Friday, October 26, 2007

Three Years Ago!!

Yep, it was only three years ago that we welcomed this amazing bundle of mess making energy!! This is Barrett Linton, and today is his birthday! One notable is Hilary Clinton's birthday as well--and she was born in the same hospital as Barrett. Mind you...I detest Hilary Clinton and everything she stands for, so we actually consider Barrett's birth in the same hospital as it's one redeeming factor!

Barrett came nearly one week after my due date. My OB wasn't interested in inducing him on time--had I known that--I would have chosen a different Doctor, but at 9lbs 2oz--I can honestly say, a couple of days earlier would not have hurt! The previous three weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz, and had Barrett come when he was supposed to, he may have kept the streak alive, but...just as he is now, he was too stubborn to come on my time table. I was starting to get stressed though. My parents had flown in from Utah to be here for his birth, and they were leaving on the 27th of October...really early in the morning. If he didn't hurry--my mom wouldn't even get to see him.

I had my doctors appointment on the 25th and for the first time blood pressure was elevated. I have never in my life had a raised blood pressure--and apparently it was really high. So they sent me to the hospital. By the time I'd gotten home, taken care of some child care arrangements and made it back to the hospital, my blood pressure was elevated--but nothing to worry about. The doctor was trying to decide whether or not to send me home--and I refused. I was there to have a baby--and I wasn't leaving until I'd had him! So we finally induced him.

It wasn't anything abnormal with the laboring portion--I'm a champ at getting babies out!! The epidural started to wear off just a touch and the man came in and pumped up my meds. Not a big deal--but all of the sudden, I couldn't feel my legs. Yes, I know--this is pretty normal, but earlier I was in no pain and I could totally walk around. Not this time!! There was nothing but heavy weight in the lower extremities. I wasn't worried--it would wear off soon, and we'd be good to go. I was wrong! Not 5 minutes later it was time to push.

Again, let me point out the fact that I am a CHAMPION BABY PUSHER OUTER!!! My first was out in 20 minutes, my second was out in 15 seconds, my third actually had the doctors hand on her head keeping her in (out in 25 seconds...he was lecturing and her appearance was just not scripted yet...little did he know I was pushing with all of my might while casually chatted! I will not be stopped!!) so now we are ready to push--and I can't feel anything!

They get my legs all stir-upped--I couldn't have helped with that--each leg weighed a ton!! So I have my husband, my mom and my mother in law all around me--and they are telling me to push. I push my hardest--I think I'm pushing right--but since I can't feel anything I couldn't be sure! But apparently I was living up to my "Champion" status because not 3 minutes later he was here--and I didn't feel a thing! Luckily my mom got to spend a few hours with him on the 26th before they headed back to Utah--I felt so bad!

What a precious little monkey had just entered our lives. I know it sounds so cliche--every parent says that, but really!! He has been such a HARD baby--messes are created at his every breath, he literally can take down the 7 year old in a full on tackle--but stubborn messy monster and all--what an incredible little spirit he has.

He was singing before he could talk, and now that he can talk--the singing has only improved and the words have been added. He lives his life at a fever pitch, which terrifies me. Every child I know that lives at 150 miles per hour has been either terribly injured or killed in their youth--and that literally terrifies me. He is a dare devil and is unmatched by any child I've ever met! He loves to steal car keys and can open the car door, lock himself in and can even manage to get the keys in the ignition before mom finds the spare keys and can get to him! I can't imagine what he'll be like at 13!

He is a happy soul, that is for sure. He loves his family--especially mom! His heart is broken every day when the three older kids get to go outside and play and he is stuck in the house. Oh...the tears! But I've learned that he wants nothing more than me. So when the tears began, mom just has to sit on the floor and play with him until they are replaced with giggles. This birthday has been the most fun so far. Early yesterday morning the chorus began--and all through the day Barrett would break out into a round of "Happy Birthday" to himself. Last night I went into his room just after midnight--the same time he was born--and just snuggled and sang him happy birthday! I also thanked him twice yesterday for letting me be his mom--I know--he's three, and a hard three--but I just wanted to let him know that although he's constantly in trouble, he is loved beyond words!


loretta said...

I think he and Ethan would get along quite well. Sounds like how Ethan was at that age, just wait until 6! Eeks we're in big trouble.

Happy Birthday little man ;-)

Lynne said...

That's a great story! Sounds like one special little boy too. I love your series of pictures of him, what a sweetie.

Pegmeister said...

He looked like Barrett from the first breath! I loved the story. And was in tears by the time I finished. Watch him though. Zak drove the truck at age 4 and almost died. I wrote a story about that. I think I'll put it on my blog. And Kim drove our car for a few feet until her daddy jumped in and stopped the car. She was about 4 and it was amazing that Ken was around because he was gone so much of the time. Peggy