Monday, December 11, 2006

One Of My "Hits"!!

I believe in a previous post--I discussed my "blogging addiction"!!! (and NO there are no support groups available for this particular addiction--no "Intervention" possibilities!!) So I guess it's safe to say--I Love Blogs! Well, not all blogs--not the non-English blogs. Nothing personal--I just can't read 'em, so what's to love!

I love the "Catfeesh" video--which we have seen enough times that my kids can literally "lip sync" to Tedd-er-Antonio's speech. What's even cooler about the blog and the "Catfeesh Craze"--the video we made creating our own "Catfeesh" is the third video on the blog. Yep, the kid with the panty hose over his head-transforming into a fish, and then disco dancing--That's ours!!

Last Thursday, when I was with Ted and Britt, they asked if I read the Blog. I have to tell you ---- What a relief to say, "Yes", and be totally honest! Of course, I would have said yes, even if I hadn't known they existed--but this way I could back it up with some intelligent conversation about it! My 9 year old was ecstatic about getting to meet the "Catfish man" as he calls him--all thanks to a Blog!

I get on and check the blog daily. I used it as a research tool to see what the heck a Patrol was about and what I may be in for--sorry--I can say nothing more than---it was a fun thing to watch--but nothing like the 2 Patrols that were blogged about! I think it's a great blog--and a great way to keep up to date with the news, video's and all around Fun!