Friday, December 15, 2006

Our Iron!!

Micahel got up a little late this morning. Due to the new restaurant--he gets home after midnight and is up and out the door before 7 in the morning--poor guy! Well, today he didn't have to be in until 10 am. What a LUXURY for him! To make it better, he needed to be at restaurant number 1 for the first part of the morning before heading to number 2, and number 1 is closer to home.

His alarm clock is his cell phone--and he left it on vibrate. Not much waking up happening when all the alarm clock does is rattle on the dresser! So he pulled out his Chef coat--it needed ironing--but he didn't have time. He jumped in the shower, and I pulled out the iron to surprise him!

Well--sadly--it's on the fritz!! It's our best iron ever, but I guess with four kids it's hit the floor 1 too many times! I turned it on and the reset light wouldn't turn off--but I perservered! I began ironing--the jacket looking good-until the iron decided to dump it's load of water all in one fail swoop! I managed to get it away from the jacket before it dumped too much--but there was definantly a wet spot! A big one! OOOOOHHHHHHHH not today!! But then, hey, female brain kicked in (I wish it was on everyday). I dumped out the rest of the water--dried up the ironing board and as much of the jacket as I could, and then just dry ironed the spot. Normally this causes scorching--which would be bad--but luckily, everything worked out ok, and Hubby headed to work in a nice pressed (DRY) jacket! And later, I get to head to Walgreens for a new iron! (Yes, Walgreens--it was the cheapest iron I've ever purchased--and so far the best!!)