Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We Got A Wii!!

I just purchased our "Santa" gift. It's kind of a "BIG" one--which isn't fun-but it's one that I'm hoping will have multiple pluses in our family. We are getting the kids a Wii!

It comes with several sporting games and even a second joystick for more than one player. This is good, as I have four kids.

The nice thing about the Wii--you actually have to play it. You can't just use your fingers. If you are boxing--you literally have to hold the joystick and box. Bowling and tennis are the same way--I think the kids will enjoy it--and it will get them up off of the couch a little more often!


Sal Gal said...

This is totally what I want to get the kids. Did you get a good deal somewhere?

Lynne said...

I just can't decide on this one. We got a new PS2 just over a year ago and I think of the investment in all those games and the DDR and everything. I know if we get a Wii (which I think is very cool) the PS2 will sit and collect dust. i just don't know what to do, even though it's been on my daughter's wish list since last Christmas.