Saturday, June 28, 2008

Growing Up!!

We've lived in this house almost a year. I can't believe it's gone by as fast as it has. In that time we got a puppy--and he has decided that there is something in the couch that must be eaten! I don't know why...but he has destroyed the poor thing! I would love to look for some modern furniture for the family room, but with the kids still so young, I think I will be required to live with this couch as long as I can! I could go out and buy a new one today, but if the puppy doesn't wreck 3 year old will! As much as I will miss having babies around...I do have to admit, I'm kind of excited for the 'less destruction' stage that will come along with older kids!

A New Home!!

The boys at my husband's work have been busy! They are opening the new catering kitchen as well as expanding restaurant number one from a 36 seat 'lunch' establishment, to a huge fine dining restaurant with a massive patio! They will definitely need a cell phone repeater for a space that size! The catering offices are open for business, and the construction on the rest should be starting any day! When it's all said and done, I think my husband will be moving from the restaurant he's in now, and taking over the catering kitchen. As long as he's happy doing what he does...I don't care where he does it!

Monday, June 23, 2008

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Father's Day Weekend!!

How was your Father's Day weekend? We had a really nice one. We spent the day at my inlaw's house, without my husband--so I got to wish his dad a Happy Father's Day, and he didn't. What's wrong with that picture! The kids love going over there because they get to spend the afternoon swimming and playing Guitar Hero on Wii...what could be more fun?

We actually had the kids make most of Grandpa's gift. Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate peanut butter bars and no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies...yes, chocolate was the theme! Grayson also picked out the Bee Movie and pool floats for each grandchild in their favorite color. That way there is no fighting, everyone knows which one is theirs! I'm not sure if this gift was for him or more for me!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Traveling In Style!!

I figured if we were driving to Utah, we would take the middle row out of the van, and just have a huge space between the front seat and the back seat. Kind of giving the kids a place to stretch out their legs instead of sitting so cramped with the extra row. We do have the stow and go seats in the back and the under storage under the middle seats. It's not like we would put the Delsey luggage under there, but the kids backpacks and things would fit nicely! It sounds like fun to try out, even if we don't make it across the country!

Summer Plans!!

With gas prices sitting where they are, we've made and canceled many plans for the summer. I had wanted to head home to Utah, or go with the husband to Biker Week, even hit the streets of New York looking for Guess watches or designer purses! But for now, it looks like we will be sticking around the home front for the time being. If prices loosen up a bit, we may look at doing something later!

Getting Situated!!

We spent the evening last Thursday with our friends from the old neighborhood. After a divorce, she and her kids have moved into a really cute little apartment. So we headed over to check it out. Aside from needing a couch, love seat, audio racks and some book shelves--it's got a lot of potential. The best part is that the apartment is upstairs from her mom and the kids grandma. That would be the coolest thing for my kids and I!

New Job!!

Last week I had a meeting with my husbands boss. It was to determine if what I did could help what he did. I walked in thinking there wasn't much need for the meeting and walked out with a job. I was kind of surprised by that, but am now on their Public Relations team. They meet every Friday at the first restaurant, so I need to stalk up on my laptop memory, in order to keep it with me during the meetings!

Allergy Season!!

It's definitely turned into allergy time! Friday night the kids and I tore the family room apart and took everything out of it that didn't belong there. Then we vacuumed and cleaned the carpet. Let me tell you, it looks great! The only problem was after the vacuuming Grayson and I got all puffy eyed, runny nosed and sneezy. It was terrible! I need to look into a Blueair air purifier for the house--living in the suburbs has brought far more flowers and trees into our world, and sadly, Gray and I aren't really good with those!

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Man!!

My month of gifts is over! May is better than Christmas for me. It has my birthday, Mother's Day, and our anniversary in it. Mind you, it's about as expensive as Christmas too! June is a slow month with just Father's Day and we have time for the budget to rebound before July hits with my hubby's birthday. I'm always looking for something amazing for him! This year he needs a watch. I'm not too particularly picky, whether it's a Lange Sohne or a Timex...I'm up for just about anything. The only has to be dressy enough for Sunday best, and casual enough for everyday! Other than that, anything works!