Saturday, December 09, 2006

Birthday Dinner!!

Well, tonight we took the family to dinner for Jake and Blake's birthday's. We went to the Lonestar. We love them. My mother in law loves the sweet potatoe and I love how great they are with the birthday guest! Last year we went to the Olive Garden for Jake's birthday, told the server it was his birthday 3 times--and NOTHING! So my husband excused himself from the table (my Jake in tears) and talked to the server again. Oh--well, you have to pay extra for that service!!! We didn't care about the extra cost--you can charge what you want--but when you have a customer mention it 3 times--I think it should be implied that we want it--charge or not! Jake did finally get his cake--but it was heartbreaking to watch his disappointment at seeing the bill come with know clapping/chanting/singing action taking place!!

Not at the Lonestar. We had two birthday's and out they came chanting and clapping with two HUGE plates of cake and ice cream (complimentary) . The kids were soooooo surpised, infact Blakelynn started clapping along with them until they put the plate in front of her. Then she became to excited that they were clapping for "HER" that her mouth dropped, her eyes got huge, and she just stared at all of us--in shock! Where was my camera for that!!!

Thank you Lonestar---You are the BEST!!