Sunday, April 05, 2009

Where Did That Come From??

Do you have little ones? I have four of them, and I'm continually taken aback by some of the things that they say, do and remember. Yesterday we were heading to the local grocery store to pick up the Sunday paper (it's a dollar cheaper at Woodman's!). As we pass the exit of the freeway, you can see one of those extended stay hotels. My four year old saw it yesterday and proclaimed, "Mom, we do live by Gramma in Lutah." That would be "Grandma in Utah" for all of you who don't speak Brett!!

My parents came to visit 18 months ago (Brett was 3) and stayed for 2 nights in this hotel. We have seen them twice since then but for some amazing reason, Brett is able to remember that being their hotel....and I guess it will be forever! I just figured he'd forget because he was only 3 at the time. It's just amazing!