Sunday, April 05, 2009

Another Try At The Chiro...

Do you ever get lost? I actually don't (usually). I'm pretty darned good at finding my way around most places. Even downtown Chicago. You know, if you get lost, no big just takes a minute or two longer to get where you are going...but hey, I get there!

My oldest has Scoliosis and had been seeing a chiropractor. I wasn't happy with treatment at the time (miscommunication on our parts), so we stopped going. It's been about a year, and we got a free check up coupon in the mail. So I made an appointment for him and we headed on over.

It's not really close to my house, just off of my main tollway and on to a second one. But there is a cell tower that you can see for miles away, and the office literally sits at the base of it.

So even though I hadn't been in the area in over a year, as we came around the bend in Buffalo Grove...there it was.