Friday, May 18, 2007

The Butterfly Museum!!

Middle Man's first grade class headed to the Nature Museum yesterday for their end of the year field trip. He loved it! Apparently they have a whole room of just Butterflies. You walk in and they are flying all around you. I guess it does sound pretty cool. They also have a theater set up and they got to watch a play. Narnia--he was so excited because he loves the movie Narnia--actually-he loves C.S. Lewis stories-but he was not happy that they cut out so much of the movie. I tried to explain it to him that the movie is over 3 hours long--and they couldn't make you sit for three hours--that would be the entire field trip--so they shortened it, so he could go see the butterflies too. Nope--he was not having it! He is a little "OCD" on these kinds of things!! So I just changed the subject back to the cool butterflies. He really wants to go back so Katerbug can see them.