Friday, December 08, 2006

Last Day Of Preschool!!

Today is Blake's last day of her Village preschool. It takes the rest of the month off and starts back up in early January. She is NOT happy about the lack of W-F activity in her future! While she's in school-Barrett takes his nap. She just turned 4 but I think we'll attempt to sneak back into the "Nap Mode" for at least the month!

I've spent the morning in the kitchen whipping up more of the secret sauces for gifts for her teachers. Sadly, I burned my tongue on the hot carmel sauce--but trust me--totally worth it! They say you are supposed to put sugar on your tongue when you burn it--so I keep re-applying. It's still "dead", but it isn't that irritating feeling you get when you normally burn your tongue. Go Sugar!!


Lisa said...

I see you are from Chicago. I am in Oak Lawn. Where do you send you kids to preschool. I am looking for next year for my daughter. What are you paying? (If you don't mind me asking)

mucward said...

Well, since you gave me your blog I decided to use it and create one of my own. I did not mean to see the part of you in the kitchen. Sorry. We will be surprised!!!!!! C