Sunday, October 19, 2008

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga!!

The Wiggles in The Big Red Car, during a conce...Image via WikipediaWell, Barrett has changed his mind again! Originally he wanted me to sculpt his birthday cake into a monster truck. I was all for it, I think it sounds great...but now he'd like a "Toot Toot Chugga Chugga" car from the Wiggles. That's actually a little easier for me, because it's just a VW Bug and Wilton has a cake pan shaped just like that.

I was going to make little fondant Wiggles to put inside the cake, but I've changed my mind. B has a big red car toy with all of the Wiggles already in it--so I'm just taking them off of the toy, washing them in bleach, touching up the paint and sticking them in the car. So much easier than sculpting people!

We are just going to have dinner at home with some family and friends and call it good! I'll post pictures when I get them!

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Food Kiosk Ideas!!

My husband's restaurant is looking into opening some shops at the mall, kind of like a Subway franchise. This would be BBQ of course, and they wouldn't do any cooking on site. They would have everything prepared at one of the restaurants and brought in every day. I might be a little partial, but they have the best pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches--add that to their yummy sides (like green chili mac and cheese) and I'm set!

With the economy slowing a bit, I'm not sure they'll go much farther with their plans just yet, but it sounds like a really good idea to me. Any reason to hit the mall is a good one in my book, especially if it involves a great sandwich at the food court!

Weightloss Woes!!

I have been looking or thebest diet pill on the market for quite a long time, but I have to say...I'm putting it on hold. I suffer from aspartame poisoning and the worst thing you can do with that is drop a lot of weight quickly. So I have to go at it at a much slower pace than I really want to, which is sad! Instead of hoping for some quick results, I'm giving myself an entire year to meet my goal. Just in time for my 20th high school reunion.

And can I just sadly point out, I was looking at pictures from the 20th reunion for the class in front of mine. All of the men were bald. It was amazing to see. Many of the beautiful girls had aged terribly and some of those gawky girls in high school were down right gorgeous! It was a jolt to the system to see. I'm hoping I can lose a little of the weight to look just a bit better than I do least minus one of the chins!! ;)

It's Gotta Be Cool!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It is really hard living in a house with far more potential than I know what to do with. No, not square footage or even upgrades...but everywhere I look there are cords and sockets, plug ins and HDMI wall plates. I don't know if it has to do with cable TV, surround sound or internet but with the number of bundles we have, it has to be something amazing!

We've lived here over a year and when you walk to the bottom of the stairs in the basement and look up, all you see are cords. Bundles and bundles of them crisscrossing the ceiling. One pokes up from the family room carpet, one or two from the wall in the master bedroom. Each of the kids rooms have two or three of their own. My husband and I are clueless--and thought the brother in law would know, but honestly, he's no help either! I think I'm going to need to pick up a book from the library, "Electronic Wiring For Dummies"...wish me luck!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Time

My mom and dad have been in town this past week, and will be going home early next week. So we've decided to have Barrett's 4th birthday party 2 weeks early so that they can be here for it. We'll have the normal things that birthday parties have, but since my mom is here, I think we'll have her amazing sweet potato pie! It's light and fluffy heaven! I don't need her to make it--that would be poor of me, but to have her here with me telling me her secrets...I'm all set!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Great Parents!!

We had my parents and my in laws in for dinner tonight. It was really nice having everybody around. I would have loved to have done some healthy grilling, but it was a rainy, chilly day. So my husband whipped up some fabulous Japanese food. My mom didn't get to stay very long, but we made it through dessert so that was nice. My kids were absolutely spastic. it's not often they get two sets of grandparents in the same room!