Sunday, April 05, 2009

Stand For Something...

I had to put this video up! It is the first I've seen that clearly explains the importance of Families. The look on this little boys face as he's running into his daddy's arms is what life is all about. Sheer love and adoration for his daddy--excitement, tears, relief--you can see it all.

I've often wondered WHY we have these 4 kids. There are times I find it very hard to see the Joy in them. I heard the comment--"Grandkids are your reward for not killing your own kids"--and it fits so many instances in my life!! Why, again, did we decided that becoming parents was a GOOD IDEA?? Well, this video is why. I can picture this with each one of my kids--if either my husband or myself were gone for a long period of time--or in such a scary place as this little boys daddy. Heck, I get it from my 2 year old when I come home from the grocery store!!


salsansom said...

This makes me CRY everytime I see this video. It really brings the reality of war home!