Tuesday, October 02, 2007

So Scary!!

This is an experience I just wrote about on my other blog--but it was scary enough to share twice!!
Let me take just a moment to tell you about the scariest thing that has ever happened to me! Sadly--it just happened! I decided it would be really nice "update" my WP on my blog--I had an old one running on this site--and a new one running on a new site--talk about confusing! So I thought, since I couldn't take the new blog back to the old WP--I would bring the old blog--forward!

Well, for the past 3 hours--I thought my blog was gone forever! It disappeared! LITERALLY!! Now to some of you "Techies" out there--this may not have bothered you...I was lost! I had no idea how to get it up and running again and persevered while I tried everything I could think of!

I figured I could get a blog back up and going--but I would have to re-write everything I had done for the past 90+ days. Everything before that would just have to be lost! But when I finally got the last piece of the puzzle in place--my blog came up--empty! I was sad thinking of all of the work that was ahead of me--but happy to have it back. Then up comes this magic button to upgrade my site--I clicked on it--not knowing what it would do--and up came my blog! Everything that I have EVER typed on it is here! Yes, the theme leaves much to be desired...but it's back--and THAT IS ALL I CARE ABOUT!!

I'm literally crying tears of joy at this moment!!