Friday, October 12, 2007


Have you ever had to use the "Captcha" thing? You know--the letters and numbers that are mixed in with squirrelly little curly q's that make them really hard to read? Come on, I think we all have! Do you remember any of them? Have any of them just made you laugh? I've had a few that have made me giggle--the first was yesterday--and it was two words. Canadians Yuck, and then the one I just got was Urban Transit. Yes, I don't know why they made me laugh--but I'm a suburban girl through and through and if there is anything on this planet more obnoxious than Urban Transit--I have yet to discover it!

And NO--Canadians aren't Yucky!!

What are some funny ones you've had?


valmg said...

I hate when I can't quite make out a character clearly so I guess and then it's wrong and I get a new captcha and it happens again. The worst for me was when it happened five times in a row before I got it.