Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mommy Time!!

I just spent the evening with my carpet cleaner! Yep, brand new house--and that thing gets used more than my vacuum cleaner! I wish I could say that it was because of the fact that I have four kids--but to be honest, it's because I have a two year old! Two of the accidental spills were upstairs. One in the hallway between the bedrooms, and one in the older boys closet. Two stains--both pee! Yep, I hate potty training! The third mess was in my living room, and honestly, it was my fault.

This morning it was really chilly in the house, so I made the boys a hot cocoa protein drink. Very nice, toasty warm, they enjoyed it--but at 7:30 a.m. I forgot to put the canister containing the chocolate protein powder back into the pantry. Skip to 5 p.m. when I start to smell chocolate. I look back toward the stove--where I had left the canister, and my stomach dropped. The canister was gone! So I followed my sniffer to the a huge, chocolaty powder mess! It was everywhere, and even though the vacuum did a relatively good job, I was still left with a brown haze over most of the mid-section. I worked it over several times with the carpet cleaner--and it looks fine since there are no lights in the living room to highlight the carnage--but it's still there and it will bother me until we replace the carpet...or move!

But finally--the boys are in bed--and the younger two are slowly but surely getting ready to snuggle down--and then Mommy Time is OVER!!


Lynne said...

I need to get a new carpet cleaner. Over time ours had parts disintegrate and so I tossed it when we last moved. We bought this house and I had all the carpets professionally cleaned, but when it comes to trying to do immediate clean up on accidents, it's nice to have that machine around!

Anonymous said...

Poor Mom, he is the tasmainian devil child, but oh how we love him.