Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blake's Magic Reindeer Food!!

Wow, my baby girl is old enough to have gotten Reindeer food from Pre-school! She was just tiney when her older brother brought his reindeer food home. Every year I take a picture of the child who was given the food sprinkling it on the grass on Christmas Eve. As you can see--we had a "Green Christmas". The snow came and went--and will come again-but not for Christmas. Not that I mind at all!
I'm sure most of you are aware what Reindeer Food is--but for those of you who aren't-it's oatmeal mixed with glitter. The reindeer smell the oats, and then can see the glitter sparkling in the night-so that they can bring Santa to your house!! Blake just turned 4--and we don't have the Santa talk until they turn 8--so we have a few more years with her!!