Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Santa Came!!

We tried to have a really frugal Christmas this year. I'm still amazed at how quickly it all adds up. I really spent alot of money of the sibling gifts. Each child got to find something for their brothers and sister. They've had such a hard time getting along lately--and the "Hate" word has been thrown at each other quite a lot.

So before they got to open their gifts from us, we all sat in a circle. I asked them tons of questions that they couldn't answer--Who the last nobel peace prize--who is the star of this movie or that--who wrote this book--what teams have won the last 5 NBA titles?

They started to get a little discouraged not knowing any of the answers. So then I changed the questions to be ones that they did know--who was the last person to give you a hug--who was the last person to help you with something--who was the last person to play with you >--all of these questions were answered with the name of a different family member. Everyone had a great Christmas. Santa brought the gifts in the pictures. The boys got their basketball hoop, Blakelynn got a Dora scooter, and Barrett got a Leap Frog singing puppy!