Friday, May 18, 2007

My Living Room!!

It's amazing to me how much easier a room is to keep clean when you take everything out of it! Literally--I have furniture in my living room--well and the computer I'm typing on--but all of the other "stuff" has been sorted and either put away, packed or tossed! The kids do bring a toy in every so often--but I can get those picked up pretty darn quick! It's when everything starts piling up on top of itself--that my life is out of control! I finished the windows last night, and the room this morning has a golden glow. I love it--I love the look, I love the privacy and most of all, I love that the big dog has been silent all day!

I will do a quick toy run through during nap time, and the room will be perfect once again!!


Elizabeth said...

You should have posted a photo! Were you serious about wanting to give up the Alexa Project Blogroll? Because I will take it from you if I can figure out how to put it on it's own page and link to it from my sidebar (my blog uses page tabs at the top). But I would promote the heck out of it and I would also NAG the heck out of every person on it. It's no good to me if my Alexa redirects are not being used! So, let me know, okay?

Anonymous said...

We are having a great time in Hawaii! It's too much fun! We don't want to come home. Weleft our hotel today, to come over to my cousin John Harper's home. We have had so much fun and I can't wait to really get on and blog about each day.

I miss you! We'll be back too soon.

grace said...

sometimes less is more!