Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Wow!!!! I just found out I won another contest! I found an essay contest in my hometown newspaper--"The Christmas I Remember Best!" I wrote about my sweet grandmother. She was born on Christmas Day 1917 and she died on Christmas Day 1987 on her 70th birthday. She was a sweetheart which made the essay really easy to write! It's not really easy for me to read--I still cry and it's been 19 years since it all happened! My essay gets printed in the Deseret News on December 22. I will post the essay on that day on this blog--or you can go to www.deseretnews.com on that day to read it there! Anyway--it was a $50 prize--which isn't much--but it's awesome to me!! And now I can say--"I've been published!!" Or at least I can say that on the 23rd!!