Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Addiction!!

After the boys got home from school and finished their homework, we headed to Schaumburg to a Cigar Shop! Yep, smells as yucky as it sounds!! But he also carries the addiction my children suffer from---Basketball cards! So they went in with Dad and found their treasures. It's fun to watch them get excited over their purchases and then sit and quiz each other all the way to our next destination about the colleges a certain player played for, what team drafted him, how much does he way--what's his shooting percentage. It's so fun to hear them talking sports with each other. It just comes so natural to them.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Walmart!!

Wow--it's in the headlines! Walmart beats out Exxon on the Fortune 500 list! Good for them! I really don't understand why people hate Walmart. They hire a ton of people--they bring thousands of jobs into areas that need them, they bring low prices and great quality at the same time. I haven't been to a Walmart in a while--because I don't live really close to one--but if I'm near one--they would be my first stop shop for EVERYTHING! I have heard an argument against Walmart--that being that they aren't Union. Well, in Walmart's defense...they've put it up for a vote for their employees and their employees have turned it down! Bummer for all you "Pro-Union" folk! As for me--huge applause and accolades!! I HATE anything union! I will forever and ever be Non-Union! It had it's need in history--and possibly in some areas today it may still be necessary--but they are out of control--and quite honestly--against everything American! Which is why I guess the Liberals hate Walmart so much. If you don't like America--why would you like a store that is American in everyway! Go Capitalism!! Go America!! Go Walmart!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moving Is On!! Again!

Ok--the house hunt is on again! My excitement was kind of dampened last week when we found out that the next restaurant will most likely be going toward the city. That's east of us--and I'M NOT MOVING EAST!! Everything in the suburbs east of us is just like us--no driveway, no garage--no big back yard for the kids to play in! So I kind of gave up. But now, after talking to the husband--I think we will still move west--and just put him on the train in the morning! So I've pulled up my website-and I'm picking out my favorites!!

When I find one I can't live without--I'll let you know!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Today is Friday! That would normally mean Pizza Night--but we had pizza last night. We stopped at Little Caesar's for their "Hot & Ready" $5.00 pizza--but let me just say--they were neither Hot--nor Ready!! I'm not sure we will ever go back, to that one at least! When I was in High School I worked at Little Caesar's. That was back when they were pretty new--they had the best sandwiches--and their Pan Pan pizza was fabulous. They don't do any of that anymore! Too bad!

Every Friday night we have Pizza and watch a movie with homemade popcorn. It's just a fun tradition--so we may have to have Pizza Bread (how to's to follow on Cheffin'It!) I'll have to see what movies are available on Pay Per View--and we will 'veg out' for the kids last week night of Spring Break!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Blah-ging!!

Ok--I just updated my day and my drive over on the Cheffin' It blog!! As beautiful as my house is---I NEVER want to drive to Rockford again! But I will let you read about that rant--over there!

Other than the miserable drive--I have to say--today...well, today stunk! I'm sick again! I'm exhausted for lack of sleep! And I still have 4 kids to entertain for the day! Tomorrow is the last day of Spring Break in this house. Yes, we still have the weekend-but we always have the weekend--so I look at it as just ONE MORE DAY!!

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring! I'm thinking I will bribe the older two with PS2 to watch the younger 2 so that I can lay down! Honestly--I can't even remember what it is like to feel good, and to have the energy to do fun things with my kids! Wow, I guess I really should go to the doctor!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Found The World One!!

create your own visited countries map

Ok--a couple of days ago--I put up the map with the states that I have visited--it's really fun to have found a country one!

I just found out tonight that my mom and dad leave on a Mexican cruise on Saturday! I was shocked! I was not expecting this!! You see--I have to physically prepare for times when my mom is incognito and I can't talk to her several times a day!!


Sunday, April 05, 2009

E.R.??? Maybe!!

Ok--I made it through the night! I knew I would! My goal is to get the kids home from school and then see if the neighbor can watch them--and then I think I will head to the Emergency Room. The fever has gone down--but the pain has come back up! So bad!! It's now been going on for over 48 hours--so I think I can put it off no more!

My husband had to work yesterday--and really needs to be there today--although he can call in one of the managers from the other restaurant to cover for him if I go into surgery. Either way--he has Wednesday and Thursday off--so it's the time frame I'm shooting for!! Of course, if I have surgery--he's going to have to take the rest of the week off I'm afraid! Even if they do the scope--I'm sure I won't be up to chasing two little tots around the house!

I'll keep you informed!!

Another Try At The Chiro...

Do you ever get lost? I actually don't (usually). I'm pretty darned good at finding my way around most places. Even downtown Chicago. You know, if you get lost, no big just takes a minute or two longer to get where you are going...but hey, I get there!

My oldest has Scoliosis and had been seeing a chiropractor. I wasn't happy with treatment at the time (miscommunication on our parts), so we stopped going. It's been about a year, and we got a free check up coupon in the mail. So I made an appointment for him and we headed on over.

It's not really close to my house, just off of my main tollway and on to a second one. But there is a cell tower that you can see for miles away, and the office literally sits at the base of it.

So even though I hadn't been in the area in over a year, as we came around the bend in Buffalo Grove...there it was.

Where Did That Come From??

Do you have little ones? I have four of them, and I'm continually taken aback by some of the things that they say, do and remember. Yesterday we were heading to the local grocery store to pick up the Sunday paper (it's a dollar cheaper at Woodman's!). As we pass the exit of the freeway, you can see one of those extended stay hotels. My four year old saw it yesterday and proclaimed, "Mom, we do live by Gramma in Lutah." That would be "Grandma in Utah" for all of you who don't speak Brett!!

My parents came to visit 18 months ago (Brett was 3) and stayed for 2 nights in this hotel. We have seen them twice since then but for some amazing reason, Brett is able to remember that being their hotel....and I guess it will be forever! I just figured he'd forget because he was only 3 at the time. It's just amazing!

Where Is The Warming??

Well, we have finished up with the Spring Cleaning around here. It helps when there is a neighborhood pick up day to get all of the "big" junk out. All I'm left with now are bags of clothes, baby bedding and other 're-usables' for Good Will, and they come on Tuesday.

It feels very strange calling it Spring Cleaning, as we spent the evening getting all of our junk to the curb in the falling snow. Are we sure it's April? Are we sure there is such a thing as Global Warming?? 'Cause I'm starting to doubt it!

Stand For Something...

I had to put this video up! It is the first I've seen that clearly explains the importance of Families. The look on this little boys face as he's running into his daddy's arms is what life is all about. Sheer love and adoration for his daddy--excitement, tears, relief--you can see it all.

I've often wondered WHY we have these 4 kids. There are times I find it very hard to see the Joy in them. I heard the comment--"Grandkids are your reward for not killing your own kids"--and it fits so many instances in my life!! Why, again, did we decided that becoming parents was a GOOD IDEA?? Well, this video is why. I can picture this with each one of my kids--if either my husband or myself were gone for a long period of time--or in such a scary place as this little boys daddy. Heck, I get it from my 2 year old when I come home from the grocery store!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Very Scary Night!!

Saturday night I woke up with a terrible stomach ache. My mind immediately began racing trying to figure out what I had eaten to cause such a problem. I was in and out of bed trying to get comfortable--but nothing was working. I didn't sleep at all. When my husband got up at 6 a.m. he found me in a really strange position on the couch. Hey--I was trying anything! After he left for work-I went back to bed and when the sun came up--I called my parents. My mom had just suffered through a week of 'questionable' food poisoning--but her symptoms and mine were totally different. They drove over and watched the kids while I tossed and turned on the bed. I got up several times to throw up--but other than that, I was in bed. My parents had to catch their flight home (what a terrible last day with my parents!!) so my husband came home and picked up all 4 kids and took them to his mom's house. Shortly after he left-the pain localized-and it was confirmed (by me) to be appendicitis. I've had so many attacks before--that I was suspecting it was--but it had been 10 years since I'd had the last attack, so I wasn't really sure--but YEP!! I remember now!!

So now I'm home all alone--with appendicitis! I found my insurance card just in case I needed to head to the Emergency Room. I spent the entire day in bed--which was nice considering the fact that I hadn't slept at all the night before!! When I woke up this morning my appendix was still tender--and I couldn't stand up straight--but I'm hoping the worst is through! I kept Jacob home from school so he could help me take care of the two little ones. I'm definitely not "quick" enough to keep up with them today!

As fine as I'm feeling right now--all I can think of is the DAYS it's going to take me to 're-claim' my house!! But at least I'm not in the hospital!!