Saturday, December 09, 2006


I have an addiction--it's blogging. My "blogging" is different than other people's blogging (I think). When I hear the word--I think of people who are on their own blogs all day typing away post after post. My blogging is different. When I'm on a blogspot blog--up at the top it says "Next Blog", I hit that button and I'm off!! I read random blogs--skip the non-English ones--and peek into strangers lives for just a moment. It's addictive!

Today, while blogging I came across a blog by Jedi Lois. I didn't read the author, I just started reading the first post. It was about a Sci-Fi convention in London for Stargate SG1, and talked about the opportunity they had to meet the woman who played Sam Carter. Mind you, I only know the character name--and I only know it from reading this blog. I've watched SG1 a few times and it was a fine show--but with 4 kids--it's not one of the all important ones that I Tivo. Anyway, this person talked about how they cried when they got to meet this person and then other things that went on. I'm picturing in my head a man who looks a little like the Alan Rickman character in Love Actually (completely opposite of his Severus Snape role). I pictured him straight through the whole post--only to find out at the end--it was a woman writing! WHOA--that was a kick in the head--it was still a fine blog, and a great post--but all of my picturings were totally wrong, and it took a moment to get my brain to change everything back to normal! It's a bit freaky--but I love it when that happens!!

Happy Blogging!!


Digitalrich said...

While I was reading your post, I saw the picture included only in my peripheral vision- I was focused on reading, and assumed you were a man as I thought the picture was of you. Don't know why, but pretty funny since your post was about the same experience.

Wasn't until later in the post that I read who the picture was of and actually looked at it.