Sunday, April 05, 2009

E.R.??? Maybe!!

Ok--I made it through the night! I knew I would! My goal is to get the kids home from school and then see if the neighbor can watch them--and then I think I will head to the Emergency Room. The fever has gone down--but the pain has come back up! So bad!! It's now been going on for over 48 hours--so I think I can put it off no more!

My husband had to work yesterday--and really needs to be there today--although he can call in one of the managers from the other restaurant to cover for him if I go into surgery. Either way--he has Wednesday and Thursday off--so it's the time frame I'm shooting for!! Of course, if I have surgery--he's going to have to take the rest of the week off I'm afraid! Even if they do the scope--I'm sure I won't be up to chasing two little tots around the house!

I'll keep you informed!!