Friday, December 08, 2006


Today has been a pretty odd day! I feel as though I've been hit by a truck--- a BIG one! I've been sick since before Thanksgiving, and I keep thinking that I'm getting better--but then everything flares up again! So being sick and sore and un-medicated--you can just imagine the mood! One of those days ya just want to call mom to fix everything!

I need to head to the mall to get pictures of the boys Christmas Trees they decorated for school back on November 1st, and I need to head to the Hallmark store to get Blakelynn her #4 doll since she normally gets that for her birthday. She also normally gets a porcelain doll, but she got 2 last year (Jingle and Bells-from Marie Osmonds collection) so I was just going to count one of them as this years doll. But my mother in law has found a really cute one she'd like to give Blakelynn for Christmas.

I think I will just order a pizza--find a pay per view movie for Family Movie Night for the kids, hit a HOT, HOT bathtub--snuggle down in some toasty jammies--take my anti-depressant--and shop online! That's the sadness of depression--there is no desire to go anywhere or meet anyone--when in reality--just the getting out enhances the mood so much. But it's FREEZING here!! So I think we'll stay in.

Jake starts basketball tomorrow--Michael will miss it. He's tied up at the restaurant--but he should at least be home a bit early. I've asked my mother in law to watch the monsters so that I can take my husband to a nice dinner for a "Christmas Date"! We dont' get a lot of "us" time--so tomorrow night it is! Since he doesn't read this--I'll tell you--I'm taking him to a Japanese Steakhouse. He loves sushi and sake and I love anything Japanese. So that should be nice!

Well, I'm off to call Domino's and find my Zoloft--have a great Friday night everyone!!