Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sprucing Up The House!!

With our new house one of the things I'm really enjoying is decorating the dining room and the powder room for each holiday. For fall there were gourds and mini pumpkins on a tower on top of a fall table cloth in the dining room. For Christmas they were swapped out for colorful Christmas ornaments on a Christmas table cloth with matching runner on the buffet. The powder room boasted really cute holiday towels and matching soap pump! Currently there are pine cones on the tower in the dining room, and snowman decor in the powder room. HOWEVER!!! We were at the mall the other day and at Kohls they had the cutest Valentine linens (with matching soap dish). I've been talking myself out of driving over there to pick them up--but now I've found Kohls coupons and I'm really thinking the little ones and I will head to the mall tomorrow afternoon. You know...just to add to my addiction, er collection!!

Thinking About Scary Things!!

Last Monday my husband went in for a Stress test. In fact, it was kind of cool--he came home radio active!! Had we gone to the airport...he would have been detained! Actually, I'm making light of this situation because it was a scare and tense moment for our family. He is the ONLY breadwinner and had something really gone wrong, we couldn't survive without him. I've really started to think that even though he is very young, it's probably time to get a term life insurance quote. He's already partially paralyzed and has terrible cholesterol problems in his family. We always joke that he has my 75 year old father's body and my dad has my 37 year old husbands!

Helping My Jake!!

I have spent the past several days looking at different things for Jake. He's getting to be a big kid. He's 10 and weighs 100 pounds. He's round--but doesn't look anything like 100!! I'm worried he has the same thyroid problem as I do. I've been waiting for him to start his growing spurt, because as soon as he does he'll thin right out. The problem is...I've been waiting for 2 years! So I've started looking into nutritional supplements to see if there are enzymes out there to help him digest his food. I'm also a little worried about his demeanor. I'm thinking he may be suffering from a touch of depression--so I'm looking into more 'healthy' backups for that as well. Hopefully in the coming weeks--I'll be able to figure out what he needs and get him the necessary help!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pinewood Derby Time!!

Jake had scouts last Tuesday and as I walked by his room I heard them talking about his favorite thing...Pinewood Derby. This will be his last derby in his scouting career and the first two are hard to beat. He was Grand Champion on both! This year he expects nothing less--and that's fine--I'm happy to do my best to keep the tradition alive and thriving! The one thing I have this year...Delta machinery!! Yes, I know--what is a little girl like me doing with power tools! But I love them! I have dreamed of a scroll saw and a table saw for years--and it's so fun to finally have them! What out new Scout pack...Jake's a comin'!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Poor, Neglected Little Blog!!

I have not been so good at keeping up with this here blog! Mainly because I live over at my other one! It seems to be the one that gets the multi-post updates everyday--but this baby is my original--and it's hard to watch it fall behind! But for the most current, un-interupted events in Chez Nykaza--you have to head over to The Nykaza Family blog to find out!!

Bring It On!!

Friday I had to go in to the DMV to get my address changed on my drivers license. Mainly because this week...we are starting racquetball! I can't wait! Jake, Grayson and I are heading in while the two little ones are in the play room. We have an hour to give them the basics of the game and hopefully get a little workout! This is supposed to aid in some weightloss for my son and I. Here's to hopin'!!

The other thing I've wanted to start doing with him is walking the dogs. Every afternoon after school just him and me. I've been looking for weight accessories like ankle weights and wrist weights--you know, double your workout without doing anything! This is our year to get skinny--I'll keep you up to date on our progress over at my Scale Hoppers blog!

Bowman The Showman!!

I just read that Christopher Bowman died. I'm always amazed when people I "know" pass away. No...I didn't know him personally--but I watched him skate a hundred times. We are about the same age--and I don't know--it's caught be a bit off guard. They are calling it 'for now' a possible drug overdose. I feel bad that his life went that way, I still just remember him skating--and this one was one of my favorites.

My How Time Flies!!

Last Monday we finally moved all of the rest of our stuff over here from the old house. The load included a file cabinet that was in the basement. We didn't have room for it in that house, so it's been in storage for five years. Yesterday I moved it into place next to my computer and went through it to clean it out.

It was so fun to see everything that was in it. All of our taxes since 1995 were there, the receipt for our wedding rings, the paperwork for the purchase of our first two homes and scrapbook items from the boys. It was just a really fun experience to take a walk back through time. I did end up throwing almost everything out--but it was still really cool to see it again! I couldn't believe that this stuff had been sitting in this box for 5 years since we moved from Phoenix. My how time flies!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Working On The Walls!!

I have spent the week over at the Elmwood Park house getting it in order to have the paint splashed upon the walls. I'm not painting, but I do have to fix the wallpaper in the kitchen. So I headed over and got everything taken care of (although I am short in order to finish the last strip). I had been looking for box cutters in order to cut the wallpaper crisply, but I didn't have any. So I have to pick some up tomorrow on our way over so I can trim it all. It's almost over, my father in law is painting this week, and then the carpet guys come in!

Looking At New Trucks!!

We are currently looking at new cars. Well, trucks if the truth be told. It's for my husband. His poor truck is not a happy camper. When you turn it on it coughs and sputters and turns off. He's looked at some really nice trucks but none of them have a truck bed liner. To me (not being a "big" truck person) this seems like it should be a natural choice. It would protect the entire bed of the truck. Plus, they look so cool making the entire bed black. In the end, of course it is up to him--but there is a green one I really like!

Hotels And Casinos!!

We live kind of close to a river boat casino here in our new house. We pass it occasionally on our way to the expressway. My kids get really excited to see it because it's a big old river boat and they talk of the future when they may get to go into a casino. We just had the opportunity in November to stay in a Las Vegas hotel. It was just a fun getaway, of course, it was Vegas. But the hotels there are amazing! This was the first trip in our marriage that I didn't have kids around, and I could actually play the slots. I'm not big on table games, just because I don't know the rules all that well, and on Blackjack--the only game I would play...I can't count that quick in front of people!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How Do I Start One Of These??

And who do I talk to about getting it started!!

Have you ever heard of a baby sitting co-op? I found this on another blog--and it seems that a ward/congregation/neighborhood out west has one going. Here's what one of the women said...

My ward has the greatest babysitting co-op that I am part of. Eleven moms participate and each of us sign up for one 3 hour shift during the week. For example, my shift is Tuesday from 3:00-6:00pm, and the other available shifts are mornings 9:00am-12:00pm and afternoons 12:00pm-3:00pm each day. So when I need a babysitter for a doctor's appointment, there is literally NO pressure. I just look at the schedule for who has that shift, give them a call to let them know I'll be dropping my girls off, and I'm set. Here's the genius of the whole plan - you pay for your babysitting with tickets which come in 1 hour and 1/2 hour varieties. It costs one ticket per child per hour you are away. So when I have a 2 hour OB appointment, I pay 4 tickets for my two girls. When I joined the group, I was given 18 tickets to start with, and then I earn more as I watch during my shift. Sometimes members of the group also volunteer to watch for 3-4 hours Friday night or Saturday morning, just to earn extra tickets and to give members of the group a chance for a date night or Saturday morning errands or temple trip.

It has been such a great thing for me to step into, especially with being pregnant and not knowing very many people. I've had a chance to get to know more people more quickly and also have childcare that I trust. Also, these women are the happiest, most willing bunch of babysitters I've ever dealt with because they've already set the time aside for watching, and they are earning tickets each time someone needs them to babysit.

Is that not awesome? In 10 years of marriage--I have never hired a babysitter! I find that both sad and tragic. Most of the problem deals with the fact that I'm far to shy to actually meet any babysitting age girl--I don't know how much to pay--and honestly--I'm just at a loss of how the entire thing works! I normally end up calling my in laws--but dropping all four off with them could amount to 'Senior Citizen Abuse' and I may be charged literally! I'm way too new in this area to know anyone here either---so I'm probably a lost cause--which is too bad--but not really. In just a few short years, we can leave all the kids home and pay Jake to babysit!

Yeah--like that would ever happen!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Family Values!!

When I was younger there was a family in our neighborhood. They were a sweet, happy family. Both parents had cerebral palsy and so instead of having children of their own, they adopted two from Columbia. It was nice to see these wonderful parents giving these two kids the best of everything. When the daughter grew a little older, she had a baby. She couldn't care for it so her parents took it to raise. It's happened over and over and over. It's so sad, because these people are as old, if not older than my parents and have a real physical disability. Yet they put all of that aside to be wonderful parents to their grandchildren. They are just an inspiration to me.

I Finally Did It!!

I've always wanted to be a part of a book club, but with four little kids ... or three little kids and a 'demon child'--I never did. Plus, I was always "the newcomer" and even though I'm sure I would have been welcomed and included, I just never really felt like having to go and force myself to be social in a group where everyone already knew each other, and honestly, it's more of a small, intimate group of friends, and NO ONE wants to be the newcomer in that situation, least of all shy little me.

Well, my sister in law found a fabulous way to get rid of all of my concerns. First of all--she just started it, so I'm in on the ground level. I still don't know 90% of the people involved and in fact, will never meet many of them. But this club is AWESOME! It's an online book club in a forum type setting. Our first book is "Nineteen Minutes" by Jody Picoult. What is fun is that there are many people who have finished the book--and they'll write different things on the forum that help those like me (I'm on chapter 3) get a feel for what's going on. We meet honestly, anytime we want to--we post our thoughts and comments, our likes our dislikes, our favorite characters--things you would say in a real book club-but they are online--and it doesn't matter that the 'Demon Child' is destroying my house--no one in the book club has to suffer through it. I don't even have to get a babysitter. I'm loving it! I don't get a lot of time to read during the day--so it's what I do as I fall asleep--hence there's only 3 chapters under my belt!!

If you've wanted to join a book club but have found some reasons not to--take a look at Spotted, and see if it is not just the most "novel" idea ever! No, it may not be hers--but I'm giving it to her because well--it's the first one I've heard about!

If you want to join us--just sign up--and head to your nearest library or book store. I'm starting chapter 4 tonight--and one of the newest members signed up today--and is picking up the book later--so check us out!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Kids Bedroom!!

It is nearly time to move into Barrett's room for his redo! I'm doing the boys room last as it entails renting an opaque projector and painting the logo's of all of the Chicago sports teams all over the wall. Barrett is in need of a shelving unity, a new 'big boy' bed (have you seen those cool platform beds?) and he needs a dresser. His walls are covered in wallpaper, not my favorite but at least it's in good condition and it matches. As soon as the Elmwood Park house is finished...Barrett's room will begin!

Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm A.D.D. And That's All There Is To It!!

Are you A.D.D.? I know, I know--there are a lot of things that run through your mind when you hear those letters-and so most people will say "no". I for one, wholeheartedly believe that I am--at least to a degree. This has been my day...

Working on a budget. Sit down at the computer with tabs open for every bill plus the bank. When I notice that every month we are getting paid interest ($.38) and then immediately after the bank takes a $25 service fee. Not a bounced check thing--just a charge for having our money with them. So I stop said budget and look up how many months we've been charged this---7! Notate it, and head back to the bills. Realize that many of them are still for the previous house that hasn't been rented yet--mind you--we moved out 4 months ago--and until it's rented, we are paying for it. So I stop, add up it's bills, decide that I need to rent a Uhaul to finish getting our stuff out, so that it can be painted--wait, am I painting it or are friends from work painting it? So I stop--call the husband--he'll talk to friends at work--and get back to me. Uhaul on hold. So I start looking at buying paint this weekend to get it painted this week--but then I need to schedule Luna or Empire to come do the flooring, can't do that until we hear from the friends at work and father in law. But I have a list of everything that needs to be done before we can rent it. Tell husband to go to the bank and get our accounts switched back and to demand $175 credit back to our account. Head back to the bills, realize we pay nearly $80 a month in tolls on the tollway. Call hubby to tell him to stop taking the tollway to work!

It's now 2 hours later, I don't have a budget---and I have to get on the tollway to drive to the old house to pick up the mail and fix the wallpaper in the kitchen!

Nothing is done--and now I'm zipping out the door to run an errand that really could wait--but shouldn't--and I will probably start on some other project (or three) before we get out the door!

Is there a medication for this?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Favorite Game Ever!!

I Have To Brag!!

I was just over at my sister in law's blog and she was talking about their family business's new website. It's been amazing forever, but apparently my baby brother has done some 'redecorating'! I have to tell you---head on over if you want to see some amazing talent! He's always been artistic, but never really on the photography side. His wife started the business and was always my amazing photographer, but wanted to be a mommy when they started their family. So my little brother Kelly (not to be confused with his wife, Kelly) learned the trade. And I have to say he didn't just learn it, he mastered it!

If you would like to see just what you are missing in a photographer, head on over to Gallery and click on "The Weddings"! They are located in Utah--so if you live around there and want him, you have to book early because that boy is WANTED! If you live outside of Utah, never fear...if you want the best, you can always fly him to you!! You won't regret it!!

**Note**I know it's the hip, happenin' trend--but those of you planning a wedding and looking at wedding gowns--PLEASE steer clear of the white dress with the dark colored sash! It chops up the line of your body and accentuates your waist and makes you look chunky! Trust me! The long white dress forms a continual line--it makes you look taller and thinner. When you chop it up--you just look fat! So unless you are anorexic...can the sash--it's awful on every dress I've ever seen it on! It's not cute, it's not new, it's not hot---it's HORRID and yes--instead of looking at your face or anywhere else on your wedding day (or in your wedding pictures for years to come) Everyone will just be looking at your short, chunky waist---and that's never what you want!! Just Sayin'!!

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**These aren't in any particular order, and if you aren't on the list...Fear Not! I have other blogs with the rest of my list! Have fun! For the rest of the list, check out The Alexa Project

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Twits Or Tweets!!

Are you guys on Twitter? If you are, leave me a comment so I can follow you! What I love most is the add on for Wordpress where you can literally add "tweets" as they call them, "Twits" as I do from your dashboard on your blog. But then--you get that cute little box in your sidebar with your latest Twit! They do have the same thing for the Blogspot blogs--so I need to get in and update the code for this blog--but until then--you can follow me--I'm GenkiGirl--of course, or you can go to the sidebar over at and go through from there. It's fun to get the updates as to what you are doing--so if you are a "Twit" lemme know!


As most of you know--I have a couple (read...LOTS) of .com's going! Today after getting all of my internet/router problems settled--I headed over to the main account... Genki Desu Yo and it was gone! But, but, but...payment for the year isn't even close to being due yet! So I checked out all of my other ones, including Stocks 'n Stuff which is my Aunt Peggy's domain--but I host it for her, and you know what, that's right--they were all gone! Nykaza Family, Cheffin' It even Scale Hoppers was gone--mind you that one hasn't been updated in a while-but still---GONE! Just my luck! I finally get all of my technical issues overcome--and found more!

Luckily, a quick email to my hosting company--and all was well! Apparently something 'technical' had to be re-started and I was up and running! But hey, those 30 minutes of concern were scary! So anyway--no fears! All sites are up and running for your viewing pleasure! hee hee

Missing My Mom!!

I have never been so excited to post in my whole life! I know--it sounds strange! But I have been without my desktop for over a week, and I finally got it up and running with internet today, and like a good friend that has been gone for awhile--I'm reveling in it's company!

Speaking of friends being best friend has headed to Yuma for the remainder of the winter. Of course, I'm speaking of my mom--she and my dad have a beautiful 5th wheel that they take down for the winter. I always get sad when this time of year comes around, but I don't know why--with me in Chicago and her in Utah, it's not like I could just pop in and see her anyway. I do have the ability to call her on the phone--but not until late evening--and that just doesn't happen very often! So it's taking it's toll on me! I will talk to her tonight for sure, but it will be three days since I've talked to her by then!

Are all of you out there as attached to your mom?