Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Afternoon Guests!!

What a fun afternoon I had! It started early for me--as I had to get the kids off to school--but from there it was just getting ready for family to come visit. I had decided on Taco Salad, as it's easy--yet tastes so good. Then I made my mom's famous pumpkin pie cake. It's so easy--and yet so tasty! Must be the theme of the meal!

I was upstairs cleaning up a "dog eating diaper" mess when the doorbell rang. I thought I was really behind on my timetable--I hadn't even started cooking anything by that point. But then I realized that she had just come early-and I was just fine.

Everyone else came around noon, looked around the house and sat down for a yummy dinner--it was a lot of fun! I knew I liked to have people over!!


perros said...

I love things that are tasty and quick. I bet some things that take longer are pretty good as well, but I don't really seem to have time for those so I wouldn't know :)