Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have been thinking about losing weight for a long time. It's not completely thought consuming, but it might be a tad on the festerage side! I even tried those non-prescription weight loss pills with that obnoxious commercial. I was hoping for something great, but ended up feeling jittery, nauseous and head ache ridden. I have had to give them up. I am always open to finding something new to make the job easy. You know, they always say it isn't easy to lose the weight, but for most of us, it was really easy to put it on. So why not easy to lose??

Fitness Blogging!!

I have found something fabulous for me and my health. I've worked it out so that my laptop connects to the top of my fitness equipment. That way, while I walk on my treadmill I can either blog or drop my Entrecards. Either way, I'm multitasking, and that is darn cool! There just doesn't seem to be time during the day to get both things done on their own, but to combine them both...I'm pretty stoked!!

Planning Our Summer!!

Have you ever taken out a travel health insurance policy? Many members of my family have, and some didn't end up needing it, and some were lucky enough to avoid disaster. We are planning a trip to Utah this summer but with gas prices as high as they are, it may not happen. I'm not sure trip insurance would help in that case, but if the gas is high, we may have to fly--then the insurance will be handy!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Last Chance!!

I wrote a a day or so ago about our nephew currently in jail. He's awaiting word on one of two drug treatment centers in the area. I really liked the last one he was in because not only were they working with him on his usage, he was also in grief counseling which in my humble opinion has a lot to do with his recurring problem.

I don't know what the future holds, but at 22 I really hope he can get his life turned around, because the end of the path that he is currently on is prison, and that would be heartbreaking for all of us!

Rock My World!!

Last week I had kind of a shock hit me. It wasn't cool, or fun at all and I'm just starting to get over it. But it's hard! When it first happened, my initial response was to run! I don't know where...New York, Washington D.C., home to Utah, or even a Hilton Head rental! But with four kids that played no part in this shock, it really isn't fair for me to just drop everything and disappear. Darn Kids! No really, I'm doing much better! I'm fully medicated. And life is slowly but surely getting back to normal!

Finding A New Me!!

I have taken on a new health initiative! I signed up for an online health program I found on the Discovery channel and on top of my treadmill workout they want me working with ellipticals. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by life in and of itself without trying to add another facet to my workout. But truly, the time is now to lose weight. Did you see the woman that won the Biggest Loser---she is totally me! I want to look like she looks now! So I have to bite the bullet and start taking care of myself!

Finding The Right Promotion!!

I have been looking at different promotional products for my husbands restaurant. It's a BBQ joint and most of what they have now are little pink pigs wearing their brand name on their t-shirts. Cute, but my favorite are the coffee mugs. However, I'm looking at something more like the t-shirts you find where the logo's are all the same, but the name of the city is different. With three restaurants underway in three different cities, I really love this idea, and would own one of all three!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grayson's Baptism!!

I spent the better part of March getting ready for Grayson's baptism. I even made homemade party invitations that were to die for. It was an age progression in pictures in a grid. It was really fun to see how much that boy has grown up in just 8 years.

I do have to say that the baptism went amazingly well, and the dinner afterward was yummy as well. I had spent hours cooking a million desserts to take, and I was happy with how all of them turned out. Especially my maiden attempt at a Pineapple Upside Down cake. Everything was so good!

Golf Dreams!!

My birthday is coming up in just a months time. I'm asking for concert tickets. My husbands birthday is just 2 months after mine, and I'm starting now to try to think of something extraordinary for him. I would normally get him a set of Calloway golf clubs or something golf related. But due to his accident a few years ago, he hasn't been able to play. Right now it's mostly being worried about the residual pain that will come from a day on the links, but I would really like to see him try. You never know he may be able to golf, and wouldn't it be nice if he had the opportunity to enjoy something that he's missed out on all these years!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2 More Weeks!!

I have often wrote about our nephew and the trouble he has had keeping himself clean and sober. He's only 22, and still doing time for drug offenses he created when he was just a young teenager. He is currently in jail until the end of this month when he will be place in a rehab center. Currently they are looking at two different drug rehabs, hopefully both a little stricter than the last ones he's been in. After rehab he will be back in a half way house and then hopefully he will be able to stand on his own. Pretty scary stuff!

Neighborhood Cleanup!!

Tomorrow we will be spending the day at the old house. This weekend is the 'clean up' weekend for the neighborhood, and you get to throw everything you want to away without having to pay extra for it. How great is that? Last year we started going through all of my husbands grandmothers things and found 10 coffee makers! Honestly, I kid you not! I don't know how many of them were still working, but these people were the type that if something broke they put it in the basement, because someday they may be able to use it for parts or fix it! Mind you, they've been dead several years and all of those wasted coffee machines and other such memorabilia is just sitting gathering dust in a basement! I can't wait to see what we find tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have been watching "The Real Housewives Of New York" and I have to tell you...it's like watching a train wreck. In fact, it's so hard to look away, that I actually Tivo it! It's AWFUL! Let's see, there is a wannabee couple that I would just love to slap. You can see they possess a huge power of "using" people to get what they want. They put off this air like they belong with the in crowd, but then they go back to their shanty house in Brooklynn and plan yet another way to "look good" to the socialites! What's even more funny is the fact that I would get along better in the group of ladies than they do, and I don't have an etiquette bone in my body. But I know better than to make many of the mistakes that this couple make.

Last week the rest of the crowd headed up to the Hamptons for the summer, but these two headed to St. Bart's. Most of the 'in crowd' brag that they go to St. Barts at Christmas and pay 6 times what these two paid in August. Then the wannabee's liken going to the Hamptons to going to work. I think they protest too much. My bet is the contract on their rental fell through and they couldn't show their faces! As for me...I'd take St. Thomas villa rentals any day over having to go and put on a show with these phony folk!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fighting The Zits!!

Yesterday I finally sat down and ordered some of those acne treatments. I'm sorry--but after 20+ years with it, I'm finally sick of it! I'm not sure how it will work, but honestly...to go a day without a bumpy face would be awesome! I never had really bad acne, but the flair ups continue many years after it should long have subsided, and I'm hating it! I will keep you updated as to the progress. I'm hoping I can give it a huge THUMBS UP!!

Learning To Ski!!

Having grown up in Utah it's pretty fair to say we learned how to ski. I didn't do as much as many of my friends but just before I got married I discovered it again. Bought my own ski stuff, and I looked darn good! I think I only actually used everything once---but after 11 years together, moving across the country, I still have those skis. Not that there is much to do with them here. We do have a little (I can't even call it a ski resort)"HILL" here that all of the kids rush to to ski and snowboard, it's not like Winter Park real estate but when it's all you have, you'll take it.

My kids keep begging us to take them and I really don't want to! You have to realize, my temperature range for happiness is from 68 to 72 degrees. No more! No less! My body actually functions perfectly for only a few short weeks a year--and if you think we are subjecting the body to 32 degrees while they learn to hurl themselves down the mountain...think again!!