Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally Some Help!!

It looks like we finally have some safety from the headache of the past few months. The in laws have been in dire straits financially and have made irresponsible choice after irresponsible choice! Now we have someone coming in to truly help them out. There will be enough money to take care of their bills that haven't been paid since January, and still have enough to take care of some of the problems that need to be fixed in order to sell their house. They have to redo the indoor lighting as well as the electrical system. It shouldn't be too much, but it's just one more thing adding on to the time before this house sells. We've been out of it for one year this coming Sunday...and there is no reason for it not to be on the market yet!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Real Estate Problems!!

It's been almost a year since we moved to this house, and nearly 9 months since we hired some moving services to come to the old house and finish moving us out. Yet, as of today...there is still not a for sale sign on the old house. It's not our house or it would have been up by now, but honestly! It's a terrible economy to sell a house, shouldn't it have been listed immediately? It would maybe have sold by now, but starting now, it could easily take over a year to sell it! It's just pathetic, and I can't get stressed about it anymore!

Modern Technology!

Have you heard of "unlocked cell phones"? I hadn't until last week when we were sitting around a campfire and my 21 year old niece was talking about them. I sounded very old and out of touch as I was told all about them...I didn't dare tell anyone I had no idea what an Ipod was useful for, yep...technologically out of touch at 37! How pathetic is that? What ever happened to the disk man? I was in that era, when that was what everyone wanted. An MP3 player? Ipod? Unlocked cell phone? I think I'll have to wait until my kids get older and start asking about these things before I try to figure them out!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, we are leaving for Jellystone's Three Bears Lodge in Wisconsin in an hour or two! It's not like we are taking cruises, but for a family of six, a 2 1/2 hour drive north is a little more economical right now! We will be gone for 4 days and we have a house sitter coming to stay with the pups. I'm a little worried about Wasatch. We got him from his previous owner when he was about 6 months old, and he went through an "abandoned" feeling for a while. When the previous owners came for a visit to help me finish moving our stuff, the puppy was so excited to see them. After they left he searched the house for an hour looking for them. So I'm nervous about his depression...but I will let you know how he does once we get home. For now, I'm off to ride my golf cart!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Running Online Stores!

I've just built three stores, one for each of my older kids. They are online, and they are fun. I don't think they will pay for college or anything, but I wanted to try something to get their brains engaged and their blood pumping to sale things! Blake runs a "Tween" store. Anything you want "From the Tween Scene" can be purchased at her shop. Jake runs his own Sports Card Shop, and for those of you who know Grayson, won't be surprised to find that he runs a Monster Truck Thunder store! They are having a blast, and have even made a few sales--so that is always fun!

Still Workin'!

Diet pills, diet pills, diet pills! All you see on TV today are ads for diet pills. We really do seem to be obsessed by weight--and yes, it is healthier to be less obese, but what I really want is help finding a diet pill that will actually work. So many claim to offer something better than any other pill, but then at the bottom in fine print it always says "Results not typical"! Well, thank you---I'd like to see what your typical results are, since I would most likely fall under that category rather than the woman that dropped 50 pounds in a week!! Just sayin!