Monday, October 29, 2007

The Big Event!!

I have to tell you--it was a lot of work. A lot of planning, a lot of Prep and mostly...A LOT OF FUN! We had nearly 40 people in our house--and I have to say, it held them all just fine! I do need to give a lot of credit to my husbands family--they are all my favorite people in the world, so it's pretty hard not to have a great party when they are all involved!

The little kids played downstairs with the toys and the ATV like I'd hoped they would. The older kids and teens played football and baseball in the backyard. The adult men crowded around the BBQ and around the race in the family room. And us ladies gathered around the kitchen table for appetizers and conversation!

We had a tailgate party theme. It was really fun. The food was amazing--my husband cooked. I made a couple of "Bears" colors Jello salads and a slew of desserts. The biggest amount of work went into his cake. It is a Costco cake but the football on top was made by me. It isn't hard, and it is one of my favorite things to do--so honestly--I can't complain! Barrett loved it because he is such a big football fan.

Friday night we took him to dinner at dad's restaurant. At the end all of the servers came out with a candle laden brownie sundae, and they all sang Happy Birthday to him. It was the loudest song I've ever heard, but I guess when it's the bosses son, you sing your heart out. When they got to the part where they say his name, he buried his face in my arm--so shy. We didn't get a picture of it, so last night I was determined not to miss a minute. This time when we get to his name his mouth drops open and he turns around to his uncle Bob. Yep, I was on the wrong side of the table--but you can kind of see his shocked little face before he turns--it's really cute!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Three Years Ago!!

Yep, it was only three years ago that we welcomed this amazing bundle of mess making energy!! This is Barrett Linton, and today is his birthday! One notable is Hilary Clinton's birthday as well--and she was born in the same hospital as Barrett. Mind you...I detest Hilary Clinton and everything she stands for, so we actually consider Barrett's birth in the same hospital as it's one redeeming factor!

Barrett came nearly one week after my due date. My OB wasn't interested in inducing him on time--had I known that--I would have chosen a different Doctor, but at 9lbs 2oz--I can honestly say, a couple of days earlier would not have hurt! The previous three weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz, and had Barrett come when he was supposed to, he may have kept the streak alive, but...just as he is now, he was too stubborn to come on my time table. I was starting to get stressed though. My parents had flown in from Utah to be here for his birth, and they were leaving on the 27th of October...really early in the morning. If he didn't hurry--my mom wouldn't even get to see him.

I had my doctors appointment on the 25th and for the first time blood pressure was elevated. I have never in my life had a raised blood pressure--and apparently it was really high. So they sent me to the hospital. By the time I'd gotten home, taken care of some child care arrangements and made it back to the hospital, my blood pressure was elevated--but nothing to worry about. The doctor was trying to decide whether or not to send me home--and I refused. I was there to have a baby--and I wasn't leaving until I'd had him! So we finally induced him.

It wasn't anything abnormal with the laboring portion--I'm a champ at getting babies out!! The epidural started to wear off just a touch and the man came in and pumped up my meds. Not a big deal--but all of the sudden, I couldn't feel my legs. Yes, I know--this is pretty normal, but earlier I was in no pain and I could totally walk around. Not this time!! There was nothing but heavy weight in the lower extremities. I wasn't worried--it would wear off soon, and we'd be good to go. I was wrong! Not 5 minutes later it was time to push.

Again, let me point out the fact that I am a CHAMPION BABY PUSHER OUTER!!! My first was out in 20 minutes, my second was out in 15 seconds, my third actually had the doctors hand on her head keeping her in (out in 25 seconds...he was lecturing and her appearance was just not scripted yet...little did he know I was pushing with all of my might while casually chatted! I will not be stopped!!) so now we are ready to push--and I can't feel anything!

They get my legs all stir-upped--I couldn't have helped with that--each leg weighed a ton!! So I have my husband, my mom and my mother in law all around me--and they are telling me to push. I push my hardest--I think I'm pushing right--but since I can't feel anything I couldn't be sure! But apparently I was living up to my "Champion" status because not 3 minutes later he was here--and I didn't feel a thing! Luckily my mom got to spend a few hours with him on the 26th before they headed back to Utah--I felt so bad!

What a precious little monkey had just entered our lives. I know it sounds so cliche--every parent says that, but really!! He has been such a HARD baby--messes are created at his every breath, he literally can take down the 7 year old in a full on tackle--but stubborn messy monster and all--what an incredible little spirit he has.

He was singing before he could talk, and now that he can talk--the singing has only improved and the words have been added. He lives his life at a fever pitch, which terrifies me. Every child I know that lives at 150 miles per hour has been either terribly injured or killed in their youth--and that literally terrifies me. He is a dare devil and is unmatched by any child I've ever met! He loves to steal car keys and can open the car door, lock himself in and can even manage to get the keys in the ignition before mom finds the spare keys and can get to him! I can't imagine what he'll be like at 13!

He is a happy soul, that is for sure. He loves his family--especially mom! His heart is broken every day when the three older kids get to go outside and play and he is stuck in the house. Oh...the tears! But I've learned that he wants nothing more than me. So when the tears began, mom just has to sit on the floor and play with him until they are replaced with giggles. This birthday has been the most fun so far. Early yesterday morning the chorus began--and all through the day Barrett would break out into a round of "Happy Birthday" to himself. Last night I went into his room just after midnight--the same time he was born--and just snuggled and sang him happy birthday! I also thanked him twice yesterday for letting me be his mom--I know--he's three, and a hard three--but I just wanted to let him know that although he's constantly in trouble, he is loved beyond words!

Have You Voted Recently??

Yes--I know, it's that time again! Every so often I like to remind my readers to hit that cute little pink credit card up in the top right hand sidebar and vote for it! I actually moved up a spot yesterday--but still 33 spots from where I want to be!

So if you have a moment--give a fellow blogger a shout out--and a vote-it's so much appreciated!

Once a day...that's all we ask!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Join Us!!

I baked a football cake today. It's for Barrett's birthday party--and it turned out really cute. I still have to frost it--and then it will sit atop a Costco yellow cake with strawberry mousse filled cake. I figured I'd better get it started since the party is Sunday--and I have a TON of baking to do for it! Tomorrow I have brownies, pumpkin pie cake, pumpkin tarts and seven layer cookie bars! Oh yeah...who wants to come party with us??

I Made It!!

I created a picture today! I don't know why I wanted it--but since last Sunday was the Primary program at church--I just really thought this was appropriate for my life at this time! Other's may not agree--but I thought I would share it anyway!!

It's not much--but it will be framed and sitting in my living room as soon as I head to Walgreens to pick it up! I love the dark colors contrasting against the light. Yep--I'm quite proud!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Love The Drive!!

Jake went to his first pack meeting last night! I wasn't able to go with him, I was putting dinner on the table and then going to pick up my mom from the airport--but he was happy to go alone. It's so nice only living 3 minutes from the church. In the last house, Scouts was a 45 minute drive each way--and it ended right at my boys bedtime, so they would get home nearly an hour late for bed. Here, we picked Jacob up at 8 pm brought him home for dinner-and he was in bed 20 minutes later than normal.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

So This Is What The Wicked Witch Looks Like!!

Yes, this is Marina Baktis--you know--the woman who won't give Iggy the dog back to the family the loves him because she's disgusted by the way she's been treated. So lets see--her pride is more important than the best interest of the dog! mmmmm hmmmmm, and she's supposed to be some dog loving saint that saves dogs from being destroyed.

How big of a deal would it have been to give the dog back?? I guess she's now getting death threats. I don't condone that by any means--but apparently--she needs to stay away from "Water" -- isn't that all it takes to melt the Wicked Witch? And hey...doesn't the dog in her arms look like ToTo?

"I'll get you and your little dog too!!"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Interesting!! Very Interesting!!

Not that it isn't the same thing we've all been thinking since we heard about the book--but kind of nice to know that somebody smarter than ourselves thinks it too! I wonder what the 12 jurors happen to think! Not that they honestly thought he was innocent--but to know that most of the world thinks they are morons!!

Is This Sexy???

There is something very VERY wrong with this picture! Is that really her back end? Does she really think that's sexy? Actually, I'm scared to ask...Guys, is that sexy?

It looks positively horrible, unreal, unshapely---YUCK!

It can't possibly be real! But plastic surgery??? Who would do THAT? You can see she thinks it's awesome by her pose and her little smirky face! But if that were my big ol' fat butt--there would be some plastic surgery of my own--to remove the 200 lb tumor attached to my backside!! She is a Kardashian, maybe this is O.J.'s next planned hide out spot!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Off To See A Dentist!!

Well, it's been months a comin'! I wrote a post earlier about a dental product that can help get you through the time it takes to make an appointment and actually get in--I want to order the product, but my tooth has been bad for over a month! I've been using a little drop of super glue right on the tooth simply to seal it off and keep it from aching--but now, a month later--even that isn't working! So tomorrow I get to scan through a list of unknown names trying to find a dentist to fix my poor little tooth! I hate this! But it is definitely time! I'm fearing the words "Root Canal"!!

Happy Birthday Sally!!

Yesterday was my sister in law's birthday. A while back she gave me the sign on for her blog--so that I could put on a newly designed template on it. So, yesterday--I was going to be sneaky and commandeer her blog and write up a "Happy Birthday Sally" post. But wouldn't you know...I totally forgot her sign on!

I ended up calling her late last night to wish her a Happy Birthday, and to let her know that when she finds a "password request" on her email---it was just me! So I was totally Busted!!

Anyway----Happy Birthday Sally!!

Bad Days!!

Does anyone out there have a really hard child? Preferably a boy--nearly 10? I am in serious need of some help! I feel like I'm losing my child--and I don't know what to do about it.

Today he stayed home with an earache. As we were sitting on his bed I laid out the rules of the day--no playing PS2, no playing outside, and no scout outing in the evening. All of these are laid out for a couple of reasons. I want him to know what he is signing up for. And secondly--I want him to know what he will be giving up even if he's just faking. Usually by the time I'm finished with what they lose, they are up and getting ready for school. Not today!

So I thought ok, he's sick! So we started our day with him home, and as time has gone on he's becoming more and more angry with his inability to do anything. The thing that sent him to his room was the him throwing his 2 year old brother to the floor. I sent him up to his room threatening to leave him there forever!

He's come down to apologize, and normally I accept it readily--but not today! It was just too heinous an act to have him let himself out of 'Solitary'!! Like I said, I'm probably doing something wrong. I would have expected some of these things to go away by now, but he's just getting worse and worse, and I'm not finding any solutions!

Any ideas??

We Got A Wii!!

I just purchased our "Santa" gift. It's kind of a "BIG" one--which isn't fun-but it's one that I'm hoping will have multiple pluses in our family. We are getting the kids a Wii!

It comes with several sporting games and even a second joystick for more than one player. This is good, as I have four kids.

The nice thing about the Wii--you actually have to play it. You can't just use your fingers. If you are boxing--you literally have to hold the joystick and box. Bowling and tennis are the same way--I think the kids will enjoy it--and it will get them up off of the couch a little more often!

The Sauce Is The Boss!!

I found this online today--and thought it was so funny. Mainly because it talks about the barbecue sauce creator that my husband opens restaurants for, and with the same name. But to see some man at Northeastern Illinois University paying homage to the ONLY really good BBQ sauce--is kind of fun! I will have to point it out to my husband. Dave and Larry (the sauce creators) will get a kick out of it!

Eric LopezCyn (Revolutionary/Servant/Guard) has been holding down the block since 1983. In 1998 he began serving thespians at his high school where he laid down phat beats in the pit orchestra for several play productions. Cyn is currently writing, composing, and choreographing a rap opera entitled Melle Mel You Rap Swell. In addition to busting up the theater, Cyn can school you on drums, guitar, and one mean triangle. His musical endeavors have led him to perform at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and at Disney World. Eric hopes you enjoy the play you are about to see as much as he enjoys barbecue tofu. He would like to thank his family, his crew goawaykids, pollito, needle$$, and the makers of Sweet baby Ray's, you know who you are. The sauce is BOSS!

Pack Meeting!!

Tonight is Pack Meeting for Jake's new scout pack. He is a few requirements away from getting his Bear award. He's right on schedule since he doesn't turn 10 until the end of November--but he will most likely get his Bear at the Pack Meeting in November.

Grayson will turn 8 in February, and start his Bobcat/Wolf program in March. This is PERFECT for our family. Jake has been the Grand Champion for both of his Pinewood Derby's, and with the derby being in February I would have two brothers competing for Champion--and that would be bad. They both want to win all three of their derbies--so the only way to do it is to separate their 'Derby Days'--and this is how we are doing it!

I'm not looking forward to having a Webelos Scout--they seem to do a lot more "grown up" activities--and my baby is just not ready for that!! Ok, so it's his mom that isn't ready for that!

I Think I'm Going To Be Sick!!

Did you hear about this story? I remember hearing about the guy being stopped with a human torso in his possession, but now the story turns downright macabre!! Oh my heavens! Not that there is much excuse to have a human torso traveling with you--but I never expected this!

Wait a I off topic?? hmmmmm, I probably should have put this on my cooking blog, since it deals with food!

Monday, October 15, 2007

My Trauma!!

Have you ever done something to injure yourself so badly that several days later you are still kicking yourself?

Friday morning before the boys head out to the school bus, they roll the garbage can and the recycling can down to the end of the driveway for the garbage man. Since the move our recycling can has been filled to over flowing. This last Friday was no exception. There were boxes from our new desk sitting folded on top of the box.

So normally I send them out on their own to take care of it--but due to the boxes I came out to the garage to offer some directions and as I stepped down from the first step to the garage floor, the back of my foot snagged on something sharp on the end of step. It sent a portion of the skin from my heel---up under another portion of skin on the heel. In case you can't picture this--it ripped the skin off of one penny size area of my foot--and shoved it up under another penny sized area of my foot--causing it now to be pulled off of it's meaty base!


It's been days--and I'm still limping everywhere I go. I had to go up the stairs--and use nail clippers to try to unwedge the bottom skin from the top skin. Before attempting this I had to thoroughly smear the entire bloody area with Anbesol, you know what you use for a toothache. It numbed it up a bit, but still nearly passed out from the pain and the blood! It hurt so bad!

After my attempt at minor surgery...I found the last huge band aid in the bathroom, and laid down to try to get some rest! I'm hoping it heals soon--I'm not planning to limp around Las Vegas!!

Puppy Love!!

I need to take a moment and point out one of the highlights of my day! Do you see that little puppy face over in the "Blog Catalog" section of visitors? That is Plinko--and she belongs to Lynne over at The Sewing Mom. Yeah--it doesn't take much to be a highlight of my day--but with a face like this little puppy--it should be able to light up most days! She's potty training now--which I'm sure causes some stress for 'puppy-mom'--but oooooh, even with the stinkiest of messes--you just have to love her! Mind you--that was spoken by a person who didn't have to clean up the mess!! But she's just a sweetheart--and it's always fun to see her little face on my sidebar! Once my 2 year old is potty trained I think I will begin looking for a Puggle of my own! Then I can stop stalking Lynne's!!

But with a face this cute---I'm not sure I'll be able to stay away!! I just want to snuggle that little girl!!

What A Weekend!!

Man, I wish I could remember more of it! Yesterday I had a baby shower in Lockport, Illinois. Now I should mention...I've never been to Lockport, and it was FAR away! The baby shower was for a "cousin's" daughter who is currently living in Florida. She is having a little boy and is due shortly after the new year. She looked amazing by the way!

We had 9 people at our table, all amazing women--many of them counted among my favorite people on earth, so it's pretty hard NOT to have a good time. My husband stayed home with the four kids. Well, he came home for the four kids and then headed back to work when I got home.

It was kind of nice to have 3-4 hours all to myself!

Friday, October 12, 2007

They're Building A Ski Resort!!

So many years ago--I was tiny and I'm 36 now--my Grandma had an amazing investment idea. It wasn't much at the time, but she felt very strongly about purchasing land in the western Oquirrh Mountains (pronounced Oaker) along the west bench of the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. The main "thing" on the Oquirrh mountains...Kennecott Copper Mine. They bought many acres each segmented to each child and my Grandma. She died in 1987 and up until that time nothing had ever happened with the land. I think I've been to it once in my life, as no roads go up to it. My brother has wanted to build a cabin on it, and that really looked like that was about all it was good for--until last week. Kennecott Copper has announced they are looking to build ski resorts in the Oquirrh Mountains. Not that I think they'll buy our land for millions (of course not) but they may want it--and even if they don't--they may actually build the roads through it that we were going to have to. would be perfect for a cabin! Such exciting news for us little folks! Here is the news article that talks about it!

Enough skiers for a west-side resort?
By Leigh Dethman
Deseret Morning News
Published: October 6, 2007

Utah might have the greatest snow on Earth, but are there enough skiers to go around?

With plans for a new resort on the west side of the valley in the Oquirrh Mountains, ski industry insiders say another resort won't snow under the market.

Kennecott officials plan to build a new 3,150-acre ski resort in the mountains above Magna. The resort is part of Kennecott's future vision of Salt Lake County's west bench, with neighborhoods and businesses stretching across the Oquirrhs from the Utah County line all the way to the Great Salt Lake.

The development is estimated to bring in nearly 500,000 new residents in the next 75 years, many of whom will likely be skiers, said Russell Fox, manager of land planning for Kennecott.

The resort would be the first of its kind on the west side of the valley.

"All indications are the market can handle it," Fox said. "With the population potential out on the west bench, it's going to continue to impact the other ski resorts over time."

Nathan Rafferty, president and chief executive officer of Ski Utah, said another resort can only help the Salt Lake market.

"We're in our fourth record year in a row and our — knock on wood — industry here in Utah seems to be doing nothing but shooting upward," said Rafferty. "If they figure out the right niche for them in terms of what kind of customers they want to attract, I think they could do really well, and I'd love to see another resort complement the ones we've got."

Utah's 13 ski resorts put up record numbers last year, with 4,028,094 skier days. The state ended up No. 3 in total skiers behind Colorado and California.

Rafferty said ski markets can reach a point where one resort is too many, but Utah is not to that point yet.

"We're really growing," Rafferty said. "It will just force other resorts to elevate their game a little more and be more competitive, and that's all going to benefit the consumer. It's just another choice for people."

The resort is still in the very early planning stages, a spokeswoman for Kennecott said. The base elevation is planned for 6,200 feet, with the resort's peak reaching 9,350 feet, Fox said.

The planned resort will eventually overlook 10,000 homes in a secluded mountain community called the "Little Valley" flats.

Fox said planners have identified a ski area that is north facing, so the snowpack should be OK. Kennecott recently completed an initial analysis that looked at the slopes, angles and "everything that would justify that there could be a resort out there."

Now Kennecott officials will continue to monitor weather conditions to see what types of snowpacks the resort will get.

"So far, it's promising," Fox said.

Just when the resort is actually built is the real question. The sooner people move in, the sooner Kennecott will build the resort, Fox said.

Ski resorts on the east side of the valley say they're more than happy to share the snow.

"If this is an opportunity to introduce more people to the sport of skiing and snowboarding then we think it's great," said Julia Partain, spokeswoman for Snowbird resort. "We're just really in favor getting more people on skis and boards."

Kennecott also plans to build hiking and biking trails in the Oquirrh Mountains, a spokeswoman said

Friday Night!

It's Friday night! We are making my famous pizza bread, and homemade popcorn and I'm going to make my kids (at least one of them) watch the scary movie 1408 with me! I bought it nearly 2 weeks ago, but have been too chicken to watch it alone! I love scary movies--but I love be able to mute them, and since you can't do that at the theater--I refuse to see them there! I would look like a dork!

Not all of the kids are going to want to watch with me, so I may have to find something on Pay Per View for the faint of heart--I'm sure we'll find something appropriate!

For all of you wondering--pizza bread is made using Rhodes Bake and Serve bread dough, bring it to room temperature and roll it on to a large cookie sheet. Then cover with shredded mozzarella cheese, and any pizza toppings you want and bake it. There is no pizza sauce, and the bread rises and thickens to the yummiest crust ever! It's a favorite in this house!


Have you ever had to use the "Captcha" thing? You know--the letters and numbers that are mixed in with squirrelly little curly q's that make them really hard to read? Come on, I think we all have! Do you remember any of them? Have any of them just made you laugh? I've had a few that have made me giggle--the first was yesterday--and it was two words. Canadians Yuck, and then the one I just got was Urban Transit. Yes, I don't know why they made me laugh--but I'm a suburban girl through and through and if there is anything on this planet more obnoxious than Urban Transit--I have yet to discover it!

And NO--Canadians aren't Yucky!!

What are some funny ones you've had?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mommy Time!!

I just spent the evening with my carpet cleaner! Yep, brand new house--and that thing gets used more than my vacuum cleaner! I wish I could say that it was because of the fact that I have four kids--but to be honest, it's because I have a two year old! Two of the accidental spills were upstairs. One in the hallway between the bedrooms, and one in the older boys closet. Two stains--both pee! Yep, I hate potty training! The third mess was in my living room, and honestly, it was my fault.

This morning it was really chilly in the house, so I made the boys a hot cocoa protein drink. Very nice, toasty warm, they enjoyed it--but at 7:30 a.m. I forgot to put the canister containing the chocolate protein powder back into the pantry. Skip to 5 p.m. when I start to smell chocolate. I look back toward the stove--where I had left the canister, and my stomach dropped. The canister was gone! So I followed my sniffer to the a huge, chocolaty powder mess! It was everywhere, and even though the vacuum did a relatively good job, I was still left with a brown haze over most of the mid-section. I worked it over several times with the carpet cleaner--and it looks fine since there are no lights in the living room to highlight the carnage--but it's still there and it will bother me until we replace the carpet...or move!

But finally--the boys are in bed--and the younger two are slowly but surely getting ready to snuggle down--and then Mommy Time is OVER!!

Cello Class!!

Today was Jake's first Cello class at school. I'm really excited to hear how it went. We spent the last week going over the preliminaries in his assignment book. You know, how to care for it, the names of all of the different parts and even the key of all four strings. It really is a beautiful instrument, and before he packed it up last night--we polished it and got all of the finger prints off--truly--an amazingly beautiful instrument.

His case is little--I remember my brother's case being much bigger! But the cool thing with his...he can wear it like a backpack! How cool is that! Totally easy to carry. He looked really cute this morning walking to the bus with his cello on his back and his back pack on his chest!!

The Kids!!

I'm supposed to be out at the old house ripping up carpet! But here I sit--my kids are driving me crazy--they are actually being really quite cute--it's just the constant Mom Mom Mom that is driving me crazy. There are just some times when you wish you could pay someone else to be "Mom" for awhile.

They are upstairs in Blake's closet playing dress up. It's all very cute! My little 2 year old boy prancing around the house in his high heeled Princess shoes and glittery ball gown! Man I hope this doesn't destroy his delicate psyche!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Afternoon Guests!!

What a fun afternoon I had! It started early for me--as I had to get the kids off to school--but from there it was just getting ready for family to come visit. I had decided on Taco Salad, as it's easy--yet tastes so good. Then I made my mom's famous pumpkin pie cake. It's so easy--and yet so tasty! Must be the theme of the meal!

I was upstairs cleaning up a "dog eating diaper" mess when the doorbell rang. I thought I was really behind on my timetable--I hadn't even started cooking anything by that point. But then I realized that she had just come early-and I was just fine.

Everyone else came around noon, looked around the house and sat down for a yummy dinner--it was a lot of fun! I knew I liked to have people over!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

She's Coming!!

My mom will be here in two weeks! I know--I talk a lot about her visits in the days and weeks leading up to the big event. She is coming to see the new house--but really-she's here for the grandbabies--let's not even confuse the issue with the niceties of the visit! She is here for Grandbaby time--and maybe some me time--but overall--it's nuthin' but them!

She will be here for Barrett's 3rd birthday party-so that will be really fun. She went in on his big ATV gift--so it will be a good chance for her to see him in action on it! Although, he's not much more than a blur these days!


I am so sore! I really didn't think I would be--we didn't do anything but walk...and walk...and WALK! There were 6 miles total of trails throughout the maze-but we certainly didn't do them all! Yet--my back and my abs--are so sore! Pretty lame! I used to walk more on my treadmill than this! I was a little worried that Barrett would get an allergy attack--and brought Benadryl just in case--but he didn't need it at all. Last year in Rexburg, Idaho we stopped at Bear World--this place where you can go in and literally have Bears walk right up to your car--or pay a little extra to bottle feed baby bears. We piled onto the big truck and drove around feeding the bears. It was on this truck that Barrett's eyes got all watery and swollen--poor little thing looked like he'd been mauled or something. We had to drive around Rexburg to find a pharmacy before beginning the drive back to Utah.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday!!

We will be driving out to the Elmwood Park house today. There are so many things I need to do in that direction--that it's about time! Mainly we need to pick up my husbands medical records so that he can have them for his appointment tomorrow morning. Then I need to hit the Cub Scout store to pick up a replacement "Bear" book for Jake and then a quick stop at the Department of Human Services to drop off our proof of income.

Then we are supposed to meet my husbands boss at the Pumpkin Farm/Corn Maze. It sounds like a really fun place--so we need to get our day started! I love the days when the boys don't have school--and dad's home and, well, Payday doesn't hurt either!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Beautiful Cello!!

Tonight after school Jake and I need to go pick up his Cello. He's so excited to get it home and start practicing it. I'm excited to have this beautiful instrument in my home.

On the days he doesn't take it to school--I may just teach myself how to play it. That way I can help him along the way. Only--I taught myself how to play the piano, and that has never translated into teaching my kids--so I may be 'up in the night' on this one too--but I think a little understanding of the instrument can't hurt!

Fall TV!!

Have you watched Dancing With The Stars this season? I feel badly--as I haven't caught a moment of it. Normally, I don't watch 'reality contest' shows until they are closer to the end of the run, but with this season's DWTS there are a lot more "stars" that I'm wanting to see. Honestly, I don't get much of my own TV time, it's usually tied up by other people, and I'm not one to go sit in the family room and watch TV. I need to sit up in my room and set up the TIVO to record all of my shows. Then I could watch them as I wind down for the night!

Anyway--back to my original question--it appears that the ONE person I didn't know on this season's show was also the first person to leave. I guess that just goes to show...I'm not the only one who didn't know Josie Maran. This week, the second person eliminated was also someone I had never heard of, Model Albert Reed.

I'm going to have to sit down and program my Tivo--I'm missing everything!

Today Is The Day!!

I purchased all of the necessary ingredients (veggies) to make my veggie tray today! I have to stop blogging for a bit to get everything cleaned and chopped and chilled before the boys get home from school. It's going to be their after school and after dinner snack. I forgot to mention what I came up with for the "dip" in the middle. It won't always be there--but for a nice change every now and then--it will. It's cottage cheese with a little barbecue seasoning sprinkled in. Very lowfat, very healthy and very tasty!

For today we have baby carrots, celery, cucumbers, broccoli and radishes. Ok--the radishes are mine--but I have to want to eat some of it too! I can't wait for the boys to get home. They are going to be so excited!!

Barrett's New Toy!!

I just tried to upload a video without the normal "YouTube" hassle! It worked--it was awesome! This is Barrett on his new toy!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Men Are Funny!!

My husband just got home. He is currently Tivo'ing the first hockey game for his Chicago Blackhawks this year. While that's recording he's watching the Cubs currently beating the D-Backs on another channel. Ok--never mind! When I first wrote that sentence the Cubs were up 2-0, and with one swing of the bat the D-backs have taken the lead with a 3 run homer! So--he just turned off the baseball game--and started the hockey game from the beginning!

And they say women are fickle!!

Lincoln Logs!!

I'm always amazed at the longevity of Lincoln Logs--you know--the little wooden sticks that you can build your own log cabin with? Well, my brother had them when we were little. We would play with them and build cabins for an hour or so--and then lose interest for awhile. Well, a LONG while. Sometimes a day, a week, a month--years! But then we would find them again and play with them, engrossed for hours--then forgotten.

My son was given Lincoln Logs when he was tiny. Kind of a 'nostalgia' gift from his grandma. He played...or threw most of them around for awhile--until he was a little older to figure it out. Then it was both of my older boys. They would play with them for hours building houses and forts--and calling me in to see their creations. And then, just like when we were little, they would be forgotten, then remembered, then forgotten. Today is a "Remember" day--and my two youngest are in the family room trying their hands at making a fort. It's kind of fun to see just how long lasting the idea of this toy really is.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Corn Maze!!

We are planning a fun trip this weekend with my sister. She found a pumpkin farm/corn maze for us to go to. It's not a bad price--and most everything there is included in admission. There is a wagon ride--and it does cost extra-but after Barrett had his allergic reaction at Bear World in Idaho--I think we'll skip that particular attraction.

The best part of the day looks like it will be the corn maze. I've never seen one that was a picture as well as a maze. Now mind you-this is my first corn maze period-so there really may be lots and lots of mazes that are pictures too!

What do you think? Pretty spiffy, eh?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Barrett's New Toy!!

Here he is! Today we decided to give in and give Barrett his birthday present early. He's been such a handful lately-that this was our way of finding something for him to do to keep him out of our cars.

He was a natural on his ATV! Mind you--it goes about 5 mph! He figured out how to back up and go forward and even turn and go straight! Such a smart boy!

I do think he'll be getting a bike helmet for his real birthday though!

So Scary!!

This is an experience I just wrote about on my other blog--but it was scary enough to share twice!!
Let me take just a moment to tell you about the scariest thing that has ever happened to me! Sadly--it just happened! I decided it would be really nice "update" my WP on my blog--I had an old one running on this site--and a new one running on a new site--talk about confusing! So I thought, since I couldn't take the new blog back to the old WP--I would bring the old blog--forward!

Well, for the past 3 hours--I thought my blog was gone forever! It disappeared! LITERALLY!! Now to some of you "Techies" out there--this may not have bothered you...I was lost! I had no idea how to get it up and running again and persevered while I tried everything I could think of!

I figured I could get a blog back up and going--but I would have to re-write everything I had done for the past 90+ days. Everything before that would just have to be lost! But when I finally got the last piece of the puzzle in place--my blog came up--empty! I was sad thinking of all of the work that was ahead of me--but happy to have it back. Then up comes this magic button to upgrade my site--I clicked on it--not knowing what it would do--and up came my blog! Everything that I have EVER typed on it is here! Yes, the theme leaves much to be desired...but it's back--and THAT IS ALL I CARE ABOUT!!

I'm literally crying tears of joy at this moment!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

October 1st!!

October is one of my favorite months. I don't know why--it just always has been. Probably because is a "cool" month, not hot like summer, not frosty like winter. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays--and finally it isn't too hot to cook the hearty stuff! Pot Roast and stewed veggies, Curried Rice, and Beef Stew. All count among my favorite dishes.

Julie Andrews was born October 1st, 1935, Walter Matthau in 1920 and Richard Harris, the original (and best)Albus Dumbledore, in 1933. The first Model T was produced in Detroit in 1908, The People's Republic Of China created by Mao Tse-Tung in 1949, and Disneyworld opened in Florida in 1971.

Pele, the most renown soccer player retired today, in 1977. Watergate trial began in 1974, in 1969 the Concorde breaks the sound barrier. Julliard opened in New York in 1905, and the Red Cross was founded in 1881.

Pretty good things all in all! I've left a couple things out--but a pretty good day! We'll just have to see what October 1st, 2007 has to offer the world!