Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Remember The Trees!!

Do you remember several posts ago there is a picture of Barrett with his face and hair covered in green paint from Jake painting his Christmas tree? We went to the mall Saturday to take the pictures of the boys Christmas Trees.

<--Jakes Tree! Tons of schools send trees in from all of their students--so the first hurdle is to find our school--John Mills! Finally found them right in front of Target. Now, once you find the school, the next hurdle is to wade through the crowd around you looking upward through hundreds of trees from every child at the school. All this while piloting 3 kids and a stroller and trying not to run over anyone, or get run over in the process!

I finally found Graysons tree and took several photo's for him, and even one with him under it! Now I just had to search for Jake's. OH MY GOSH!!! It took forever. I was ready to give up, when D'OH!!!! It's hung right next to Graysons. In fact in the picture (just of Grayson's tree) you can see Jake's tree is right in front of it--but I totally missed it! What a dork!!
<--Grayson's tree is the red striped one-Jake's is right in front of it!
Both Boys Trees!!


Jules said...

Those are so cute!

Jules said...

You've been tagged on my blog :)