Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I am so sore! I really didn't think I would be--we didn't do anything but walk...and walk...and WALK! There were 6 miles total of trails throughout the maze-but we certainly didn't do them all! Yet--my back and my abs--are so sore! Pretty lame! I used to walk more on my treadmill than this! I was a little worried that Barrett would get an allergy attack--and brought Benadryl just in case--but he didn't need it at all. Last year in Rexburg, Idaho we stopped at Bear World--this place where you can go in and literally have Bears walk right up to your car--or pay a little extra to bottle feed baby bears. We piled onto the big truck and drove around feeding the bears. It was on this truck that Barrett's eyes got all watery and swollen--poor little thing looked like he'd been mauled or something. We had to drive around Rexburg to find a pharmacy before beginning the drive back to Utah.