Monday, October 15, 2007

What A Weekend!!

Man, I wish I could remember more of it! Yesterday I had a baby shower in Lockport, Illinois. Now I should mention...I've never been to Lockport, and it was FAR away! The baby shower was for a "cousin's" daughter who is currently living in Florida. She is having a little boy and is due shortly after the new year. She looked amazing by the way!

We had 9 people at our table, all amazing women--many of them counted among my favorite people on earth, so it's pretty hard NOT to have a good time. My husband stayed home with the four kids. Well, he came home for the four kids and then headed back to work when I got home.

It was kind of nice to have 3-4 hours all to myself!


Karen said...

I love the Thimbles quilt shop in Lockport!