Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pinewood Derby Time!!

Jake had scouts last Tuesday and as I walked by his room I heard them talking about his favorite thing...Pinewood Derby. This will be his last derby in his scouting career and the first two are hard to beat. He was Grand Champion on both! This year he expects nothing less--and that's fine--I'm happy to do my best to keep the tradition alive and thriving! The one thing I have this year...Delta machinery!! Yes, I know--what is a little girl like me doing with power tools! But I love them! I have dreamed of a scroll saw and a table saw for years--and it's so fun to finally have them! What out new Scout pack...Jake's a comin'!!


Lynne said...

Our Girl Scouts did a father-daughter pinewood derby last year and it was a huge success! My daughter and husband actually came in third place in her division and we were all so excited! This was especially amazing because we don't own any tools, so my husband went out and bought a Drummel tool and created her car with it. I was stunned!