Wednesday, December 06, 2006

4 Years Ago--Part 1!!

Four years ago my parents were driving our new van across the country to us! We had used the money from the sale of our house in Phoenix to buy a mini van outright to hold our growing lot! I was originally just wanting to go in and buy a van off the showroom floor-but I was raised by Dale Sansom-and you just don't do that! So I decided to start looking around for used vans. My dad is the car shopping KING--it's one of his favorite hobbies-so we put him to work for us.

He found a really nice silver Caravan, and drove it 3 days across the country to us. I had a doctors appointment the morning they arrived and I was hoping to get him to induce me. All I told him that I was seeing stars, and that did the trick. He called over to the hospital and made an appointment for me to go in that day.

I headed home, called the child care, left a message with the front desk at my parents hotel, and we headed off to Denny's! Yep, you heard that right! My last baby had been induced, and there are pictures of me eating a turkey sandwich holding a minutes old baby! That wasn't going to happen again! I had the Lumberjack Special--and yes, it was HUGE!!!

After lunch, we headed back to drop the kids off at home and then on to the hospital! Just as we were going across the parking lot, I saw a silver Mini Van turn into the parking lot--my parents had arrived! My mom was hoping that I was already in the hospital and half way through--she wasn't happy to see me outside, completely monitor free!

We headed in to start the induction, and they decided to go the slow route through the night. Not a happy me--it was early--and I wanted this baby out!! As it grew later, the child care called and asked if they could take my two boys to her parents house for the night. I don't remember why--but I wasn't comfortable with that at the time, so my mom went over to stay the night with my kids until the morning!

It was a long------painful-------sleepless night!!!

To Be Continued...