Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Walmart!!

Wow--it's in the headlines! Walmart beats out Exxon on the Fortune 500 list! Good for them! I really don't understand why people hate Walmart. They hire a ton of people--they bring thousands of jobs into areas that need them, they bring low prices and great quality at the same time. I haven't been to a Walmart in a while--because I don't live really close to one--but if I'm near one--they would be my first stop shop for EVERYTHING! I have heard an argument against Walmart--that being that they aren't Union. Well, in Walmart's defense...they've put it up for a vote for their employees and their employees have turned it down! Bummer for all you "Pro-Union" folk! As for me--huge applause and accolades!! I HATE anything union! I will forever and ever be Non-Union! It had it's need in history--and possibly in some areas today it may still be necessary--but they are out of control--and quite honestly--against everything American! Which is why I guess the Liberals hate Walmart so much. If you don't like America--why would you like a store that is American in everyway! Go Capitalism!! Go America!! Go Walmart!!


AzDana said...

One of the reasons I don't like Walmart is the crowds. It's always so crowded, day or night. I guess because everyone's there, looking for bargains. has some good bargains and when I shop there, I never have to stand in line.