Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Blah-ging!!

Ok--I just updated my day and my drive over on the Cheffin' It blog!! As beautiful as my house is---I NEVER want to drive to Rockford again! But I will let you read about that rant--over there!

Other than the miserable drive--I have to say--today...well, today stunk! I'm sick again! I'm exhausted for lack of sleep! And I still have 4 kids to entertain for the day! Tomorrow is the last day of Spring Break in this house. Yes, we still have the weekend-but we always have the weekend--so I look at it as just ONE MORE DAY!!

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring! I'm thinking I will bribe the older two with PS2 to watch the younger 2 so that I can lay down! Honestly--I can't even remember what it is like to feel good, and to have the energy to do fun things with my kids! Wow, I guess I really should go to the doctor!!