Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cow Milking Contest!!

They had this darling Cow Milking Contest at the Kids Carnival! The boys sat on either side of the cow, and filled their little buckets with water from the cows udder. So clever! Since my kids have never had the opportunity to milk a real cow--it was kind of a fun exhibit. They even look like they are milking a cow--sitting on the little stool with their hands under the belly of the beast! Barrett was too little to try--and mom had him securely strapped into his stroller--so he didn't get to try! I knew if I got him out--I'd never get him back in. I was hoping he'd snuggle down and take his nap! But the other three enjoyed it immensely!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Face Painting!

There was a cute "Mardi Gras" face painting section at the Kids Carnival! Each of my kids were truly unique in their choices. Blakelynn was first--she surprised me with her choice of a Lobster. I just assumed it was going to be this cutsie little pink girly thing--but nope--it was a sparkly lobster! Barrett was too small to choose, but he's a Sesame Street, so I chose the Alligator King for him. For any of you old enough to remember that song! It was my favorite! Oh the alligator king had 7 sons....ah, the memories! Anyway, Jake chose the Bears "C" on his cheek with a Mardi Gras crown on it, and Grayson, flexing his individuality chose the Bears "C" without the crown!

Now for those of you that love the Alligator King as much as me--or just curious about what the heck I'm talking about--check him out! He's AWESOME!!

One two three four five six seven!
Said the Alligator King to his seven sons,
"I'm feelin' mighty down.
Whichever of you can cheer me up
Will get to wear my crown."

His first son brought seven oyster pearls
From the bottom of the China Sea.

The second gave him seven statues of girls
With clocks where their stomachs should be.

The third son gave him seven rubies
From the sheikdom Down There Beneath.
The King thought the rubies were cherries,
And he broke off seven of his teeth.

The fourth son tried to cheer him up
With seven lemon drops.
The King said, "I'm sorry son,
Since that ruby episode, I just haven't got the chops."

The fifth son brought the King perfume
In seven fancy silver jars;
The King took a whiff, and he broke out in spots
'Cause it smelled like cheap cigars.

The sixth son gave him seven diamond rings
To wear upon his toes.
The King snagged his foot on the royal red rug
And crumpled up his nose.

The seventh son of the Alligator King
Was a thoughtful little whelp.
He said, "Daddy, appears to me
That you could use a little help."

Said the Alligator King to his seventh son,
"My son, you win the crown.
You didn't bring me diamonds or rubies, but
You helped me up when I was down.
Take the crown; it's yours, my son.
I hope you don't mind the dents.
I got it on sale at a discount store-
Cost me all of seven cents!"

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Arlington Park Racetrack!!

Today we spent the day with Gramma Jo and Grampa Archie! We went to the Kids Carnival at the Arlington Park Racetrack! Oh how fun! Gramma Jo's client got us free parking and free entrance tickets. Parking was six dollars and each ticket was $15.00, so for 2 cars and 7 people--$132.00--it would have been a very expensive day! But I think all in all we spent money on popcorn and drinks for the kids!

I have a million pictures-so I decided that I'm going to divide them up and put up a certain theme everyday! Tonight--you just get the pictures I took of historic Arlington Park! Now, is it really historic?? I don't know--but I've heard about it most of my life--and I'm not from Chicago--so it must have some sort of fame!!

The kids had a blast! There were horse races (kids dressed up like horses running around a track), there was face painting, balloon animals, magic shows, train rides, carnival games and even a cow milking (watering) contest! Yep, all of these photo's will be released throughout the coming week! Just in time for the Superbowl! We will be having my 6 year olds birthday dinner at Gramma Jo's house for the Superbowl--he'll be turning 7 on the 6th, but we'll be on an airplane that day! So I will have plenty of new photo's to post next week!!


It finally happened! My "fence-sitter" son who is normally a Colts fan, has decided to throw his allegiance behind 'Da Bears!! It actually happened when his dad and I shared with him the fact that he was very nearly named Payton--after Walter. I told him that if we had named him Payton--I would call him "Sweetness". He looked studiously for a moment and then said--"I like Jacob...but Payton would have been COOL!!"

Then this morning before leaving for the carnival I let them watch the Superbowl Shuffle again. That did it! We have a new Bears fan, and Jake has a new nickname!! Sweetness!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lazy Day!!

Today has been a lazy day! I actually got to sleep in! I put the 9 year old in charge of getting his younger siblings breakfast, and if he needed me he could wake me up! I've been sick for a long time, and it felt so good to just sleep!

I woke up in time to get Jake to his Basketball game. He loved it! I've done some laundry, and gotten the babies in and out of the bathtub! Their clothes are in the dryer--and once they are done--we will head to my inlaws house for my nieces birthday party.

We probably shouldn't go--the two youngest are still sick with me, but I think they will sleep through most of it, so we are throwing caution to the wind and going.

I'm doing laundry now so that I can start getting things ready for our trip. I haven't even thought of it! Sooooo much work to get done!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Making It TOO Hard!!

If you are anything like me--dinnertime is AWFUL!! Not really, but the planning and preparation of it is! What's the main dish--side salad, vegetable, bread, dessert!! ARGH!! It's the worst part of the day! I don't mind cooking anything--but please don't make me plan it!

Friday Night has always been family movie night! The local grocery store has a tremendous deal on pizza--and it's yummy--so we usually get one-doctor it up with olives and pineapple. Then we find a movie on pay per view or buy a new one, and we watch the movie and eat our pizza. Well, then my kids decided they prefer my pizza bread to the grocery pizza because, like me, they don't enjoy pizza sauce. So there is a little more to this production--but hey--it's already planned--now I just have to put it together!

Well, tonight, aside from Scooba and laundry--I had NO ENERGY to make dinner! I've been sick for nearly 3 weeks--and not much has gotten done. So foodstuffs for dinner had not been purchased--and I was just going to have to wing it!

A couple of nights ago I was craving egg salad sandwiches. So that's what I made for dinner. Both of my boys turned up their noses to the idea, but I called them in and let them taste it--and now it's a favorite. So I thought--A HA!!! I have 3 dozen eggs in there (buy 18-get 18 free) and if I don't hard boil them soon-they will end up in a soupy mess on my kitchen floor. So I decided that we would have the sandwiches again!

I felt like a bad mom! Sandwiches for dinner--too easy! But then I remember over the summer we were at my sisters house, and she made BLT's. My kids had never tried one-because I'm allergic to tomatoes--but they loved it! After we got back to Chicago--I made them for them several more times. And then it hit me!!! Why does dinner have to be soooooooo hard! My kids were thrilled with egg salad sandwiches again! I didn't need to make a pot roast or homemade chicken noodle soup--they would have been fine with Tuna Sandwiches!!
So I've decided that from now on--there will be at least 2 nights during the week, where mom doesn't have to work much. And we will have a lighter dinner!! Plus, pizza bread on Friday--leaves me only planning 2 days during the week, since we go to the inlaws one night--and Wednesday is crazy-find the closest McDonalds on the way home from Scouts-dinner!! I'm likin' this!!


Ok, I know I have spoken many times about it--but seriously--I LOVE MY SCOOBA!! Holy Cow--how have I survived for 10 years of marriage without it! It's currently in the kitchen cleaning my floor! Just happily plugging away swishing and swiping! I really think they need to hire me for their advertising! I will extol it's virtues till the day I have to wash my own floors, after burying this one and waiting for my new one to come! But, mark my words-----I will NEVER live without one again!!

Ok, well, that was my plug for the night! I need to go in and dump out his dirty water tank--and what's odd-even though he just cleaned the floor 3 days ago--the water is brown and disgusting! Like you haven't washed it in weeks! Bleck!! So again--if you don't have one----you NEED ONE!!!! They are fabulous!

*This IS NOT a paid post!! Just my humble opinion of a fabulous product!!

I'm Thrilled!!

Ok--I've been tweaking my blog for the past couple of weeks! And I think I finally have it the way I want--Now I just want to be able to copy it to my .com blog!!

I LOVE Burberry! You know, buy a Scarf for $95.00 Burberry! I have 3 Burberry hand bags! The original brown, the new pink, and the newest light brown. I ADORE them all! So I thought I would mush my love of blogging, and my love of Burberry--and Viola!! If I could change 1 thing--I would want the WHOLE background to be on a faded Burberry--but I DO NOT know how to do that! So matching color scheme, and a picture of my kids posted on a picture of my original purse--that'll do!

I love it! I might add a black border around the picture--just to set it out from the background--ooooh, or maybe the berry to match the text! Oh, well! I'm happy with it now-but I may tweak it again! But hey--I'm off to find more pieces for the HP Camera puzzle! Wish me luck!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Superbowl Elementary Style!!

My son just informed me that there was a big sign on their gymnasium door. It says:


My son is a Colts fan--but will be voting for both! Fence-sitter! Now what is his definition of voting for both teams-he will cheer for whomever has the ball! How's that for Diplomatic! So, to counteract Mr. NFL Ambassador-----


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Chicken Soup!!

Yep--you heard it right! After two weeks of posting how sick I am--Well--I still am! I've had a couple of good days, but today we are back to snuggling with the heating pad wrapped around my head for my sinus infection! I'm still trying to expectorate the lung--for any of you keeping track!! It's holding steady though--but not for lack of trying!

My kids aren't seeming to get better either! So it's possible we'll be heading to the doctor tomorrow! I hate the doctors office when your kids are sick! It's hard enough to get through the wait with 4 healthy kids--but it is positively miserable with 4 sick ones--not to mention me!!

So we are having homemade chicken noodle soup again! The chicken is on the stove, and I'll put the veggies in as soon as I'm feeling up to doing it! Like I said on the last chicken soup post--It tastes so good when you are sick--but it is so much work--when you are sick! I was tempted to just purchase the roasted chickens from the grocery store and just debone them--but the broth is so much healthier when it's got all that chickeny goodness--so we are boiling chicken!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hillary Clinton!! Bleck!

Oy!! Is this honestly what's coming next? I am NOT a Hillary Clinton fan--I never have been--I never will be! What's funny-- last Friday on talk radio throughout the Chicagoland area--they actually had callers calling in to let us all know that Barrack Hussein Obama--is the Anti-Christ! My heavens, they were totally serious and had the Book of Revalations opened to let us know exactly why they were right! One woman was even quoting Nostradamus Quatrains!! Huh???

Now, I'm not going to go all Hillary is evil on you--but OHHHH I could! I'm just not sure we are quite ready for her--just yet! What I am amazed about in this election we have a woman, an African-American man, and a hispanic man throwing their hats into the ring! And as much as I am NOT a Democrat--it's kind of nice to see the diversity!

Day Off!!

Wow, we survived!! A whole day off school has the makings of a day of craziness! Especially with mom still sick! Yep--you heard it right! We are moving into week 3! My husband is not happy with me for not going to the doctor. He keeps threatening the emergency room to take care of my pneumonia. I don't know if I have pneumonia or not--I've never had it before--but my body is seriously trying to dislodge and expectorate my lung!

The boys got a basketball hoop for Christmas, and have been begging for us to put it up. My husband is still working 14-16 hour days, and I've been sick since shortly after Christmas-so the poor hoop is still sitting in my living room in it's box. I did promise Jake that as soon as I was feeling better, we would put it up in the garage. I think he's ready for me to go to the doctor as well!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon getting my new blog up. It's at www.genkidesuyo.com/wordpress! It's not quite what I wanted! I wanted a theme that I could upload and change the pictures on--I have a Burberry theme that I want--but I don't know how to do it! So I have this pretty Iris one until I can work out what I really want, and can figure out how to tweak it! Iris is my favorite flower--so I was happy to see it! I'm still working on getting it from .com/wordpress--to just .com! I got to step number 6 before the Greek set in and confused me!

I hope it's up and running soon! I feel more and more silly with how much I don't know! And I HATE that feeling!

Monday, January 22, 2007

We Are The Bears--Shufflin' Crew!!

Ok-I was over on Julie's Blog watching the Super Bowl Shuffle from 1985! I'm amazed it was that long ago! I was in Jr. High School and Friday Night Video's were something that I LIVED for! It's kind of funny--I was on Julie's Blog over the holidays watching the Band Aid video for Feed The World--I think Julie and I must be the same age--since we have the same memories in music!

Anyway--she had an M&M all pimped out, so I stole it from her!! Of course, I went all out and totally "Bear'd" mine up! But hey, she looks festive!

Something cool they were showing on the news--all of the buildings down town have their lights done in Blue and Orange, and then the skyscrapers have all of their office lights off, except for a certain ones--and they spell out things like 'Da Bears on one, and Bears on another. It made me want to drive downtown to see it!

I am an Eagles fan--but since they were out--I was voting for a Chicago/Colts Super Bowl. I know everyone was voting for the Saints as the "Bleeding Heart" underdog--but I wasn't! There was so much liberal crap flung around during the aftermath of Katrina--that I stopped championing New Orleans at all! Now--Mississippi -- still cheering for them and their recovery--they are doing it right!! I know--that makes me a "BAD" person--but hey, you can't always help how you feel!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Christmas--1 Month Late!!

My kids finally get to "USE" their Christmas present today! Their big gift this year was a "Harlem Globetrotters" ticket and a date with their dad! Well, today is the day! They've been waiting a month, and it's finally here. Sadly--they will be a the Sears Center watching basketball, the same time the Bears kick off in their NFC Championship Game! Go Bears!

I'm sure there will be some football left after the game--so they should be fine--but my POOOOOOR husband will miss most of it! But he'll be on a date with his boys-so that will be good fun in and of itself.

Next month is his date with his little girl--and she will get to finally use her Christmas present!

Friday, January 19, 2007

My New Punishment!!

Everyday (but Monday) my Blakelynn has pre-school. W/F is really close to home, so I drop her off at 12:15 and I'm home by 20 after. Barrett knows that this is his time to take his nap! So we are driving home today and I said, "Barrett, are you ready for Bah-Bah Notch and Bob bed?" And you know what I got???? The silent treatment! My 2 year old has discovered the silent treatment! Now I have to say this one is so much more fun than my 6 year olds- "I hate you!" but it was the first time I've seen him let his "un-happy" feelings be known without crying!

I asked him if he loved me, and he buried his head farther away from my mirrors viewpoint. So I asked him if he wanted a cookie. He fought it hard, but I WON!! His face lit up, his mouth dropped open, his tongue came out and he started chanting- "Yeah--Yeah--Yeah!" So since he was officially talking to me again--I asked him the original question about going to sleep on his Bob (Bob the Builder) bed--and again, his head turned toward the window--and he refused to speak the rest of the way home. Even when I got him out he avoided looking at me at all costs! Poor thing! We walked in the door, I took of his shoes, picked up his "Notch" (milk) and headed to bed! He fell asleep with no hassle, and I'm still about 5 minutes from waking him up!!

My Kitchen--Before and After!!

Ok--so here's my kitchen! The photo on the left is after 2 weeks of negligence on my part! 4 kids, 2 dogs and a hubby can do a number on it! So the photo on the right is taken after 30 minutes in the kitchen! Roomba is in the middle of his rounds in the shot--but hey, it still looks really good! I'm still working on the laundry--but I think the other two rooms will have to wait until tomorrow! Darn it! I was in the ZONE!!

To Do List!!

I've written out my To Do list for the day! It includes a number of things. I've been sick for nearly 2 weeks and nothing has been getting done! My first stop is laundry. Tonight is family movie night--and I don't mind sitting with 100 baskets of clean clothes and folding them while I watch something good! This is my favorite time to do it! In fact, if I remember correctly--I've posted on this exact thing--TWICE!!

I only just recently discovered how to run my washer and dryer downstairs at the same time I'm running my dishwasher upstairs! Sounds pretty simple to all of you "Modern Women" I'm sure--but my house is 60 years old--and you blow a fuse if you run the toaster and the blender at the same time! So now--when the laundry is going I can actually "multi-task" and work in the kitchen as well!

After the kitchen has been re-claimed--I will put Roomba out! Let him do his thing while I tackle the living room. When he's done--it's Scooba's turn while I whip the master bedroom into shape!!

I really am going to take before and after pictures! Normally I wouldn't dare--but after I've just told you all--I've been sick for 2 weeks-I'm expecting some understanding! Plus it will give me the motivation to get it done and post the finished pictures!!

So--by the end of the day--I should have at least 6 batches of laundry done--the kitchen cleaned--the floor swept and mopped (not by me, of course) the master bedroom and living room found and vacuumed! That will just leave the kids rooms as the sweet hubby cleaned the bathroom for me a couple of days ago!

Ok--so I'm off to take pictures! I will post them in a minute!!

Oh--wait!! I have to go pick up Blake now, and the boys in 45 minutes! Darn it! I was just going to get my "groove" on--but now I have to wait until 3:00!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

13 Things I Want To Teach My Children!!

Thirteen Things about Robyn

1. To just enjoy being a kid. You can never come back again--so enjoy it!

2. To learn to enjoy each other now--you waste so many years fighting, and when you are finally old enough to enjoy each other--you are all married with families and lives of your own, and you don't have the time to really experience your brothers and sister.

3. Be polite! You can get the world--just by being nice.

4. Take pride in your appearance. Don't be snobbish or ego-centric--but don't be sloppy either. Take a shower every day, wear clean clothes, brush your teeth, keep your hair groomed and your fingernails clean! It's an amazing boost to self esteem when you "Just feel good about yourself"!!

5. Stay away from Drugs! I have never had an experience with them--but they have so many models in their lives that show the different pitstops along the path of destruction! Drugs destroy everything good in your life--family, friends, jobs, FREEDOM!! Stay away!!

6. Choose good friends. Friends that have the same standards and moral values that you have. There is far less pressure to do something you shouldn't be doing--when your friends aren't doing it either!

7. DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX UNTIL COLLEGE! That probably sounds old fashioned and silly--but my boys have missions to get through--no need having an exclusive girlfriend in high school--it only leads to trouble! Blakelynn--get your education and set your goals high--that way you will be the gem that another educated, virtuous young man will treasure!

8. Get good grades in school. All of my children are far "smarter" than I ever was. Invest in yourselves for your futures. Good grades in high school translate into good grades in a good college, which translates into GOOD JOB!!

9. Boys---treat your wives with respect and love. Never raise your voice to her--your father has NEVER (in 10 years of marriage) raised his voice at me. Love her! Listen to her! Let her be the mother to your children and not some woman that has to choose between work and family--if she wants a career--support her--help her out at home-wash the dishes, make dinner--do the laundry. The one thing I would LOVE---1 day a week-let her sleep in and you get the kids up and ready for school. If she wants to be a stay at home mom--support her. Budget--spend money wisely. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT HOUSEWORK--she's raising your kids--and that takes a lot of time and energy--trust me!!

10. Be wise in your decision making. Weigh the consequences of your actions--strive for the good in all things.

11. Learn to SAVE! A savings account is a life preserver. There may come a time--when others can't help you out financially--but with a savings account--you are taken care of. Learn it--Live it--LOVE IT!!

12. Develop a Work Ethic. Try not to be a work-a-holic like your dad--but do your job and take pride in a job well done. Your dad is admired by all who work with him because he is the first one in the door in the morning and the last one out the door at night. He is there when there is a need--without being asked--just because--he knows there is a need! Follow his example. Learn the satisfaction that comes from a job well done--and strive to do your best.

13. Always remember that your Mom loves you and wants nothing but your happiness. So LISTEN to your mom (and dad), I'm not going to lead you wrong--I'm trying to save you from the heartache of wishing you could go back in time and change all of the stupid mistakes you made growing up.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday Night!!

Tonight Grayson had his first Basketball class! He was in heaven-and wishes it was every night of the week! I'm working on it baby! He did really good, he made some great baskets, and really handles the ball well!

Afterwards, I THINK we have scouts--I never know! It's a 45 minute drive to the church-and we sit for 20 minutes, realize no one is coming--drive 45 minutes home-stop at Mc D's for a quick dinner and home to bed--1 hour past their bedtime!

I keep telling Jacob--if we get to the church and there isn't scouts tonight--we aren't going to come to this troop anymore! We'll join the one at school--which is just about 5 minutes from my house! He isn't happy with that thought--he loves his troop!

The Artiste!!

<---It's a Dinosaur!!

Yesterday--Blakelynn had her first art class. She was really excited by the whole thought of going to another school on the same day she'd already been to school! Wow, mom, 2 schools today--was her exact phrase.

The reason she is being signed up is because she is an amazing little artist! Now I know I'm just her mom, but she is barely 4 years old and she will draw something and aske me what it is. A very dangerous game, I know. But everytime I say what I think it is--she agrees that it is in fact what the picture is of. So I started thinking that she was just changing it to match what I said. The next time she drew a picture, I just thought to myself--that looks like a dinosaur--so I asked her what it was, and she said--"It's a dinosaur!" Wow--I was right! We did that a couple more times, I thought it was a turtle--it was. I thought it was a flower--it was!! The amazing one was the elephant--and even dad guessed that!

So we put her in Young Rembrandts at the Parks and Recreation center. Yesterday they drew mittens and hers looked wonderful! She came home wanting to practice squares and rectangles. Funny thing--the first of each one--was perfect! She's also very close to writing her name. I'm just amazed at how big she's getting! I HATE it!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bad TV Night!!

Ok!! Really bad news to share with ya!! Well, ok--you all really won't care--but I went to clean out my Tivo--and I started with Brothers and Sisters. It was-fine--however, this particular episode seemed to deal with nothing but the "gay" issue! Now I'm sorry--I have no problem with peoples of homosexual persuasion! Not at all--tons of friends in the Hospitality Industry are gay. But--must it be the sole focus of the show? There are so many things going on--but you know--we are only going to look at the gays tonight! So nothing real new to share on that one!

The second clean up assignment was the one I was most looking forward to! Crossing Jordan. I've been waiting forever for it to come back, and even checked out the NBC website just to make sure it was coming back! So I turned it on, and got 15 minutes into it and got bored and turned it off! WHAT??? I've been waiting MONTHS!!!! But it didn't capture me! Now, I will blame it on the fact that I'm in pain and doped up on cold medicine--and I will give it a second chance tomorrow! Hopefully the sinus' will drain by then!!

My last hope was Gilmore Girls! Tonight was supposed to be the first new episode in what seems like forever! So I flip over to watch it---and NOPE!!! It's still a re-run! The 7th season is the worst by far, and I'm not going to watch a re-run of a season 7 episode! So, they are still on hiatus!

I finally ended up on E! I didn't even know the Golden Globes were on last night! Usually there is such a hype about them that you can't miss them! Well, I totally did! So I watched the Fashion Patrol dish dirt on the fashion, and called it a night! Kind of a bummer!!

Still Sick!!

I don't understand why I can't kick this bug! Last week I spent the week coughing but I wasn't terribly sick feeling--just had my "Sexy Voice"!! Well, no more! I still have the cough--but we've moved north! My sinus' are so packed that I feel faint whenever I stand up! There is a migraine brewing and everytime I cough--I feel like my head will explode! But worse than all of this---I FEEL SICK! You know-fuzzy headed, blah!!! I've spent the day in bed with a heating pad on my face, my neck, my lower back--and of course, my icicle toes!! The bad thing--I got my poor hubby sick too! He is at the early cough stage--but a friend of his gave him some super vitamin C packs--so hopefully he's taking those and can cut his illness in half! He won't be able to work his 16 hour days if he feels like I feel right now!

I'm hoping to be coming out of it soon! I haven't had a desire to sit down and blog--which is bad--as that is what I do to earn a little bit of money for our "Fun" fund! But it will have to wait--the brain is just not choosing to engage today either!

I haven't even had a chance to clean out the Tivo from Sunday night--I have 2 programs to watch--one being Crossing Jordan-which I've waited months for and the other being Brothers and Sisters. It's been awhile on that one too! But tonight, FINALLY--there should be a new Gilmore Girls out! It's their last season--and they've fallen down hill so bad since the creators left! But I thought I would give them a chance--and finish it through--but the quirky writing, the quick wit and strange trivia that is "Gilmore Girls" is totally gone! Now, it's just a strange 1 hour show once a week just to get us to the finale!! After that--It's bedtime with my fabulous heating pad! I can't wait!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

They Call Me Sweetness 'Cause I Like To Dance!!

Yep---we are brushing up on our Super Bowl Shuffle!!!

Today I have worked on Laundry! Yep, I know--bad me! But I had to! I've been sick all week--and my poor house is falling apart! The laundry is piling up and since it's my least favorite job in the house--I figured I would spend the day on it!

I folded 6 laundry baskets full of clothes while watching the Bears/Seahawks game! It was a great, horrible, nail biting--amazing ending game! But we just found out--even if they WIN the SUPERBOWL--we will be out of town for any sort of Victory Parade! What???? I will have missed my 4th chance to be at one! But I won't complain--I'll be chillin' with my momma--and that is far more fun than any parade could ever be!

I currently have another dryer full of clothes almost ready for folding--and a washer waiting for the dryer! Then about 15 more piles awaiting the washer! Yep--it's one of THOSE days!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Ok------Well, the Eagles just made my life a little easier! Sadder--but easier!


My Eagles!!

From the time the Bears won their last Super Bowl in 1985-I have been a Philadelphia Eagles fan! I'm not sure why--Philly has always been one of my favorite "tourist spots", but other than that--there really wasn't a reason. When Ty Detmer was signed by the Eagles--I started following them fanatically-again! We Mormons have to support our own! My nephew was on his mission in the New Jersey Cherry Hill Mission at the time, and got to know Ty and his family pretty well. He would send me autographs all the time!

After Gladys Knight joined the church my mom was telling me about a book that she had gotten my dad for Christmas. It was called--"Why I Believe", and it is a compilation of testimonies written by influential members of the Church. J. Willard Marriott, Gladys Knight, Steven Covey and Andy Reid. What---who was that??? I had had NO IDEA up to that point that the Head Coach of my favorite team was a member of my church!! So now--I had yet another "member" to support!

My Eagles have done amazing things in the last couple of years! I finally got to watch my team in the Super Bowl. They didn't win--but they were THERE!!! Right now, they are leading by 1 point against the New Orleans Saints. GOOOOOOOO EAGLES!! And if they win--they will come head to head with my husbands LIFELONG favorite--The Bears!! I have been voting for the Bears all season long, mainly because my Eagles looked so bad and had no way of making to the playoffs (or so I thought), but now---I'm going to have to face the fire!

We lived in Utah during MANY Jazz/Bulls Finals--where the Bulls always pulled out the win in the end. So NO victory parade. We lived in Phoenix when my Arizona Diamondbacks won the World Series! I soooooo wanted to go to the victory parade, but with 2 little boys and doing day care for many families--I couldn't get there! We lived in Chicago when the White Sox won the World Series--but I WASN'T crazy enough to head to the South Side with 4 little kids!! So no victory parade then either! So here I am---Voting for my Eagles to take it all, but hoping for the Bears to come out with another Super Bowl Shuffle, and bring me one more chance for a Victory Parade! I'm sure either my husband or a member of his family would go with me!!!

Nah!!! GO EAGLES!!!!

Pre-Tween Addictions!

My boys are 9 and 3 weeks from 7 so they aren't "big kids" by any stretch of the imagination. But they have developed this addiction with basketball over the past few months. I'm not sure how it started--and I have blogged about it before!! They can tell you any number of any player in the NBA! It's truly remarkable!!

Today they asked me to sign them up for baseball. I'm totally 100% AGAINST that! There are a few reasons for that one--mainly--my oldest hasn't played in these leagues, and I would be afraid that he is too far behind the other boys. But when he plays with his dad--he's amazingly coordinated--so he would probably fare just fine. The sign up fee is $70.00, which is fine, but then they require that each child purchase $50.00 in Raffle tickets. So it comes to $120.00 each--and I have 2 children.

I decided that I would rather focus their energy on the one sport they both adore. I signed them up today for "Chicago Bull/Sox Academy". It's not really close to home--but it's a 6 week program-1 day a week--for 90 minutes. They work on shooting drills, dribbling, passing--all things that my boys find exciting! My youngest is eligible to play Basketball next year--so I think with a couple of these "Academy" trainings under his belt--he should be the superstar of the court!

Also, there is open gym basketball Monday - Friday for two hours after school. It costs $60 per year to take part in this, but I think I will be signing them up for this as well! That way they can get all of their "Physical" energy out of their system after school. Then we'll come home, get their homework done--eat dinner, have bath/shower time--and off to bed! I'm very excited for this!

We are off of school on Monday for MLK day--but starting Tuesday--we are all over it!!

Men In Trees!!

Ok--it's late! I just finished "cleaning out my Tivo"! That's what I call it when I finally get to sit down and watch and delete all of "My" programs that have recorded over the last week or two! Tonight, the kids and hubby went to bed--so I snuggled down with "Men In Trees"! It was awesome! Finally--to be back on! So strange--the last episode was the Thanksgiving episode, and here we are a month and a half since then and only expected to go with "Well, that message you left on my cell phone on Thanksgiving--3 days ago" is real! Holy Cow--it will be Easter by the time the poor residents of Elmo get their Christmas trees up!

It was a bogus episode! The Bachelor family finally found some 'lovin', but no one else did! Poor Mr. Plow was dumped! Poor Marin--left!! But yes, as I knew would happen the minute I turned it on---Sarah came back at the end!! I LOVE Sarah! And if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about--tune in next Thursday!!! It's a great show!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Night Movie Night!

Friday Night is Family Movie Night at our house! We get a pizza from the local grocery store--on sale for $5.00 on Friday Night, and we watch a movie together! Tonights movie--Talladega Nights! I hadn't seen it before-and I guess I should have screened it before I let my kids plus 2 neighbor kids watch it! Not quite the "Quality" Will Farrell show we are used to!

We made popcorn and then had some Turtle Pie! It was ok, not a kid favorite--should've just handed them "Twinkies" they would have been happy with that! I'm still sick--no energy, head ache, no voice--but we made it through the evening-so that's good! It's my kids favorite night of the week!

TiVo Is Back!!

Yay!!! After what seems like MONTHS---my shows are finally back on with NEW programs! Tonight it was "Men In Trees"--Yep---I LOVE IT!! I want to move to Elmo, Alaska just to live near these people!! Yes, I know they aren't real, but still, it's got such great writing that you can't help but want to be part of that community!

I am sick, and my husband came home from work tonight a little early cause he was sick--so I just let Men in Trees Tivo. I will watch it tomorrow! I want to relax--kick my feet up, and just soak it in!!

Besides "Trees", after what seems like a YEAR--Crossing Jordan starts up again on Sunday! I had given up on this series ever coming back! I Tivo the older episodes-but trust me--I've seen them all---TWICE!! This one is supposed to pick up where the season ended! Jill Hennesey on the run, looking for the real person that killed her boyfriend!

Lets just say--I'm glad the "Hiatus Period" is over!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Roomba & Scooba!!

If you remember a couple of weeks ago I was thrilled to have found such an amazing deal on a Scooba on Ebay, and the Roomba came free??? Well, I will take just a quick sec--and catch you up!

I have 4 kids, and 2 BIG dogs! SO my kitchen floor is usually comparable to a science experiment gone awry! But with so many things to do in a day--cleaning the kitchen floor seems to take a backseat to everything. But it bothers me because it's the one thing I LIKE clean! So I saw that the Roomba makers had come out with a Scooba. It is like the Roomba--but it uses soap and water and it cleans the floor. So I started to check into them. As always--I went to Ebay first. There I found many Scooba's anywhere from $250-$399 buckaroos! But hey--it was to make my life easier--so it was going to happen! But then I found it!!!! I could get a Scooba for $338 bucks and a Roomba came with it, and free shipping! What a deal! Now mind you--it's the base model Roomba--but it's still got a retail sales price of $150 bucks! So to get them both---ah, I purchased immediately!

Now you are all up to date! Well, I got both boxes last week-and just haven't had a chance to sit down and read their paperwork--so as not to screw up my little robots! So there they sat, and sat, and SAT! Well, yesterday--I was having no more of the sitting! I took the Roomba out--and put him on the kitchen floor. Right out of the box--I hit the "Clean" button, and off he went! He was SOOOO Cooool to watch! He did an absolutely fabulous job--and when he was done--Down went Scooba. I had charged his battery last week--so I knew he would be ready to go. He went off on his merry way cleaning my kitchen floor! He circled--and then off he'd go to the wall, then back zig zagging across my floor, cleaning all the while! HE DID GREAT!! After he was finished--he knew when he was done--he flipped on his blue light, turned off his motor, and sang me a little song!

I do have to say--my floor looked great--but the proof is in the pudding--when I dumped out the dirty water tank--it was dark brownish gray and disgusting! He truly had done a fabulous job!

Now all I need is a robot that does laundry--and I'm ALL over that one too!

This is not a paid post--just a post by a mom that found a way to really get some help out of a product with minimal help from me! I filled his tank up, and I emptied it! Other than that--he was on his own! $338 may seem kinda high--but keep your eyes open for a deal! It really was sooooo nice to have a beautiful kitchen floor without raising a finger!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another One Of "Those" Days!!

Oh bother!! Have you ever had a day when absolutely nothing goes right??? Well, it's started! Mainly because I'm sick and about to cough up a lung--but it's been quite a day--and it's barely noon!

First off--I put the house to bed last night at 8:00pm. Mainly because it's a school night--and they need to be in bed early. But I usually try to keep the younger 2 up so that they will sleep in a bit. So everyone is out by 8:00, I'm in my bed with a heating pad on my back trying to get the 'knotty' feeling to go away! 3:45 am, my oldest is up and in my room looking for something. I ask him what he's doing--but nothing comes out--I have no voice--so I have to yell kinda loud to get him to hear me--but then a YELL comes out! Wakes up the dog--he's barking up a storm, wakes up the husband...HOLY CRAP!! Turns out the 9 year old, was just looking for the time--which is odd because he sleeps with an alarm clock next to his bed-and it has the right time! So I think he was sleep walking! 4:30 the baby comes in, hands me his bottle and the gallon of milk with which to fill it! I do, he takes the milk back to the fridge and off to bed he goes! 6:00 husbands alarm goes off--wakes me up! 6:30 kisses goodbye (wouldn't trade them) wakes me up) 7:00 baby again--gallon of milk and bottle--repeat!

8:30 I get up and get the school age boys up for school and out the door-ready to go have some more quality time with my heating pad--but NOPE!! Both babies went to bed early--and they are UP! So I go into the kitchen to get my morning cup 'o joe (Diet Coke) and sweet hubby took the last one! ARGH!!!

So I eat the chicken soup I made last night for dinner-for breakfast--loving the hot broth on my poor throat! Get little lady ready for school, and off we go! I have to pay for her new term at pre-school--but also want to sign her up for art classes, because I tell you--she's AMAZING!! So they are (in my mind) supposed to start tonight--nope they started YESTERDAY! So she missed a day! Jake has scouts tonight--but I'm not sure we are going--they are so on and off with it, that I really don't want to drive 45 minutes to the church only to find out--he doesn't have it tonight!

Ok--I'm putting little man down for his nap--and I think I will take a short one too! Just a short one, because Little Lady gets out of school in an hour and then I have to pick up the boys!! I think it will be another early night for the family!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My New Blog!!

Ok!! It's official! I am a DOMAIN OWNER! Whooo Hoooo! Now mind you--I totally screwed up my order in getting everything-over paid by nearly $100, spent an hour on the phone getting it worked out! But I now have a refund in my account--and a blog on my own domain!

Since everyone knows this blog, I kept it at Genkidesuyo! Which for you non-Nihongo speakers--it means-I'm Happy in Japanese. So the new blog can be found at Genkidesuyo.com.

It's kind of fun having a whole new blog to throw my life onto!! Check it out--leave me a comment on what should stay---there isn't much! What should go--there isn't much!! and What I should include!! Mind you-if you think there is something to be added--you may just have to tell me how to do it! I'm CLUELESS on this whole Tech-thing! And if you'd like to link to it---you would be my hero, and I will link you to this one--when google finally updates, and it's a "4"!!

1 YEAR!!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my husband "Quitting Smoking"! What a fabulous year it has been! I have never been a smoker--I have never enjoyed cigarette smoke--mainly due to the migraine it brings on almost instantly--but I loved him, and he NEVER smoked in the house or in the cars! So I kept my mouth shut! Having him was well worth putting up with some habits!

I never nagged--I never requested that he quit--I always left it up to him. He had tried just before he had his neck surgery. His surgeon refused to do the surgery if he were still smoking. It seems that it slowed the healing time. So my husband got on Zyban--and quit for a month-almost!! I put up with Mr. Cranky pants--because I was very happy that he was trying to quit. But a man in pain 24 hours a day with kids home for the summer, and going through nicotine withdrawals--OH MY GOSH!!! We survived in tact--but it was starting to wear thin! Then just under a month later he was smoking like a chimney again. This was the ONLY time I said anything. And I told him that we put up with garbage from him because we knew he was in pain and having cravings--but now that he was smoking again--the next time he wanted to quit--we wouldn't be nearly as forgiving! That probably sounds bad--but you have to realize that the kids couldn't even do kid things without the wrath of dad being poured out upon them, and I wasn't going to put them through that again!

6 months later he renewed a prescription for Wellbutrin (Zyban--but covered by insurance) and he started the cessation process again! I DIDN'T SAY A WORD! He hadn't brought it up with me, and I didn't feel it was my place to bring it up--but I was on the lookout for Mr. Grumpy Pants! Well, he never came! After about month 3 my husband casually brought up that I hadn't noticed "anything". He didnt' mention smoking--he just said--"You haven't even noticed!" I let him know I knew exactly what he was talking about--and that I was amazingly proud of him!

Now here we are today--1 year later! I have my sweet smelling husband, my kids have a daddy that loves to spend time with them as much as they love speding time with him, and our budget has had a boost of around $200 bucks a month!!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Our Day Out!!

Today was my husbands day off! What is really sad is he is 'broken' due to an on the job injury about 3 years ago--yet he's working 16+ hours a day for nearly a month! He doesn't get many days off so this was a luxury! Not a luxury his body enjoys much though. His is the "A body in motion stays in motion" type--when it finally gets to rest, everything seizes up! So I let him sleep in this morning--which is something I wanted to do--but I had to get the boys up and out to school. I did fall back to sleep--where I had a horrible nightmare (morning-mare)and then the babies were up! I sat down and realized that the puzzle was coming to an end--so I stayed up searching!!

After the boys got home from school and we finished up homework--we went up to the local mall here-the HIP-Harlem Irving Plaza, to get Grayson's birthday present. Every year he wants "Monster Jam" tickets, and online they kept offering me totally bogus seats. So we went up to Carson Pirie Scott--and got some great seats!

We then walked the mall. My oldest has learned that he LOVES the mall. He's 9!!! I'm in some serious trouble when her turns 14!! He and his little brother lookedin every shoe store for Air Jordans or Allen Iverson shoes. Then every sports store for basketball jerseys! Yep, they've discovered basketball! We had dinner in the Food Court--which means we paid the same amount that we would have paid at a lovely steak house--for McDonalds and chinese food. But the kids loved it and they were very well behaved--so that was nice!

We won't have dad home again for another week or two--unless he gets the same illness that Blake and I have!! I hope not--it'll kill him!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sick Girl!!

I have a sick baby girl! She has a really bad cough, and a faucet for a nose! Usually sick kids aren't a problem for me--but not the little princess--she refuses to take her medicine. In fact, her older brothers used to fake being sick-just to try to get the medicine.

We went to Gramma Jo's house today. She made homemade Chicken soup, and told Blakelynn that she would send some home with her so she could have some tomorrow to help her feel better! Well, it's all she's talked about all day! Can I have the soup now? Can I have the soup now??

I think she'll be having it for breakfast--just to get it over with!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

It sounds so dirty!!

Have you ever "Googled" yourself? You know--put your name in quotes, and hit search? Well, I did that a year or so ago, and I didn't exist. My 5 year old son had a mention--but not me!! Now since the Postie Patrol, and me winning an essay contest in the newspaper--I show up on 8 pages of Google! How cool is that!! Now if there was only a way to compile 8 pages of fame into a PR!! That would be great!! If you haven't tried it yet--give it a whirl--it's kind of fun to see if you come up!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Girl!!

This is how I spent my day yesterday! Beauty Girl needed her birthday portraits taken! We had been over just before Christmas--and it was nuts! Since it was a birthday rather than a Christmas need-we decided to wait. Which is good! She got the black and white outfit on New Years Eve, as a hand me down from the neighbor! She looks SOOOOOOO darling in it! The dress is her Christmas/Easter dress. She looks so feminine in it! We stopped by my mother in laws shop to drop off a 5x7 for her. My mom won't get to see them until we meet up with them in Phoenix in February!!


Woooooo Hooooo! We have plane tickets! Wow, what a hassle! We have 5 people flying out on one reservation--me and 4 kids, and then 1 person flying with us to Phoenix, but home 3 days later. That means that all 6 of us fly out together on February 6th, then the hubby flies home 3 days later, and I fly home alone with the 4 kids on the 13th! Yes, I'M CRAZY!! Or at least I will be!

I'm not really worried! My kids are seasoned pro's on an airplane! Well, all of them but the baby! I've got plans for him though! I'm hoping he'll be great!

I can't wait to get there and start taking pictures with my new HP camera I won from the Postie Patrol. I really haven't had a chance to break it in yet! So that will be nice! My Aunt and Uncle finally getting to meet my baby will be the best part. We lived near them for a long time, but moved right before my little girl was born. We visited last when she was 4 months old. Now she's 4 years old, and we have a 2 year old they've never laid eyes on! They have a new son in law--well, new to me--and a new grandbaby--so I really can't wait to catch up with all of them!!

I will have to keep you informed on what takes place!! I Can't WAIT!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The West

Your accent is the lowest common denominator of American speech. Unless you're a SoCal surfer, no one thinks you have an accent. And really, you may not even be from the West at all, you could easily be from Florida or one of those big Southern cities like Dallas or Atlanta.

The Midland
North Central
The Inland North
The South
The Northeast
What American accent do you have?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

How cool is this! They had me nailed!! I am a Westerner through and through--it says out of all areas-we have the least amount of an accent--I've always thought so--but when you have an accent and hear someone without it--isn't THAT an accent?? Just curious! I lived in Japan for 18 months and was excited to come home and finally hear the "Utah" accent--but I noticed nothing! I guess we really don't have one!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Mundane!!

I have done nothing today! That's bad! I still have a ton of laundry to finish up. I was going to watch Talladega Nights while I folded clothes, but I'm leaning toward some of my favorites instead of something new. So it might turn into Love Actually-and something with Kate Hudson in it! Oh, but the Lakehouse is still on Tivo--so I may start with that!! Who knows!

The kitchen is in need of "re-find-ing"! Four kids can really take a toll on counter tops! I can't wait for my Roomba and Scooba to arrive--any day now! For any of you looking for a GREAT DEAL on both--get on eBay! I ordered the Scooba for what others were charging--and they threw the Roomba in free-with free shipping as well! It was quite a deal! Once they arrive--poor Scooba will be cleaning the kitchen floor at least 3 days a week. It's one job that I would like done daily--but just don't get the time to do it!

The depression is still hanging in there--hard to get it to let go! Everyone has been commenting and trying to make me feel better! You guys---I said it was a Trigger--it isn't the problem--the problem is the stupid disease. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, it REALLY does mean alot!!

I guess I better get back to the mundane! Laundry awaits! I think I will go shopping later and pick up a couple of more t shirts--I'm LOVING them!! So--to anyone who knows what the above paragraph is about--Have a great day! And to those of you that don't--Have a great one, too! And to Julie--thanks for the LoudLaunch info--I signed up and put you down as the refer-er--made me some extra cash yesterday! Thanks!