Monday, October 15, 2007

My Trauma!!

Have you ever done something to injure yourself so badly that several days later you are still kicking yourself?

Friday morning before the boys head out to the school bus, they roll the garbage can and the recycling can down to the end of the driveway for the garbage man. Since the move our recycling can has been filled to over flowing. This last Friday was no exception. There were boxes from our new desk sitting folded on top of the box.

So normally I send them out on their own to take care of it--but due to the boxes I came out to the garage to offer some directions and as I stepped down from the first step to the garage floor, the back of my foot snagged on something sharp on the end of step. It sent a portion of the skin from my heel---up under another portion of skin on the heel. In case you can't picture this--it ripped the skin off of one penny size area of my foot--and shoved it up under another penny sized area of my foot--causing it now to be pulled off of it's meaty base!


It's been days--and I'm still limping everywhere I go. I had to go up the stairs--and use nail clippers to try to unwedge the bottom skin from the top skin. Before attempting this I had to thoroughly smear the entire bloody area with Anbesol, you know what you use for a toothache. It numbed it up a bit, but still nearly passed out from the pain and the blood! It hurt so bad!

After my attempt at minor surgery...I found the last huge band aid in the bathroom, and laid down to try to get some rest! I'm hoping it heals soon--I'm not planning to limp around Las Vegas!!