Tuesday, October 09, 2007

She's Coming!!

My mom will be here in two weeks! I know--I talk a lot about her visits in the days and weeks leading up to the big event. She is coming to see the new house--but really-she's here for the grandbabies--let's not even confuse the issue with the niceties of the visit! She is here for Grandbaby time--and maybe some me time--but overall--it's nuthin' but them!

She will be here for Barrett's 3rd birthday party-so that will be really fun. She went in on his big ATV gift--so it will be a good chance for her to see him in action on it! Although, he's not much more than a blur these days!


Anonymous said...

I'm coming to see you too sweetheart. And also Mike. But, yes my grandkiddies are pretty darn special. However, I need to see where my daughter lives. I've always needed that whether in Phonix or Chicago. If not, it's like your just out there somewhere, but I'm not sure where. I'm excited too, but I have a lot to do to get ready. LM