always sober! He used to call, but then having to have me pull sleeping kids into the car to drive across town to pick him up started to make him feel guilty. So instead of drinking and calling me--he just doesn't drink! How easy is that! He is the only one out of all 12 of his high school gang that doesn't have a DUI, and everyone else has 2 or more!!

Yesterday--I had to cut him off! He is addicted--and I had to put my foot down! He and my sons are addicted to collecting trading cards! I'm all for this--really I am. But honestly, we are getting into some addiction patters, and a TON of money has been spent on Basketball cards! So I told him yesterday that he can't buy Basketball cards for 1 month. Now yes, he's a grown man, he works hard for his family--he is ok to purchase cards--but I told him--you will know it's an addiction when he's buying his cards on the sly and not telling his wife about it! I could so totally see the sly guilty look in his eyes knowing full well that was exactly what he was going to do!! Sadly, my boys are addicted too! So we are card free for 30 days! Wish us luck!!

My Mother's Day!!

This is how my kids spent their day! Well, three out of the four anyway. B-man wasn't too thrilled about not being allowed to swim--but it was nap time, and I wasn't going to let him miss it. He ended up sleeping until dinner time, and then spent the remainder of the evening running around the yard and playing in the cars. This was Mother's Day at my in laws house. We got there around three in the afternoon. We brought my mother in law a beautiful hot pink flowering plant and a gift card to the Red Lobster. She and my father in law love having the freedom to go out to eat together without having to worry too much about the budget.

For my Mother's Day, the kids gave me all of the projects that they made at school. It was absolutely adorable! Mother's Day isn't necessarily a fabulous day for me. Instead of finding all of the joy that most people find in their families--I feel like a failure. I love my kids--I adore my kids--I don't enjoy my life--and that is the worst feeling of all! I should put in here--I do suffer from depression--and that has a lot to do with my feelings--in fact, I would say--it has everything to do with my feelings. I just remembered back to when I was little and would bring home my projects from school for my mom--and recaptured that excitement that my kids had.

The boys forbade me looking at the couch before they got up. They wanted it to be like Christmas and Easter for them, but for me. How cute is that? It was a really good day--I do have the best kids around--I just wish my brain could see that through the fuzz of depression!

Pulling Down The Drapes!

We are still moving-but maybe not as quickly as I'm hoping. There are a few things I really want to do in this house whether we are staying or going. We still have an "Italian" style valance above the living room windows and in the dining room. The draperies were really expensive when originally hung, and they are getting destroyed by my children--plus they are kind of out dated. We have natural wood casings all around the windows and I think it would be so much prettier with the faux wood window blinds that match the wood! There are a total of 10 windows 24x60, so it won't be the cheapest endeavor--but I think it will look the prettiest and really show off the architecture around the windows. Plus--I can pull the blinds up everyday, and safely away from the hands of the 2 year old!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wisconsin Wedding!!

Well, the drive to Wisconsin from Chicago isn't usually very long. But yesterday, due to construction and Rush Hour--it took about 2 hours to get where we were going. We stopped at Target to "dress" the kids, and then we were off. We found the church quickly, and got everyone changed. It was so surreal walking in and seeing my nephew standing next to a girl in a wedding dress. Truly--he's the fourth grandchild in my family to get married--but the first one that I've actually been to a reception for.

It was so fun to get to spend the evening with my sister. I never really get a chance to just sit and talk to her. Rick was my kids favorites, of course! It was just really fun to have members of my family around. Everyone thanked me for coming so far to see them--I thought it was funny because they all traveled a heck of a lot farther than me!! They came from Utah--their flight was longer than my drive!

Robyn and Rick fly out this evening--and are planning to be in Chicago only an hour or two before they have to be at Midway. I was hoping they flew home tomorrow night! I would have taken them to dinner at my husbands restaurant! But oh well, maybe next time!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Wisconsin Bound!!

Yep! As soon as I pick the boys up from school we are heading north to the great state of Wisconsin! My sister Robyn (yes, same name as me--and yes--she's really my sister) and her husband Rick will be there tonight for their son's (my Nephew) wedding reception. He and his wife were married on the 11th of May in Utah, but are coming to have the reception for her family and friends tonight. I just put the address in on Mapquest, and it's about a 2 hour drive. The reception starts at 6 and ends at 8, so we will try to leave around 3:30 just to try avoid some of the rush hour traffic on the Interstate 294 here, and we will probably hit the Milwaukee rush hour-but I think we will be heading the opposite way. I hope anyway!

When you've lived apart from family for so long--you are willing, almost giddy in fact, to make the long drive to see a familiar face. In my head, I have a picture of a little Brian (nephew) just 2 years old or even younger riding the baby boats with his big sister Steph at Lagoon. It's been imprinted on my brain for 20 years now-since he's now 22! Last year he was still on his mission in the West Indies, and now he's married! That's amazing!

My sister Robyn has always been called Big Bird, and I have always been Little Bird. She married Rick in 1982-possibly 1981--I remember their wedding like it was yesterday-and yet--here I am going to their youngest child's wedding. Uncle Rick has always been my favorite--I was really little when they got married, and he would always play with the three of us younger kids. Tickling, wrestling--he was the most fun. Last summer all of us had a family reunion up in Jackson Hole and it was amazing to see our kids being wrestled and tickled by Uncle Rick. He's always been the hit with the kids-I'm just amazed that it's now my kids that adore him! I told my kids that we would be seeing them tonight--and they kept asking--Is Uncle Rick the one that pretended to be the bear? Yep--totally him! We were all in our cabins getting our kids down for the night--and all of the sudden there is growling and tapping at the windows. Scared my kids--till they realized it was Rick! Man--we love that guy!! I was 10 or 11 when they got married--so I've grown up with Rick around--he's pretty much more of a brother than a brother in law!

Robyn has always been Drop Dead Gorgeous! She is in her 40's and honestly she doesn't look a day over 21! I'm 7 years younger, and I think I probably look older than she does! Don't you hate having beautiful older sisters??

I will take some pictures when we get up there! I need to go get ready to go!! I'm so excited!!

The Wiggles!!

We have Wiggles Tickets! That's right--it's the two B & B's turn to have a night out with mom and dad. I am loving this idea! It gives us a chance to just get away and enjoy an evening out with our kids in an environment that they love. The boys go to Bulls games, the little ones are going to the Wiggles. The show isn't until August--a lot can happen by then, but hey, we have the tickets!

I'm not sure the Bulls will win a game in this particular round--so the tickets for the finals will be out for them! Too bad, the boys were really looking forward to it! But it is baseball season--so we will find some tickets for the Cubbies!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Preschool Graduation!!

Preschool graduation was today! It was really cute, and kind of sad! My baby girl is growing up-and that isn't a very fun thing for me. Don't get me wrong-I've enjoyed every stage I've had with her (actually, she's into whining all of the sudden--so totally don't enjoy this part), but I hate to see her growing up so fast. She tells me everyday that someday she's going to get married and have babies. That is a lifetime in the future for her, but it is just around the corner in my mind!

The Job For Today!!

Yesterday was my husbands day off. Not much gets accomplished usually, and yesterday was no different. It's hard to get into work mode when he's home. So my whole groove is thrown off! He did get the lawn mowed-which is a huge job-and I'm so glad he does it-cause I wouldn't be able too! I on the other hand-got nothing done. I did help my Aunt Peggy get set up with Yahoo Messenger--so much easier than the MSN one, and now I get to talk to her everyday. It's been over a month-so that was nice.

Today we are moving all of the kids to one bedroom. We only have 1 bedroom with air conditioning, and our wiring just can't handle a second one. So we will have 4 beds in one room, and all of their clothes and toys in the other room. The boys will help me after school today--they would like to play PS2, so that is the job to do to earn it!! hmmmmm, I hope it gets finished!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Angry Rant Is Over!!

Ok, I figured since I was ranting earlier about the list of things that needed to get done today--I thought I would update and give some "Kuddos To The Man"!! No fridge shopping took place--although it was offered. We took the van over this morning, stopped at Walmart for the popcorn for Little Lady's pajama party at preschool and got her to school just a little late. We came home--Hubby took a nap and I chilled until it was time to go get the kids. After school, we all piled in to the truck and headed to pick up my van. After we got the van--new brakes, new key and all recalls cleared--we headed to Bulls Camp.

After that we headed to the Riverside Mall and I was able to buy my new Starbury tennis shoes. They are a little tight--but awesome, can't wait to break them in! We had dinner at the food court--and amazingly enough--spent as much money as we would have had we gone to a sit down restaurant like the Olive Garden or The Outback!! Then we headed home--got the boys to bed--they have to get up early to finish their homework--and here I sit! But I must say--much more was finished than I ever thought possible! Mortgage application didn't happen--and it won't happen tomorrow--so I'm thinking either next week--or never!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Angry Rant!!

Well, my brakes went out yesterday! For this, I blame my husband. Why? Because as a "man" he is in charge of all things mechanical. The brake light has been coming on for months--I've asked him to take care of it for months--and here we sit! Even now, he's sleeping--instead of taking it in to the dealership to get the brakes fixed, the recalls taken care of and the key fixed. It's the only car the entire family fits in--so if it has to stay over night--then we will need a rental on a mini van. Tonight is Bulls camp--and if we don't have it back by then, then he has to take the boys in his truck, and the remaining three of us will be stranded at home! We were also going to go buy a new fridge today--and he was supposed to go apply for a mortgage loan! Yet--he's asleep! Having a work-a-holic husband SUCKS!! He will always tell you that his family comes first--but that would be a LOAD OF BUNK!! Work comes first--we are just a side mention! I was ready to call work the other night to tell him it was time to come home. He had been at work for 14 hours everyday last week--and if they can't run a restaurant with him not working so much--they shouldn't have opened a restaurant!! I'll let you know what actually gets done today! If you want my bet--Bulls camp will be the only thing done!! I'd lay a C-note on it!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Friday Is Milwaukee Time!!

I'm not sure I mentioned before--but I get to go to Milwaukee on Friday. To some that may not sound like much--but to me it is thrilling!! My nephew from Utah got married 2 weeks ago to a young lady from the Milwaukee area. They had the wedding and reception in Utah earlier, but this Friday is the reception for the Bride's friends and family. Now, I've never met the girl--but I'm dressing up the kids and heading to the reception--I've got family to see!! My older sister Robyn (yes, we have the same name) and her husband Rick are hoping to be there--I'm crossing my fingers!! If not--I will get to see my nephew Brian--meet his wife (that's weird) and just have a chance to see a familiar face here in this 'little' area of my world where it's just me!! So I'm excited! I was going to try to get a hotel room--but it's not that far away-I think I'll swing it all in one fail swoop--if it gets too late-we'll catch one then-but the plan is not to get one--unless they have an indoor pool for the kids-hmmmmm, maybe I better check into it!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Saturday!!

I mentioned my morbid thought about my two important projects before--and have decided that Saturday and Sunday would be my days to start clearing away these projects-or at least getting them to an organized stopping point.

I spent all of last week going around the house and putting everything that has to do with scrapbooking in 1 of 2 kinds of boxes. The first four boxes are directly related to the kids-they each have their own. Their completed scrapbooks go into this box-their box of keepsakes goes into this box, and all of the things that need to eventually go into their scrapbook go into this one box. Yep-it's a huge box! The remaining two boxes are for equipment. Every year for Christmas I paint each of my children a matching ornament--so the ornaments for the coming years and the paint for them probably shouldn't go in here-but for now--it is. All of my paper, stickers, embellishments, scissors--everything--goes into these boxes. I'm also really ANAL about my negatives. Before I got my digital camera in 2002, I have hundreds of rolls of film. Each are cataloged. One sheet per roll of film. There is a grid that has the scrapbook page that the picture is on, the date of the picture, the shutter number, a quick explanation of what the picture is--and then what kids scrapbooks contain the picture. And I have one of these for every picture I have taken in the lives of my children! I told you I was anal about it!! Anyway--the catalog with the negatives will be going into a fireproof safe as soon as I get one--but until then-they are in the box!!

I also have two big boxes of the "other" double print when only one child was in the picture. So those were separated and put in each individual box. I spent the day yesterday on Jake and his 6 scrapbooks. Found every picture that hasn't been put in yet--and banded all of the pictures that have been used! Jake's box is done!! After Jake--it was Barrett's box and his lowly ONE scrapbook-I'm so behind!! His 'stuff' is all put together and ready to be stored till I'm ready for them again!! Today is Grayson and Blake's box! You would not believe how much clutter has been cleared simply by creating a specific place to keep it organized!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

My Hubby Has A New Addiction!!

My husband has found as much love in collecting baseball and basketball cards as the boys. What's funny is-I don't think he ever didn't love it. From the time he was really young until now at 36, the only difference that he's noticed is that he can now afford to buy more than one pack at a time! I thought that was funny and so true. We will buy the boys a pack or two at a time--or we'll buy the big box and let them earn a pack as they go. But not my husband! He'll come home with two boxes, just trying for the Derek Jeter joke card. He was so worried he wouldn't get one--and he is now the proud owner three Jeter/Mantle/Bush cards! Gotta love him!!


Katerbug is going into her last week of school. Tuesday she has a pajama party with a movie and popcorn--and Thursday is her last day of school. It's going to break her heart! I'm so glad that she loves school as much as she does-though--and she is going to go to Score Learning Center this summer to learn how to read. She will love that! After next week she will still have one more week with Miss Linda--and then she's done there too! I can't believe the summer is here! There is so much to do--I'm not sure we'll ever get it done!

We are going back to Utah this summer, so I'm hoping that Bug has grown up a little in the last year and won't kill me like he did last year! He's a wanderer!

Bad Night!!

I got ZERO sleep last night! Whenever the body feels it should be asleep and it isn't, I get a terrible headache. It only goes away after the proper number of hours have been slept. Since that will be impossible today--I think I'll just have to live with it.

Bug fell asleep on his own around 7:30 last night. I was really worried about this because he'd had a really long nap not that much earlier-he shouldn't have been tired! I checked, and there was no fever but I still didn't think he felt well. Around 10:00 pm he rolled off of my bed-what a rude awakening! He fell back to sleep pretty quickly and I moved him to his bed. He was out 15 minutes later. Fell asleep on me, so I moved him back to his bed--he was out 15 minutes later. So this time I just kept him on me to sleep-I was just blogging so it wasn't a big deal-but the headache started to kick in, so I finished up to go to bed. Put Bug back in his bed, and went to bed myself. He was at my feet 15 minutes later. So I pulled him up to sleep next to me--but now--he was awake and jabbering.

I got up and got a melatonin and broke it up inside his bottle--and he finally went to sleep at 4 am. I moved to the recliner to get some sleep--and got up about 7 after hubby left and I took his spot on the bed until 8! I was hoping to get back to bed after the boys left for school--but now Katerbug is awake!! Darn!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Starbury Shoes!!

Well, it was my husbands last day off for the week! It was nice! I got some blogging done--I got some cleaning done. When the kids got home we headed out to a card shop for Basketball cards for the boys. We were going to head to Steve and Barry's for a pair of Starbury shoes for me! Have you heard about these shoes?? They are made by Stephan Marbury of the New York Knicks. He was raised by a single mother and always wanted the coolest, new, expensive sports shoes--but absolutely could not afford it. So now as an NBA multi-millionaire--he's giving back--and he's gone back to his roots to do it! He has created a line of basketball shoes. If you cut them down the middle and compare them to the $125 basketball shoes--they are identical. The only difference? Starbury shoes sell for $14.99! How amazing is that! My boys will be living in these shoes. What a great idea, and honestly there are a large number of styles and colors to choose from. DG already has his dream pair picked out! If you want to see what these great shoes look like--check them out at!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bulls Camp!!

Tonight the boys have Bulls Basketball Camp. I don't know if I wrote about Bulls Camp last week--but it was amazing. The whole facility is huge--there are three basketball gyms all have the Chicago Bull in the middle of the court and at either end under the baskets. Just like the floor at the United Center. My kids LOVED this particular feature because they felt like they were actually playing on the Bulls floor. We sat on the puffy folding chairs like the ones the players do. It was very well done. There were 10 kids total in camp--2 were mine--and there were two coaches. They ran the kids through their stretches and then started right in on the fundamentals. They went through 3 or 4 passing techniques. Dribbling. Ball Handling. Shooting. For an hour and a half my boys were in heaven. For a base price of $25.00 each--I was very happy with the evening. We'll be doing it again tonight-and for 2 more weeks after. Then we will sign them up for the May session. Well worth $200 per month!!

Home Safe!!

Yesterday morning I headed over to my husband's Aunt and Uncle's house. I was going over to help another Uncle (Hi, Uncle Rich!!). I had told my boys that if during the school day they needed me, they would need to call their dad's cell phone. The younger kids and I got to the school to pick the boys 15 minutes before school got out. When it did let out-I got out of my car to wave the boys over. I saw them both--called both of their names, but they didn't hear me. Bug had fallen asleep on the way home, and I didn't want to wake him up--but I had to in order to walk and get the boys. From the moment that I got into the car to get the kids out to the moment we started walking to the school--1 1/2 minutes--TOPS! Well, that was just enough. Both of my boys vanished in those 90 seconds! I saw DG turn and head toward the school, so I figured they'd gone inside to wait. Nope--they weren't there. I had them paged to the office. Nope--they didn't come. They weren't on the playground--they were gone!

I was getting worried-but the fact that both were missing meant that they were together--I would have been a MESS if I was only missing one of them. I called my neighbor to see if she had taken them home--but she didn't answer her phone-so it was time to head home to see if she had in fact taken them.

I have to tell you in that instant--I finally understood the crosses on the side of the road where someone has passed away in a car accident. It was so hard to leave that school. I had just seen the boys there, and so they had to be there. I couldn't leave the last place I saw them!

When I pulled up in front I ran in the house calling their names--nothing--they weren't there. I grabbed the phone and kept trying to call my neighbor--she wasn't home yet. Her daughter has gymnastics on Mondays so I was going to head over there--but honestly--at what point am I supposed to call the police? I'm wasting valuable time here!! As I came out the door-I saw that her husband was home. So I ran over there to see if he had heard from her. I knocked on the door, and the blinds in the side window pulled back--and there was DG!

Relief...Tears...Anger...Tears!!! The neighbor can see I'm upset and goes into explanation mode--honestly--I don't give a darn about how it happened--just give me my boys so I can take them home and love and snuggle and BEAT them!!! We got home, and I'm just sobbing--the boys are scared that they are in trouble and I go and sit on my bed. Nothing!! So I call into the living room, "Well, get in here and hug me!!!" Both boys came and melted into tears and hugs and apologies. They had thought that I would still be at the Aunt's they told the son of the neighbors that they were supposed to be going home with him. My neighbor who normally picks her kids up--was at the E.R. and her husband had picked them all up. He wouldn't have taken my kids except that they had informed him that he was supposed to!

Whew!! Moments away from an Amber Alert there!! Oh--and they did bring me a huge bunch of "Sorry Mom" dandelions, hand picked from the back yard! Yep--they've been well taught!!