Thursday, December 07, 2006

4 Years Ago--Part 2!!

What a miserable night it was! I was having back labor and it was awful! They said there was nothing they could give me for that pain--but I'm sure they were just lying! So finally, the sun comes up, I get checked and I have a "bulging" water bag--Oh Yeah--ready to have this baby. Waiting---Waiting--Waiting!! Finally we ask the nurse when the doctor is coming-"Oh, we don't like to wake our doctors up on the weekends." EXCUSE ME???? he put me in here, brought on this pain that apparently only subsides--when the baby comes, and then we don't bother HIM??? Yep, that is why I chose a different hospital for my last baby!!

So, the doctor finally gets there and is ready to break my water. I've always heard that contractions get stronger once the water is broken. I was writhing in pain at this point and told my husband that I was pushing this baby out as soon as he broke my water--and I didn't care if the doctor was in the room or not--I couldn't take the thought of one more minute of agony! He breaks my water, and yep, I start to push as hard as I can without letting anyone see what I'm doing! Mind you--it's baby number three--I'm a PRO!! He's asked that since there are students in the hospital that day--could he have them stand in to witness. I told him I didn't care who was there as long as we get this thing outta me!!

I'm still secretly pushing, and making great progress--I can tell you!! He comes back in wearing his space suit, and turns his back to me to address the students. I can feel baby is coming NOW!! So after telling my husband to get down there and catch our daughter--I finally interrupted his lecture and let him know that she's here, and what does the IMBISIL do? He cups his hand over her head--and holds her in! Excuse me? I'm pushing as hard as I can to get this over with, and he's holding her in! I turned to Michael and I said, "Is he holding her in?" On the video you can hear how totally "snarky" I sound, and my husband's bad answer--"Yep!"

He finally lets her out, and they take her to the warmer. We are waiting and waiting and waiting--and nothing!! I asked if they were sure she was ok, and just then she let out this really cute, really sweet, 100% little girly squeak! Blakelynn Kate was here! After 5 years of waiting and wanting a baby girl--I finally had her! She was amazingly beautiful--almost looked like an American Indian with her dark brown skin and helmet of thick black hair! She is my only child that didn't go blond. She is a brunette, blue eyed beauty!!