Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have been watching "The Real Housewives Of New York" and I have to tell you...it's like watching a train wreck. In fact, it's so hard to look away, that I actually Tivo it! It's AWFUL! Let's see, there is a wannabee couple that I would just love to slap. You can see they possess a huge power of "using" people to get what they want. They put off this air like they belong with the in crowd, but then they go back to their shanty house in Brooklynn and plan yet another way to "look good" to the socialites! What's even more funny is the fact that I would get along better in the group of ladies than they do, and I don't have an etiquette bone in my body. But I know better than to make many of the mistakes that this couple make.

Last week the rest of the crowd headed up to the Hamptons for the summer, but these two headed to St. Bart's. Most of the 'in crowd' brag that they go to St. Barts at Christmas and pay 6 times what these two paid in August. Then the wannabee's liken going to the Hamptons to going to work. I think they protest too much. My bet is the contract on their rental fell through and they couldn't show their faces! As for me...I'd take St. Thomas villa rentals any day over having to go and put on a show with these phony folk!!