Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Eagles!!

From the time the Bears won their last Super Bowl in 1985-I have been a Philadelphia Eagles fan! I'm not sure why--Philly has always been one of my favorite "tourist spots", but other than that--there really wasn't a reason. When Ty Detmer was signed by the Eagles--I started following them fanatically-again! We Mormons have to support our own! My nephew was on his mission in the New Jersey Cherry Hill Mission at the time, and got to know Ty and his family pretty well. He would send me autographs all the time!

After Gladys Knight joined the church my mom was telling me about a book that she had gotten my dad for Christmas. It was called--"Why I Believe", and it is a compilation of testimonies written by influential members of the Church. J. Willard Marriott, Gladys Knight, Steven Covey and Andy Reid. What---who was that??? I had had NO IDEA up to that point that the Head Coach of my favorite team was a member of my church!! So now--I had yet another "member" to support!

My Eagles have done amazing things in the last couple of years! I finally got to watch my team in the Super Bowl. They didn't win--but they were THERE!!! Right now, they are leading by 1 point against the New Orleans Saints. GOOOOOOOO EAGLES!! And if they win--they will come head to head with my husbands LIFELONG favorite--The Bears!! I have been voting for the Bears all season long, mainly because my Eagles looked so bad and had no way of making to the playoffs (or so I thought), but now---I'm going to have to face the fire!

We lived in Utah during MANY Jazz/Bulls Finals--where the Bulls always pulled out the win in the end. So NO victory parade. We lived in Phoenix when my Arizona Diamondbacks won the World Series! I soooooo wanted to go to the victory parade, but with 2 little boys and doing day care for many families--I couldn't get there! We lived in Chicago when the White Sox won the World Series--but I WASN'T crazy enough to head to the South Side with 4 little kids!! So no victory parade then either! So here I am---Voting for my Eagles to take it all, but hoping for the Bears to come out with another Super Bowl Shuffle, and bring me one more chance for a Victory Parade! I'm sure either my husband or a member of his family would go with me!!!

Nah!!! GO EAGLES!!!!


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Sparky Duck said...

too bad the darn game could not end after the 3rd quarter. The Iggles would still be playing