Friday, December 29, 2006


Wow, the end has come to the kids first week of Christmas Vacation! I don't know why they call it that--it is anything BUT! My kids are running me ragged! My 9 year old is finding it especially hard to behave. He's the oldest, the most stubborn, and must be right at ALL times, and in ALL things!! In the book "So You Want To Raise A Boy" it tells us--the ODD years are the hardest! That has been SOOOOOOOOOOO true with each of my three boys. But they don't mention the "ODD" year starts a month or so before the Odd Birthday. My 6 year old will be turning 7 in a month and a week--and he has just started in to the "Odd Year Behavior"!! I HATE it!

But 1 week down--and 1 to go! I hope we survive it!! It reminds me of the line in the Christmas carol--It's beginning to look alot like Christmas--where it says "And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again!" OH, that is so sadly ME!! Bad Mom!!! Bad Mom!!

Hopefully today will be better! I'll have to let you know!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blake's Magic Reindeer Food!!

Wow, my baby girl is old enough to have gotten Reindeer food from Pre-school! She was just tiney when her older brother brought his reindeer food home. Every year I take a picture of the child who was given the food sprinkling it on the grass on Christmas Eve. As you can see--we had a "Green Christmas". The snow came and went--and will come again-but not for Christmas. Not that I mind at all!
I'm sure most of you are aware what Reindeer Food is--but for those of you who aren't-it's oatmeal mixed with glitter. The reindeer smell the oats, and then can see the glitter sparkling in the night-so that they can bring Santa to your house!! Blake just turned 4--and we don't have the Santa talk until they turn 8--so we have a few more years with her!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Morning!!

Santa Came!!

We tried to have a really frugal Christmas this year. I'm still amazed at how quickly it all adds up. I really spent alot of money of the sibling gifts. Each child got to find something for their brothers and sister. They've had such a hard time getting along lately--and the "Hate" word has been thrown at each other quite a lot.

So before they got to open their gifts from us, we all sat in a circle. I asked them tons of questions that they couldn't answer--Who the last nobel peace prize--who is the star of this movie or that--who wrote this book--what teams have won the last 5 NBA titles?

They started to get a little discouraged not knowing any of the answers. So then I changed the questions to be ones that they did know--who was the last person to give you a hug--who was the last person to help you with something--who was the last person to play with you >--all of these questions were answered with the name of a different family member. Everyone had a great Christmas. Santa brought the gifts in the pictures. The boys got their basketball hoop, Blakelynn got a Dora scooter, and Barrett got a Leap Frog singing puppy!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I Got Published Today!!

I'm not sure the newspaper counts as "being published"--but hey, I'm on the front page!! I promised to post the winning Essay here, but I lied! I'm just going to post the link, and for those of you curious enough--you can go check it out!! The Christmas I Remember Best!!

I won $50 for it to go along with the Postie Patrol cash--yep, I'm a very blessed woman this Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What A Day!!

Feet are finally elevated and resting soundly on my desk! Keyboard is sitting quietly in my lap! Eyes are drooping!!

Today was "A DAY"!! It all hit me around noon about the myriad of things I have to do and make, and take, and wrap, and give, and get, and ...!!! All by Monday! On top of it--tonight was scouts! A third try for my Jake to get his Wolf, his arrow points, everything!!! And worst of all--the church is 45 minutes from my house!! So we drive all the way over--My baby dressed and ready for the color guard...Whoops!!! Den mother in a car accident-recuperating at home--NO SCOUTS TONIGHT!!! I wonder if he'll ever get his Wolf Rank!!

So we drove the 45 minutes home!!! And here I sit!!! But it feels good! Tomorrow I will be running around like a crazy lady again--but right now!!! I'm Golden!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Remember The Trees!!

Do you remember several posts ago there is a picture of Barrett with his face and hair covered in green paint from Jake painting his Christmas tree? We went to the mall Saturday to take the pictures of the boys Christmas Trees.

<--Jakes Tree! Tons of schools send trees in from all of their students--so the first hurdle is to find our school--John Mills! Finally found them right in front of Target. Now, once you find the school, the next hurdle is to wade through the crowd around you looking upward through hundreds of trees from every child at the school. All this while piloting 3 kids and a stroller and trying not to run over anyone, or get run over in the process!

I finally found Graysons tree and took several photo's for him, and even one with him under it! Now I just had to search for Jake's. OH MY GOSH!!! It took forever. I was ready to give up, when D'OH!!!! It's hung right next to Graysons. In fact in the picture (just of Grayson's tree) you can see Jake's tree is right in front of it--but I totally missed it! What a dork!!
<--Grayson's tree is the red striped one-Jake's is right in front of it!
Both Boys Trees!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

My Elf Self!!

Ok, found this on Jule's website!! Loved it!!

Your Elf Name Is...

Sassy Mc Flurry

Basektball Begins!!

Jake is playing Basketball for the second season. This year he is on the New Orleans "Hornets" team. Their first game was on the 9th of December. They played the Bulls and got their tushies kicked! The problem was that every member of the Bulls team looked as though they were at least 6 inches taller than every player on Jakes team.

This past Saturday was their second game and they played the Suns. Immediately I noticed the same height differential--and therefore thought we were in for a beating as well. But they came out and they looked great. They even scored first! The other team pulled ahead, but we managed to tie it at 8 for most of the game. In the final minutes there was a foul shot made and 1 extra basket--so we lost by 3--but I'm telling you--they looked amazing compared to last week!

Jake had a couple of great steals, some fabulous rebounds, and even did what he has never done before--he took a shot! Sadly--one of the taller kids on the other team was towering over him--so it didn't go far--but he took it! I was thrilled for him! They are getting a hoop from Santa and we are going to get it set up in the garage--out of the elements so they can practice shooting! I'm excited for them!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

English Test!!

OK--Being an English Major with a minor in Asian Studies/Japanese--I must say that I would expect to get a 100% on the following quiz. However, after getting into it--lets just say--I was very surprised and happy to get it!!
Your Language Arts Grade: 100%

Way to go! You know not to trust the MS Grammar Check and you know "no" from "know." Now, go forth and spread the good word (or at least, the proper use of apostrophes).

Are You Gooder at Grammar?
Make a Quiz

Apostrophes are tricky when you take them for granted!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Last Of The Shopping!!

We just finished up our Christmas shopping! I didn't have much--just needed some fillers for Blakelynn. She got Diego tickets so I wanted to get her a Dora t-shirt to wear to her show! I found a cute fuzzy pillow and soft blankey for her bed. She is so good at making her bed everyday--I thought this would make it even more fun!

I picked up "Screen It". The DVD game. It always looks so fun-but there isn't anyone else in this house that has as "trivial knowledgable" brain as me!! So it wouldn't be fair! I got them the one that goes with Nick cartoons. Heavens-even Blake should be able to answer those!!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Well, we are cancelling Blakelynn's Christmas gift of Ballet lessons. I was going to sign her up today--at $106 bucks! But last night as daddy drove home past the Allstate Arena--he saw that Diego is coming to town in February!

Daddy takes the boys to Monster Trucks and Bulls games--he hasn't really taken Blake anywhere. So he asked if I would pick up tickets for him to take his little girl out on a special daddy date!! HECK YEAH, BUDDY!! She would love it! So I just bought them both VIP tickets to see Diego.

We have given "Experience" gifts this year for birthdays and Christmas. Grayson went to the Monster Trucks for his "Date with Dad", Jake went to the Bulls game last week for his--these were their birthday gifts. For Christmas they are getting Harlem Globetrotter tickets, and now Blakelynn is getting her date with dad too! I'm so excited for her!!

Our Iron!!

Micahel got up a little late this morning. Due to the new restaurant--he gets home after midnight and is up and out the door before 7 in the morning--poor guy! Well, today he didn't have to be in until 10 am. What a LUXURY for him! To make it better, he needed to be at restaurant number 1 for the first part of the morning before heading to number 2, and number 1 is closer to home.

His alarm clock is his cell phone--and he left it on vibrate. Not much waking up happening when all the alarm clock does is rattle on the dresser! So he pulled out his Chef coat--it needed ironing--but he didn't have time. He jumped in the shower, and I pulled out the iron to surprise him!

Well--sadly--it's on the fritz!! It's our best iron ever, but I guess with four kids it's hit the floor 1 too many times! I turned it on and the reset light wouldn't turn off--but I perservered! I began ironing--the jacket looking good-until the iron decided to dump it's load of water all in one fail swoop! I managed to get it away from the jacket before it dumped too much--but there was definantly a wet spot! A big one! OOOOOHHHHHHHH not today!! But then, hey, female brain kicked in (I wish it was on everyday). I dumped out the rest of the water--dried up the ironing board and as much of the jacket as I could, and then just dry ironed the spot. Normally this causes scorching--which would be bad--but luckily, everything worked out ok, and Hubby headed to work in a nice pressed (DRY) jacket! And later, I get to head to Walgreens for a new iron! (Yes, Walgreens--it was the cheapest iron I've ever purchased--and so far the best!!)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Last Day Of Franklin Park Preschool!!

Monday night was their Christmas program. It was darling! We had great seats--on the floor in the corner next to the open door--100% best seats in the house!! I couldn't believe it was her turn to be up on a stage singing and dancing. She's baby number 3 and I've watched her brothers do it--but not my little tiny Blakelynn!! She's not that old yet is she!! They all looked so little up there, but they did a great job!

She has been practicing her Christmas songs since November 1st, & even called Grams in Utah & sang one of her songs on her answering machine- Jack Frost. It is sung to the tune of "Up on the housetops":
Where did you get that little red nose?
Little red nose Little red nose
Where did you get that little red nose?
Jack Frost kissed it, I supose
He kissed it once, and he kissed it twice
Poor little nose, as cold as ice!!

My how they grow up fast!! I wish I had had a video camera to capture the whole event--but photo's will have to do! Barrett was so cute. He sat in his stroller and when Blakelynn came out he bounced up and down waving and yelling his hellos to his big sister! So sweet!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Tonight was supposed to be Pack Meeting for Jake to get his Wolf. But for the second time--it was the wrong date--it's next week! I'm kind of glad--I ran around like a chicken without a head all day today, and Jake wasn't in his uniform. Our troop isn't really strict on that--but I am. The scouts ask you to wear your uniform, so I feel he should learn the respect and wear his uniform. But there wasn't a chance today, and I felt bad that he would be getting all of his awards while not in uniform! So next week, I have a chance to "do over"!! He will be in his dress blues for his photos!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lunch Tomorrow!!

Well, tomorrow we (Blakelynn, Barrett and I) get to join my in laws for lunch at my husbands new restaurant! It's a mock service to get the servers and the cooks ready for opening night--Currently a week from Friday! I'm excited--it should be yummy!

We should be getting our new cell phones tomorrow--so that will be so nice for my husband! His has been dead for the last couple of weeks and he's been using mine! He hates it--so, starting tomorrow, he should be a happy man!

I hope it's a camera phone! I'll have to let you know!!


Wow!!!! I just found out I won another contest! I found an essay contest in my hometown newspaper--"The Christmas I Remember Best!" I wrote about my sweet grandmother. She was born on Christmas Day 1917 and she died on Christmas Day 1987 on her 70th birthday. She was a sweetheart which made the essay really easy to write! It's not really easy for me to read--I still cry and it's been 19 years since it all happened! My essay gets printed in the Deseret News on December 22. I will post the essay on that day on this blog--or you can go to on that day to read it there! Anyway--it was a $50 prize--which isn't much--but it's awesome to me!! And now I can say--"I've been published!!" Or at least I can say that on the 23rd!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

One Of My "Hits"!!

I believe in a previous post--I discussed my "blogging addiction"!!! (and NO there are no support groups available for this particular addiction--no "Intervention" possibilities!!) So I guess it's safe to say--I Love Blogs! Well, not all blogs--not the non-English blogs. Nothing personal--I just can't read 'em, so what's to love!

I love the "Catfeesh" video--which we have seen enough times that my kids can literally "lip sync" to Tedd-er-Antonio's speech. What's even cooler about the blog and the "Catfeesh Craze"--the video we made creating our own "Catfeesh" is the third video on the blog. Yep, the kid with the panty hose over his head-transforming into a fish, and then disco dancing--That's ours!!

Last Thursday, when I was with Ted and Britt, they asked if I read the Blog. I have to tell you ---- What a relief to say, "Yes", and be totally honest! Of course, I would have said yes, even if I hadn't known they existed--but this way I could back it up with some intelligent conversation about it! My 9 year old was ecstatic about getting to meet the "Catfish man" as he calls him--all thanks to a Blog!

I get on and check the blog daily. I used it as a research tool to see what the heck a Patrol was about and what I may be in for--sorry--I can say nothing more than---it was a fun thing to watch--but nothing like the 2 Patrols that were blogged about! I think it's a great blog--and a great way to keep up to date with the news, video's and all around Fun!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Birthday Cake!!

Blakelynn decided that she would like an Ice Cream cake for her birthday cake. It was pink and white, and really pretty!! Good thing--It was YUMMY too!
She blew all of her candles out all by herself--but the hard part was getting Barrett to leave the candles burning long enough to sing to Blake!Jake had to corral him over by the front door!! She got a coloring book & crayons, a glow in the dark Teddy Bear, and a Dora the Explorer Candyland Game!

Grandma's House!!

Today we have a planned "No Plans" kind of day! I do need to get some of the Christmas cards written and enveloped--but other than that--I think we are headed to the inlaws. We saw them last night for the birthday dinner for the kids, but today we are going to have birthday cake for Blake, and they can give her their presents! (I'm hoping for Levi's) She keeps coming up and asking when we are going to grandma's. I keep telling her a little later, and she keeps adding, "After they wrap my presents?" Aren't 4 year olds so sweet and NERVY!!!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Birthday Dinner!!

Well, tonight we took the family to dinner for Jake and Blake's birthday's. We went to the Lonestar. We love them. My mother in law loves the sweet potatoe and I love how great they are with the birthday guest! Last year we went to the Olive Garden for Jake's birthday, told the server it was his birthday 3 times--and NOTHING! So my husband excused himself from the table (my Jake in tears) and talked to the server again. Oh--well, you have to pay extra for that service!!! We didn't care about the extra cost--you can charge what you want--but when you have a customer mention it 3 times--I think it should be implied that we want it--charge or not! Jake did finally get his cake--but it was heartbreaking to watch his disappointment at seeing the bill come with know clapping/chanting/singing action taking place!!

Not at the Lonestar. We had two birthday's and out they came chanting and clapping with two HUGE plates of cake and ice cream (complimentary) . The kids were soooooo surpised, infact Blakelynn started clapping along with them until they put the plate in front of her. Then she became to excited that they were clapping for "HER" that her mouth dropped, her eyes got huge, and she just stared at all of us--in shock! Where was my camera for that!!!

Thank you Lonestar---You are the BEST!!


I have an addiction--it's blogging. My "blogging" is different than other people's blogging (I think). When I hear the word--I think of people who are on their own blogs all day typing away post after post. My blogging is different. When I'm on a blogspot blog--up at the top it says "Next Blog", I hit that button and I'm off!! I read random blogs--skip the non-English ones--and peek into strangers lives for just a moment. It's addictive!

Today, while blogging I came across a blog by Jedi Lois. I didn't read the author, I just started reading the first post. It was about a Sci-Fi convention in London for Stargate SG1, and talked about the opportunity they had to meet the woman who played Sam Carter. Mind you, I only know the character name--and I only know it from reading this blog. I've watched SG1 a few times and it was a fine show--but with 4 kids--it's not one of the all important ones that I Tivo. Anyway, this person talked about how they cried when they got to meet this person and then other things that went on. I'm picturing in my head a man who looks a little like the Alan Rickman character in Love Actually (completely opposite of his Severus Snape role). I pictured him straight through the whole post--only to find out at the end--it was a woman writing! WHOA--that was a kick in the head--it was still a fine blog, and a great post--but all of my picturings were totally wrong, and it took a moment to get my brain to change everything back to normal! It's a bit freaky--but I love it when that happens!!

Happy Blogging!!

Friday, December 08, 2006


Today has been a pretty odd day! I feel as though I've been hit by a truck--- a BIG one! I've been sick since before Thanksgiving, and I keep thinking that I'm getting better--but then everything flares up again! So being sick and sore and un-medicated--you can just imagine the mood! One of those days ya just want to call mom to fix everything!

I need to head to the mall to get pictures of the boys Christmas Trees they decorated for school back on November 1st, and I need to head to the Hallmark store to get Blakelynn her #4 doll since she normally gets that for her birthday. She also normally gets a porcelain doll, but she got 2 last year (Jingle and Bells-from Marie Osmonds collection) so I was just going to count one of them as this years doll. But my mother in law has found a really cute one she'd like to give Blakelynn for Christmas.

I think I will just order a pizza--find a pay per view movie for Family Movie Night for the kids, hit a HOT, HOT bathtub--snuggle down in some toasty jammies--take my anti-depressant--and shop online! That's the sadness of depression--there is no desire to go anywhere or meet anyone--when in reality--just the getting out enhances the mood so much. But it's FREEZING here!! So I think we'll stay in.

Jake starts basketball tomorrow--Michael will miss it. He's tied up at the restaurant--but he should at least be home a bit early. I've asked my mother in law to watch the monsters so that I can take my husband to a nice dinner for a "Christmas Date"! We dont' get a lot of "us" time--so tomorrow night it is! Since he doesn't read this--I'll tell you--I'm taking him to a Japanese Steakhouse. He loves sushi and sake and I love anything Japanese. So that should be nice!

Well, I'm off to call Domino's and find my Zoloft--have a great Friday night everyone!!

Last Day Of Preschool!!

Today is Blake's last day of her Village preschool. It takes the rest of the month off and starts back up in early January. She is NOT happy about the lack of W-F activity in her future! While she's in school-Barrett takes his nap. She just turned 4 but I think we'll attempt to sneak back into the "Nap Mode" for at least the month!

I've spent the morning in the kitchen whipping up more of the secret sauces for gifts for her teachers. Sadly, I burned my tongue on the hot carmel sauce--but trust me--totally worth it! They say you are supposed to put sugar on your tongue when you burn it--so I keep re-applying. It's still "dead", but it isn't that irritating feeling you get when you normally burn your tongue. Go Sugar!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Da' Bulls!!

(Previous Post--just for a quick catch up!)
Jake got tickets to the Bulls game tonight against the 76-rs! Grayson's favorite team! Then sometime during the day-Mr. Sweet Baby Ray gave them new tickets! 4th row behind the basket! So we tivo'd the whole game.

(New post begins)
I had called my parents to see if they had gotten my message about the new awesome tickets. They were watching--but we didn't know which basket they were under.

I finally remembered that Michael had his cell phone with him-so I called him. Turns out he was right behind the 76'rs bench about 6 rows up. So I called my parents back. They asked then if they were closer to the basket or to the announcers table. So I called Michael back. They were just up from the baseline. So I told him to have the boys wave their arms wildly everytime the ball was on that side of the court.
Finally, I found them! Jakey waving like a wild man! Once I had them I called and passed the info on to Grandma and Grandpa. They got to see them from then on. When I picked the boys up, I was happy to announce that I'm sure it was the first Bulls game that their grandma had sat through, and she only sat through it for them! It must be LOVE!!
I picked them up after the game, and both boys had had the best time ever!! We think we will try to get them Globetrotter tickets for Christmas--they will love that!!

4 Years Ago--Part 2!!

What a miserable night it was! I was having back labor and it was awful! They said there was nothing they could give me for that pain--but I'm sure they were just lying! So finally, the sun comes up, I get checked and I have a "bulging" water bag--Oh Yeah--ready to have this baby. Waiting---Waiting--Waiting!! Finally we ask the nurse when the doctor is coming-"Oh, we don't like to wake our doctors up on the weekends." EXCUSE ME???? he put me in here, brought on this pain that apparently only subsides--when the baby comes, and then we don't bother HIM??? Yep, that is why I chose a different hospital for my last baby!!

So, the doctor finally gets there and is ready to break my water. I've always heard that contractions get stronger once the water is broken. I was writhing in pain at this point and told my husband that I was pushing this baby out as soon as he broke my water--and I didn't care if the doctor was in the room or not--I couldn't take the thought of one more minute of agony! He breaks my water, and yep, I start to push as hard as I can without letting anyone see what I'm doing! Mind you--it's baby number three--I'm a PRO!! He's asked that since there are students in the hospital that day--could he have them stand in to witness. I told him I didn't care who was there as long as we get this thing outta me!!

I'm still secretly pushing, and making great progress--I can tell you!! He comes back in wearing his space suit, and turns his back to me to address the students. I can feel baby is coming NOW!! So after telling my husband to get down there and catch our daughter--I finally interrupted his lecture and let him know that she's here, and what does the IMBISIL do? He cups his hand over her head--and holds her in! Excuse me? I'm pushing as hard as I can to get this over with, and he's holding her in! I turned to Michael and I said, "Is he holding her in?" On the video you can hear how totally "snarky" I sound, and my husband's bad answer--"Yep!"

He finally lets her out, and they take her to the warmer. We are waiting and waiting and waiting--and nothing!! I asked if they were sure she was ok, and just then she let out this really cute, really sweet, 100% little girly squeak! Blakelynn Kate was here! After 5 years of waiting and wanting a baby girl--I finally had her! She was amazingly beautiful--almost looked like an American Indian with her dark brown skin and helmet of thick black hair! She is my only child that didn't go blond. She is a brunette, blue eyed beauty!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

4 Years Ago--Part 1!!

Four years ago my parents were driving our new van across the country to us! We had used the money from the sale of our house in Phoenix to buy a mini van outright to hold our growing lot! I was originally just wanting to go in and buy a van off the showroom floor-but I was raised by Dale Sansom-and you just don't do that! So I decided to start looking around for used vans. My dad is the car shopping KING--it's one of his favorite hobbies-so we put him to work for us.

He found a really nice silver Caravan, and drove it 3 days across the country to us. I had a doctors appointment the morning they arrived and I was hoping to get him to induce me. All I told him that I was seeing stars, and that did the trick. He called over to the hospital and made an appointment for me to go in that day.

I headed home, called the child care, left a message with the front desk at my parents hotel, and we headed off to Denny's! Yep, you heard that right! My last baby had been induced, and there are pictures of me eating a turkey sandwich holding a minutes old baby! That wasn't going to happen again! I had the Lumberjack Special--and yes, it was HUGE!!!

After lunch, we headed back to drop the kids off at home and then on to the hospital! Just as we were going across the parking lot, I saw a silver Mini Van turn into the parking lot--my parents had arrived! My mom was hoping that I was already in the hospital and half way through--she wasn't happy to see me outside, completely monitor free!

We headed in to start the induction, and they decided to go the slow route through the night. Not a happy me--it was early--and I wanted this baby out!! As it grew later, the child care called and asked if they could take my two boys to her parents house for the night. I don't remember why--but I wasn't comfortable with that at the time, so my mom went over to stay the night with my kids until the morning!

It was a long------painful-------sleepless night!!!

To Be Continued...

Bulls Game!!

Jake got tickets to the Bulls game tonight against the 76-rs! Grayson's favorite team! Then sometime during the day-Mr. Sweet Baby Ray gave them new tickets! 4th row behind the basket! So now we have to tivo the game in case the kids are on! So I will let you know after we view the footage a little later!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sinful Sauce!!

Tomorrow night is the Christmas party for my husbands restaurant! I'm taking our "sinful sauces" as the hostess gift and I'm on line searching for those cute wine totes. You know they are decorated like snowmen or tin soldiers??? I can't find them anywhere! I know earlier on this blog I talked about a gift basket site--they had them--so I best be heading there to find them!

You see, the sauces are in decorative mason jars--but that is soooooooooooooooooo not Christmassy enough to give as a hostess gift! But I thought if they were on top of each other in a cute wine tote--that would be cuter!! I'll let you know what I find!!

Oh and if you want the recipe for the sinful sauces (Carmel and Hot Fudge) just let me know and I will send them to you!!

Secret Phone Calls!!

Wow, got a phone call from a famous person today! How cool is that! It's not someone that a run of the mill person would know--but in my circle--she's pretty cool! I have to go downtown on Thursday for some Cryptic fun! Only 2 problems remain--child care for the two youngest, and rounding up two girlfriends to go with me!! I think I've got my neighbor and my mother in law!! So we will be up bright and early heading downtown in the frigid cold!! Am I cryptic enough for you???? Check back soon, and I'll fill you in!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Birthday Treats!!

This week it's time for "Birthday Treats" again. It seems like it was just last week I was doing birthday treats for Jake!! Wait a minute!!! It was! Three of my babies are all born very close to each others birthdates. Barrett's is first October 26th, Jake's is exactly 4 weeks to the day later on November 23rd, and then Blakelynn's is 2 weeks to the day after that on December 7th! Every year my kids take Krispy Kremes for their classes. And this year is Blake's first year, but she has two classes to bring them too. Once on Wednesday and once on Thursday! So hers are just as expensive as Jake's because she needs 2 dozen too! Grayson isn't until February 6th, so I do have some time before his! I will definantly post pictures of Blakey on her birthday!

Toys R Us!!

OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYY GOOOOOSSSSHHHHH!! Have any of you had horror stories when you are out shopping. Things that have just ticked you off so badly that you had to come home and write the CEO an email?? Well, I NEVER have until today!!

I went in to Toys R Us looking for several items. It was snowing outside and FREEZING. Barrett has to be held--so instead of carrying him and my big ol' purse--I just took my debit card. We wandered the aisles after finding what we needed browsing for some fun Christmas ideas and birthday ideas for Blakelynn. We get up to the front and there are batteries-which I need. I went to get them and they were $6.50. Amazingly high priced! The exact same pack (with the superman flashlight) are sold at the local grocery store for $4.40. So the cost is much higher-but I was willing to pay it because, in the snow, I didn't want to go anywhere else.

So we get up to the front counter and this teenager starts swiping my items. When I go to swipe my card--she literally whips the debit/credit card machine out of my hands. "I have to see you ID, before you can use this." What??? Never have I had to do that here before. So I explain--Snow--heavy baby--bulky purse--just debit card and PIN number. Nope--not good enough. She wants me to take my 4 kids-babe in arms-and walk back out into the snow, all the way to my car, get my ID, and walk back to the store through the snow with 4 kids and babe in arms!

I told her that if I was leaving the store to get anything--I wouldn't be coming back. And she was all, "Well, that's up to you, but you can't use a credit card here without it!" Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!

So we walked out--drove up to Target, grabbed the same items (plus, cheaper pack of same batteries) and walked out with a $25.00 less bill than it was at Toys R US, and I didn't have some dumb teenager calling me a theif until I proved that I wasn't!!!

Yeah Target!!! I used my debit card and PIN, and I saved the cash--I should have just gone there to begin with! I will from now on!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saying Goodbye!!

Well, we braved the weather and headed out to the inlaws house tonight. We wanted the kids to have a chance to say goodbye to Uncle Mark-my brother in law. He is leaving for Reno tomorrow, and I'm not sure when we'll get to see him again! So rain-snow-sleet or hail--we got the kids there to see him.

It was kind of sad. My little Grayson adores his Uncle Mark--and will take the separation the hardest! Uncle Mark made each child his famous milkshake--and then gave them each 2 lollypops--way to go out the hero Uncle Mark!!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Yep--It's official! Winter has come to the Windy City! I woke up this morning hoping that the schools would be closed. Not because I want my kids home all day going stir crazy--but because I didn't want to get them to school. We don't really live close enough to the school to walk--and I didn't want to take my car out in this! Or, quite honestly, didn't think I could get my car out!

It took some trying, and having to back up a couple of times to avoid sliding into the parked car in front of me--but we managed to get out of our parking spot. I decided to stay on the major roads to get to the school, which I'm just happy that there are major roads to do that with!

By the time I got home--it had taken about 20 minutes to get to school (less than a mile a way) and back! I don't plan on taking Blake to her class today--I'm hoping they will call and cancel!