Friday, December 15, 2006


Well, we are cancelling Blakelynn's Christmas gift of Ballet lessons. I was going to sign her up today--at $106 bucks! But last night as daddy drove home past the Allstate Arena--he saw that Diego is coming to town in February!

Daddy takes the boys to Monster Trucks and Bulls games--he hasn't really taken Blake anywhere. So he asked if I would pick up tickets for him to take his little girl out on a special daddy date!! HECK YEAH, BUDDY!! She would love it! So I just bought them both VIP tickets to see Diego.

We have given "Experience" gifts this year for birthdays and Christmas. Grayson went to the Monster Trucks for his "Date with Dad", Jake went to the Bulls game last week for his--these were their birthday gifts. For Christmas they are getting Harlem Globetrotter tickets, and now Blakelynn is getting her date with dad too! I'm so excited for her!!


Jules said...

Oh that is awesome!